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How do I install two copies of an Android app?

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Multiple accounts can be created for the same app on different Android phones. You can then use it exactly like the original.

Make copies of your Android apps.

Android allows multiple copies of the same app.

This is to clarify the fact that multiple copies of an app are only available on certain Android devices.

You can run multiple instances of your Android app on your phone, even if the option isn’t available.

Although each manufacturer has a unique name, the feature is universally compatible across all smartphones.

How can you get started? We used a OnePlus smartphone with Android 10:

  1. Now open Options App.
  2. Scroll down and tap Utility. Then tap ParallApps.
  3. You will find a list with apps that you can make copies, but not all.
  4. Choose the app that you wish to clone, then change the toggle position to the On.
  5. The app you choose will be saved to your phone’s app drawer.

Your settings will be removed from the new app. You can modify the app in an entirely different way.

Now you can use your secondary account with the cloned application.

Android stores data that can be used to create cloned applications.

An Android phone will not save data from cloned applications to the same directory that the original apps. However, it should be easy to locate the data.

The Parallel Apps storage section holds the data for your cloned apps. An Android File Manager can be used in order to access this storage.

How do you limit the duplication of Android apps?

Cloning Android apps is not possible. Certain apps, such as Google Chrome, can’t be duplicated.

Only the Parallel Apps screen can be used to create copies.

Android allows multiple copies to be disabled

It is easy to delete duplicate applications.

  1. Enter Settings > Utility > Parallel Apps.
  2. Find the app that you wish to delete and change its toggle to the On position.

The app duplicate will be deleted from your phone. It will still work as before.

Duplicated Android Apps – Dual Accounts

Multiple instances of the same app can be run to give you multiple accounts for different apps.

Cloning apps may also offer security benefits. Shelter tool allows apps to be run in a sandbox which will isolate them from the rest.

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