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How do you change an account for a user into an administrator account

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Administrator accounts are used to create administrator account can be used to create other account users and install software and carry out other tasks that require computers. If an account that is a user is required to be converted in order to become an administrator, select the appropriate operating system and follow the steps.

Windows 8 10, 11, and 8

  1. Press the Windows key Type Control Panel Then press Enter .
  2. In under the section User Accounts section Click on the User Accounts section. Change type of account.

Windows Vista and 7

  1. Start Control Panel Control Panel.
  2. Choose on the user accounts option.
  3. Go to Users Accounts once more, and then click the option to Manage Accounts for Users. option.
  4. Find the account you wish to delete in the Users for this computer section under the tab Users. Click on the name of the user account.
  5. Select on the properties option within your user’s account’s window.
  6. Choose the Administrator group to change the user account as an administrator account. This is done on the Group Membership tab.
  7. Hit on the “OK option to store the modifications. Select “OK” on any other windows to close the settings of the user account.

Windows XP

  1. Start to the Control Panel.
  2. Click twice to open to open the Users Accounts option.
  3. Click on the name of the user account you would like to convert in to an administrator.
  4. Click on the Change the type of account option.
  5. Choose the Administrator for Computer option, and then hit to click the button to change the type of account. button.

Alternative method

  1. On your Windows desktop Right-click My Computer.
  2. Select Manage to bring up the Management window for your computer. Management window as shown below.
  1. Simply click on the plus above the words Local Users and Groups either double-click or click. Note: If you can’t gain access to the section you are looking for, it is probably don’t possess administrator access to your computer.
  2. Select Users and, in the left pane the user accounts that have been created on your system are listed.
  3. Double click to open the profile you wish to look at.
  4. Click to join.
  5. In the event that the person is part of the group “Administrators,” that account already has administrator rights. If this group isn’t included Click on the button to add it.
  6. Enter “administrators” and hit on the “Check Names button. If the name is found your computer’s name, then “\Administrators” should be displayed. For instance, HOPE\Administrators.
  7. Click OK.

Following the steps earlier, this account becomes an administrator’s account and is granted administrative rights to the computer.


  1. Within the menu bar Click in the menu bar, click on the Apple icon to start menu. Apple menu.
  2. Within the Apple menu, choose from the Option for System Preferences. option.
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