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How do I turn off music on my iPhone?

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The iPhone music player allows you to add your favorite tracks from apple music and listen wherever you like. You can choose to play the song again once or repeatedly, whether it is a single song or a playlist. You may want to keep playing your favorite track or playlist while you travel. If you listen to music while you sleep, it can drain your phone battery. The music app runs in the background and plays songs until the device is turned off or paused manually. The app does not have an inbuilt feature that will stop the music from playing after a certain time. We will now discuss How to Turn Off Music on iPhone. These techniques have been tested in IOS 13.

How do I disable the repeat feature in the Music Player?

This feature might prove useful if you listen to a lengthy playlist and don’t want the songs to be repeated if you get tired. You can choose to play the music again once or continue playing. You can play any playlist by tapping the song name at the bottom. Select the appropriate option by tapping the repeat icon next to Next.

Use Timer to Turn Off Music on iPhone

The timer feature on the iPhone allows you to stop playing music after a certain period. You can set it to stop playing music after a certain time period or for hours. These are the steps.

  • Open the clock application for your iPhone.
  • The Timer tab is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Use the time picker to choose the time.
  • After setting the time, press when the Timer Stops.
  • Scroll down and choose to Stop Playing.
  • Tap To set in the upper right corner of your screen display.
  • To start the timer, press Start
  • It stops playing music when the timer is over.

Prevent iPhone From Autoplaying Car Music

Apple CarPlay allows you to quickly connect your iPhone to CarPlay. You can listen to your favorite tracks, send and receive messages, and make calls/messages. Your iPhone automatically connects to CarPlay when you get inside your car. The last song will be played. It can sometimes be annoying or problematic as everyone in the car hears your music. Apple does not have a solution that will stop the IOS device from playing music in your car. There are a few workarounds that may be possible. Check to see if your Bluetooth system has a feature that will stop the auto-playing. You can turn off CarPlay on your iPhone if this is the case. These are the steps.

  • Start Settings on your iPhone. Next, tap Screen time.
  • Select Content and Privacy Restrictions. (If this is your first time using it, your ios device might ask you to create a passcode.
  • Next, click on Allowed Applications.
  • Then, disable the CarPlay.

This method prevents your device ability to auto-play CarPlay. This works only if your Bluetooth stereo does not support the official CarPlay system. It might not work in a rest situation.

How can I disable Video Autoplay on iPhone?

If you want to disable app preview videos from automatically playing when you browse the new items in the Apple Store then follow our step-by-step guide below.

  • Open the Settings section of your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and hit iTunes & App Store.
  • Click on Video Autoplay.
  • The Video Autoplay Switch is disabled.

You can also choose to auto-play the app preview video only over WiFi.

This is how to disable music and video on your iPhone. Hopefully, this will help you. Thank you for your valuable feedback

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