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How do you download and update HBO Max for a Samsung Smart TV

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These are the steps to quickly get all of HBO Max on your Samsung set.

HBO Max is expanding rapidly to other countries. The right app will need to be installed on your Samsung Smart TV.

How do I download HBO Max to my Samsung TV

A model made in 2016 or later will be required to view HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV.

While downloading content to smart TVs isn’t the easiest task, it’s not impossible. Samsung Smart TVs have a large app store including HBO Max.

It is very easy to install the app. Let’s get on with it:

  1. Turn on your TV to open the menu bar.
  2. Next, use your remote control to navigate the Appsbutton. It is easy to do.
  3. To access the HBO Max app, tap the up icon.
  4. Click HBO Max in the text box. Once you have entered the letters, the software will display the HBO Max app.
  5. Move to the app. Once you are on the HBO Max page, tap the Install button.
  6. The installation should only take a few seconds. It will all depend on how fast your Internet works.
  7. Once the process is complete, you will see new buttons on the screen: Open or Add To Home
  8. Download the app and log into HBO Max to access the incredible content.


How do I update HBO Max for Samsung TV

Installing HBO Max was a great first step. However, you need to ensure that your app is up-to-date. Your device may also be susceptible to security threats.

It is not difficult to update the HBO Max app on your Samsung Smart TV. But we believe it is. These are the steps:

  1. To launch the app bar, turn on your TV and tap the Homebutton with your remote.
  2. Click the Apps link to continue.
  3. To access the icons at the upper right corner of the screen, use the up button on your remote.
  4. Click the Settingsbutton. It is represented by a cog. To access the menu, press this button.
  5. All apps on your Smart TV, including HBO Max, can be viewed.
  6. To go back to the “Update All” button at the top of the screen, press the up button again. If there aren’t any app updates in your library, the button will turn gray.
  7. You can go to each of the older models individually to update them all. Next, click the button to confirm.
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