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How do you read the colored bars in Apple’s 10-Day Outlook

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Are the colored bars on your iPhone’s Weather App confusing you? This article will explain the meaning of the colored bars and show you how to read them.

The Weather app is a standard feature on the iPhone and iPad Home Screens. One design change that confused many was the addition of colored bars to the Weather app’s 10-Day Forecast.

This is the Weather app’s colour-coded bars. For simplicity, we’ll separate them into the bars and the colours.

What the Weather app’s bars define

The Weather app’s newest features are widely praised. Many users are still confused by the color bars in the 10-day forecast.

The horizontal bar indicates the temperature range for the next 10 days. The horizontal bar indicates the temperature range for the next 10 calendar days.

The background bar shows the temperature range over the past 10 days. While the colored section shows the temperature range of the day,

The temperature range you will experience in a day is represented with the colored bar. This contrasts with the 10-day range which is greyed.


Today’s temperature is 24-34degC. This is compared to the temperatures for the next 10 day of 23-34degC.

This also shows you how low the current temperature falls within this range. This is indicated by the small, white dot in today’s forecast. It indicates that the temperature current falls within the range of 30degC.

What does the Weather App’s Colours Mean

The app shows you the temperature for the day using a gradient of colours. This helps you to understand how it will change over the day.

  • Dark Blue: Extremely Low Temperatures (below 32degF, 0degC).
  • Dark blue: Cold temperatures (0-15degC, 32-59degF).
  • Green: Moderate Temperatures (15-20degC, 59-68degF).
  • Yellow Moderately Warm Temperatures (20-25degC; 68-77degF).
  • Orange Warm Temperatures (25-30degC, 77-86degF).
  • Yellow: Extremely hot temperatures (above 30degC n 86degF).

At-a Glance Weather Predictions

The new Weather app can be confusing at first but it can help you plan your week and daily with the weather. It can also help you pick the right outfit for the weather outside.

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