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How do I download an entire site for offline reading

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Wi Fi is available everywhere now, but it may still be necessary from time to time.

You can save web pages to your computer to read offline, but what if you want to download the whole site? This tool will help you quickly download any website.

1. WebCopy

WebCopy’s unique feature allows you to create multiple projects that have their own configurations. Every site will be downloaded exactly the same way every time.

Multiple websites can be copied from the same project. Make sure you have a plan. You could create a “Tech project” to copy tech sites.

How to Download an entire Site with WebCopy

  1. Open the app and then install it.
  2. To start a new project, navigate to File>New
  3. Enter the URL in the Website Box.
  4. Modify the Save Folder field to ensure that your site is saved exactly where you want.
  5. Play with Rules… ( for more information about WebCopy Rules)
  6. Save your project by going to File >Save as…
  7. Click Copy to begin the process.


Once copying is complete, you can use Results for each page or file to see its status. The Sitemap is the most essential. It displays the entire directory structure for the website as determined by WebCopy.

To view the website offline, open File Explorer. Navigate to the folder that you have previously identified.

2. HTTrack

HTTrack has a better reputation than WebCopy. The interface works well, but it’s not intuitive enough to be used.

It works the same as WebCopy, and you can copy multiple websites at one time and organize them. You can also update copies of sites by downloading older or newer files.

How do I download complete websites with HTTrack?

  1. Open the app and then install it.
  2. To start a new project click Next
  3. Next, you will need to give your project a name. Next, click Next.
  4. Click on Download website(s) to take action. Next, enter the URLs for each website in the HTML addresses box. Enter one URL per line.
  5. To adjust parameters, click Finish.

Once everything has been downloaded you can navigate the site by opening the index.html or index.htm files using a browser.

HTTrack and Linux

How Ubuntu users can save entire websites with HTTrack

  1. Get started Terminal Enter the following command
    sudo apat-get install httrack
  2. After you’ve set up a password, it will prompt you to enter it. The Terminal will then download and install it.
  3. Enter the command again and hit the Enter key. Enter . To illustrate, we downloaded the most visited website. Brain Pickings .
  4. To read the entire site offline, you can download it.

You can replace this with the URL of the website that you wish to download. To download Encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety, you’ll need to modify your command

3. SiteSucker

SiteSucker for Mac is the best option. It copies entire websites and keeps the same structure. You can also include all media files (e.g. images, PDFs, stylesheets).

It’s easy to use. Just paste the URL in the box, and hit Enter.

You can save your in-progress downloading to a file. The file can be used to download the same files and structures later (or on another computer ). SiteSucker allows you to pause and resume downloading).

SiteSucker costs $5 and does not come with a trial version. SiteSucker’s biggest disadvantage is that it does not come with a trial or a free version. Some features may not be available.

4. Wget

Wget, a command-line utility that can retrieve any file over the HTTP and FTP protocols, is a great tool to download entire websites. Many web media files can easily be accessed via HTTP or FTP.

The majority of Unix-based systems include Wget. Wget is able to download individual files, but can also be used to recursively download all pages and files from the initial page.

It might take some time to download all of the website, depending on how big it is.

You might be blocked by some sites if they detect your attempts to block you. They might charge you a lot of bandwidth if they detect your attempts.

To avoid overloading the web server, you can be polite and limit the speed of your downloads. You can also pause between each download to ensure that you don’t overload the web server.

Wget on a Mac

Wget can be installed on a Mac with one Homebrew command: BREW install wget

  1. This command will allow you to download Homebrew
    /usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)”
  2. Next, follow this command to install Wget
    brew wget
  3. After Wget has been installed, you will be able to download the site using this command.
    wget path/to/local.copy http://www.brainpickings.org/

To install the app, you will need to access the port for Windows.

5. Teleport Pro

Teleport Pro. Really. This app still works flawlessly, even though it was last updated in 2015.

This app does more than allow you to download a website. The app offers many more features and intricate details.

  • Create a backup for your website.
  • Duplicate website and directory structure
  • Search for websites that host specific file types.
  • Search a website with the keywords you’ve chosen.
  • Access all websites linked to one site.

This app is useful and can be used for your toolbox. The premium version will be required after that.

Download entire websites

Now you know how to download entire websites. This will make sure that you don’t get lost even if your internet isn’t available.

Keep in mind that larger sites can be downloaded faster than smaller ones. It will take many thousands of MBs to store all media files on large sites like MUO.

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