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How do you connect the headset to a computer

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Earphones, also known as computer headsets typically come with one of two kinds of connectors: mini plug or USB. Both are suitable for headsets, however the one you choose can be analogue and the other is one that is digital. Bluetooth allows headsets to connect without the need for cables. The headsets have a limited battery lifespan.

USB headset


If your headset is equipped with an USB connector, you will need to locate an un-used USB port on your computer. Connect the headset’s USB connector to your computer’s USB port. Your computer should be able to recognize and allow the headset use. It may also display an alert message in the lower right corner when the headset is in use.

Mini-plug headset

Headphone Jack and Plugs: Everything You Need to Know - Headphonesty

To connect to a Mini Plug headset headphones, a headset, or any other device, find mini Plug hole(s) located on your sound card, or on the front or back or back of your computer. If you own an notebook computer then the connection will likely be one that is a brass-colored 3.5 millimeter jack that is located on the front or side.

Once the hole(s) are found, the plug is able to be inserted into the hole with minimal effort.

If the computer has more than one Mini Plug holes (as shown in the picture) it is necessary to figure out which hole corresponds to which device. In order to aid you in this process, Mini Plug holes are often colored or include the symbol in front of them to show the type of device. For instance, in the case of headphones that are color-coded, the Line Out or sound output is an emerald green shade and features an arrow pointed to the left of waves.

If you’re using headphones, since it features an audio microphone, in addition to speakers, you’ll get the Mini Plugs. The headphones are connected to the port for sound output (mentioned above) and the microphone is connected to the line or sound out port. The sound coming out of the port typically appears as an icy blue hue with an arrow that points to waves.

Can I connect the Mini Plug while the computer is turned on?

Yes. The majority of Mini Plug devices can be disconnected and connected when the computer is on.

Once the headset is connected to the microphone and line out connecters, the headset will be now ready for use.

  • What is the best way to check your headset.

Bluetooth headset

Jabra V8 | Bluetooth Headset With Mic | Slim And Comfortable | Earbuds

  1. Check that Bluetooth is turned on for your device.
  • Install, activate and troubleshoot Bluetooth on Windows.
  1. Start the Menu of Start by pressing the Windows key .
  2. Select to open the settings Gear icon for settings button.
  3. Select the device option.
  4. On Devices In Devices, select the Bluetooth and Other devices option on the navigation menu left.
  5. Select on the button to add Bluetooth or any other gadget button.
  6. When you are in the Add device pop-up window, select Bluetooth for it to search for Bluetooth devices.
  1. Make sure that your Bluetooth headset is on and is in pairing mode.
  2. Click on your headset in the devices list and begin connecting.

How do you test the headset?

How We Test Headphones - Which?

If you’re unsure if the headset or microphone is working, try testing each component of the headset using the steps below.

The headset is being tested

It is possible to test your headphones simply by opening any device which plays audio. For instance, you could play the YouTube movie and check that you can hear the music in the video. is heard.

Test the headset’s microphone

The microphone part of the headset is testable through opening your audio recorder and recording your voice.

What happens if your headset isn’t functioning?

If you receive errors when you connect your headset with your PC, it usually implies that additional software is required for the headset to function effectively. If you have any drivers were included with the headset then install them and then connect the headset to your computer.

Certain headsets don’t come with software with the purchase. The manufacturer might have up-to-date drivers software via their websites. Visit the website of the manufacturer to determine if there are updated drivers to download.

Another reason why an error could occur is that the sound card on your computer isn’t compatible with your headset. This can be fixed by checking for the latest drivers for your sound card on the site of the manufacturer.

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