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How do you get rid of DRM in any Ebook that You Own

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Digital Rights Management, also known by DRM, is a system that manages the modification and distribution of copyrighted materials. This feature is standard in all files, including ebooks.

While rights holders are entitled to their work to be protected Consumers find DRM frustrating.

This article will address why DRM restrictions need to be removed. We’ll also help you remove them from your own ebooks.

Why are we removing DRM?

DRM’s core issue is media ownership. The music, movies, and books that you purchase from Amazon are not yours legally.

It’s easy to imagine yourself in the shoes that one Amazon user is walking. In 2012, her entire Kindle collection was permanently deleted. They could not be recovered.

Here’s an email from Amazon:

The problem could have been avoided completely if she had removed DRM limitations.

Why? Because she could have backed the account upon her local computer. However, all of the content that she had purchased would still be there.

Ebook Digital Rights Management

These are the four DRM schemes used by ebooks.

  1. Adobe’s DRM. It is compatible with both EPUBs as well as PDFs. It is compatible with most ebook readers.
  2. Amazon. Amazon’s format can be used for AZW8, KF8, and AZW8 files. It is easy to understand by most mainstream readers.
  3. Apple FairPlay – Apple’s DRM is only available in EPUB files. This file can only be accessed by Apple’s iBooks application.
  4. Marlin Is an open industry group that also includes Samsung and Panasonic.

How To Remove DRM from Most Ebooks

Ebook publishers are varied and unique, so there’s no one solution. There are many methods to remove ebook DRM.

Caliber provides the best solution to those who shop at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and any other well-known ebook stores.

Caliber is an open-source, free ebook management program. Caliber is packed with useful features. It also requires apprentice alf’s DRM-removal plug-ins.

Install the software

Install the software and launch the app. Make sure you create a folder to hold your ebooks.

Next, choose the reader device that you would like. Alternating between different devices is possible.

To get Caliber ebooks sent directly to your device, please enter your email addresses in the next screen.

Now, click to close the app.

Install plugins

Caliber supports plugins with different functions. Apprentice Alf’s Ebooks-based DRM Removal tool will help you to remove the DRM. You can get the latest version of GitHub.

Copy the file from your computer to unzip it. Click the Preferences button in the top menu.

Next, click Plug-Ins in the row at the bottom. Next, click on Load A Plug-In From File.

Refer to the on-screen message and restart Caliber.

You will need to complete the last step if you own a Kindle. Preferences>> Plugins expands the menu below FilterType Plugins.

Double-click the DeDRM listing. Click on the DeDRM listing and choose eInk Kindle Books.

DRM removed

The tool is only available if you import books into Caliber. Before you can import more books, you must delete DRM-protected ones from the app.

DRM removal is as easy as drag and drop. DRM is removed. Drag each file to a Kindle. If you find duplicates, click No.

How do I remove DRM in Apple Books?

Apple users are limited in the tools they can use to remove DRM restrictions.

If you have thousands of ebooks, the TunesKit iBook DRMS tool will be your only option. It will cost $30.

To install the app, you’ll need your iBooks installed on your local machine.

Once you’ve saved them click and drag them into DRM Removal Software. Click Convert. Although the conversion process is easy and efficient, it is not free.

How To Remove DRM from OverDrive Ebooks

OverDrive makes it possible to borrow digital books from many US public libraries. This DRM can be removed from library book borrowings.

Adobe Digital Editions will first need to be downloaded. Once it is installed, you will be able to open the ebook for editing within the app.

Next, download and install the ebook removal software. Click the App button and choose the EPUB file located in the Digital Editions folder. Click the Removing Button. The ebook should now be available for download to your Kindle.

While it is legal to remove DRM from library books, it is morally questionable.

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