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How do you resize a window?

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Resize a window is beneficial in many scenarios. For instance, you can alter the size of an existing DOS command window or change the size of two windows of a program to accommodate each window on the same screen. The next sections will show you how to shrink windows within Windows as well as macOS.


If the image displayed on your monitor on your computer does not cover the whole screen, then you may require adjusting the resolution of the video to ensure that it covers the entire screen. Check out: How to view or change the resolution of a screen.


A window that has been increased is not able to be resized. In addition, certain types of windows can’t be changed in any way.

  • Basic resizes on Windows.
  • Custom resize in Windows.
  • How to adjust the size of windows by using keyboard and Windows Key and keyboard.
  • How to adjust the size of the size of a window by with Windows menus.
  • How to adjust the size of an online game’s window.
  • How to adjust the size of the window size on Mac Mac.

Resize the basic size in Windows

As you will see in the photo below you will see two buttons to resize the window on autopilot.

  • Minimize by clicking this icon, that appears like a dash the window and repositions it to it’s the taskbar.
  • Maximize/Resize by clicking the button that appears like 2 boxes switches the window from a full to a near full (not expanded) screen.

Resize the screen to your own size in Windows

When the upper-right corner of your window appears like img alt=”Resize window in Windows. your window is now in “resize mode,” meaning you can use the mouse cursor to make the window any size you want. To do this simply move the cursor to any corner or edge or corner of your window till there is a double-headed Arrow appears. If this arrow appears, click and drag to make the window bigger or smaller. If the double-headed arrow does not appear, the window will not be adjusted.

The video below illustrates an arrow that is double-headed in the left, bottom and right corners of a windows and how it can resize windows. If you want to make the window horizontally larger, drag your cursor to the right or left edge that the window is until it switches to a double-headed arrow. For making the windows vertically larger make the same move on the upper or lower part of the windows. For resizing both vertically and horizontally at the same time, you can use an edge of your window.

How do you resize windows by using Windows key and keyboard Windows Key and keyboard

If you’re using Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11, you can make use of Windows key keyboard shortcuts that allow you to change the size and arrange windows on your computer. For instance, press the Windows key and Left key for arrow Resizes the window to match the left-hand side of the display. Clicking the Windows key The right arrow key adjusts the window so that it fits the right side of the display.

How do I resize a windows by using Windows menus

The window may be adjusted with a number of keystrokes. Here are the steps to making a window smaller by using the keyboard.

  1. Press Alt + Spacebar to launch the menu in the window.
  2. In the event that the window has been large then arrow down until Restore and press Enter .
  3. Press Alt + Spacebar Once again, you can launch the menu for the window again to open the menu. Then arrow down Size and press Enter .
  4. Use the up or down arrow key when you wish to change the size of your window vertically. Or press either keys when you wish to change the size horizontally.
  5. When an arrow key has been activated, you are able to press the opposite or similar button to keep expanding the window.

How do I resize the game window

When playing a computer game, it most likely will default to a fullscreen mode, which blocks the game from scaling. In order to resize a window in a game first, the game needs to be in the windowed mode. If this is the case, the option is located in the game’s video settings . It could be described as fullscreen without borderswindow mode or an box. If you are in window mode there is the possibility to adjust the size of the window using any of the methods listed here. Be aware that certain games have the window mode to improve performance reasons , and they may not allow windows to change the size of the window.

How do you resize windows on Macs? Mac

The Mac display can be adjusted by using the mouse or the buttons located in the upper left part of the screen.

  • Minimize By clicking this icon (yellow circle) appears to be a dash, reduces the window into dock. dock.
  • Maximize or Resize Clicking this icon (green circle) that resembles the shape of a box or two boxes, toggles the screen between nearly full (not expanded) screens.
  • Sizes that you can customize First, you must ensure that the window isn’t expanded. Next, hover your mouse cursor across the corner, bottom or the top of the window. Drag and click to adjust the size of the window.
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