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How do you install an operating system?

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The steps to install an operating system such as Linux and Microsoft Windows, dependent on the version of operating system you’re installing. Each version has its own set of instructions, prerequisites and choices specific to the operating system. Additionally, every operating system has its own specifications for your computer to function properly.

This page contains a list of general procedures and guidelines to install an operating system onto the hard drive of your personal computer.

Install the operate of system

The first step is to buy the operating system you’d like to install on your computer. The most reliable source to purchase the operating system is a retailer such as Best Buy, or through an online retailer, such as Amazon as well as Newegg. The operating system could be sold on multiple CDs or DVD discs or come with an Flash drive with USB.

Downloading an operating system is typically the most efficient method to download it. Be sure, however, to download the operating system directly from the publisher, such as Microsoft. The download from an alternative source can result in a non-usable or illegal copies of the program.

Set up the Operating System

For the computer to install its operating system by using either DVD or CD you must configure your computer to boot using the DVD or CD drive. You can alter the sequence of boot in the BIOS settings and set the CD/DVD drive as the primary boot device. Certain computers can also permit users to access the boot sequence when the computer starts up without entering the BIOS by pressing a certain key on your keyboard. The key you press varies for every computer, but it is usually the Delete key, or some of the functions keys.

  • How to get into and out of from the BIOS/CMOS configuration.

When the OS software was installed on the USB flash drive it is necessary to set up your system to boot from an USB drive as your primary boot device.

After the computer has been configured to boot on the correct device, it will begin to load the operating system installer program, and then guide you through installation procedure. There will be questions during the process to help you with the configuration of basic settings such as date and time as well as the user’s name and also if you’d like to allow automatic operating system updates. Follow the steps to install by answering the questions and choosing the options you prefer.

Operating the operating system

Once the operating system is installed, your computer will be able to load onto it the operating system. It is then possible to continue installing any software you wish to install to run on your computer, and then making any changes you’d like to make.

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