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How do I delete previous Google searches from my history?

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If you need to go back to something you searched earlier, having a list of all your searches on Google can prove useful. You might want to delete your most recent searches to protect your privacy or reduce the amount of data Google holds about you.

We will show you how to delete Google searches that have been performed previously. This includes your Google search history, as well browser history.

How to remove previous searches from your Google account

Google automatically keeps track of any searches you make while logged in to your Google account from any device. You can skip the section on clearing your browser history if you aren’t logged in to Google at the time you make the search you wish to delete.

Click inside the search bar on Google’s homepage to delete all previous searches. To delete a search that was recently performed, select Remove.

This is great for quickly removing some recent searches but not fast enough to remove all Google searches. Click your profile picture at the top-right of Google. Choose Manage Your Google Account.

Here, select Manage your data & personalization under Privacy & personalization. Open the App Activity section in the Activity controls area. Next, click Manage activity to see a running log detailing everything you have done recently with Google services.

To delete a block marked Google.com, you can click the X button in the top-right. To delete them, you can click on a searching individual to open it. Click the three-dot menu button at the top-right to choose Delete.

You can search the top for the term you wish to delete. To clear all Google searches that were made after a specific date, use to delete activity by.

To set up regular deletions of your Google search history, you can click the Delete button at the top. You can clear your Google history once every three months, six months, and three years. You can still delete your history manually at any time.

Stop Google from Saving Search History for the Future

Although you can easily delete any previous searches from Google, it is tedious and time-consuming to do so manually. You can stop Google from saving your search history in the future.

Go back to the App Activity page, and disable the slider. This will stop Google from using your search activity and other Google services to personalize the experience. It prevents Google from showing your search history on its homepage, and it also stops Google from recording the searches you make in the future.

This switch will save you time if you find yourself often wanting to delete all your Google searches. While you’re here, keep in mind that Google tracks searches is just one way that they can keep information about you . For more privacy, you might also want to look at the activity controls.

How to edit your Google History on Android and iPhone

Open the Google app on your mobile device to access the same interface so that you can delete Google searches from the go. Tap your profile picture at the top-right corner. Select Manage Your Google Account to be taken to the page where you can make similar changes as above under Personalization > Web Activity > Manage Activity.

To jump to the panel, you can tap Search History. If you need to clear your searches from the past, the Delete the last 15 minutes shortcut can be very handy.

How to delete previous Google searches from your browser history

Google only keeps track of your search history. This is just half of the job. Your browser stores a record of each page you visit in its history, as you likely know. Clearing your browsing history of Google searches will be necessary next.

This is how Chrome does it. To open the interface, click History> History from the top-right. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H to jump to this.

Check the boxes to the right of each history entry that you wish to delete. After you have selected all of them, click the delete button at top of page to remove them from your history. To delete multiple searches, you can use the search bar at top to display only entries on google.com.

You don’t have to delete items manually. Instead, you can use the Clear browsing Data tool located on the left sidebar of the History page to quickly erase browsing history. This shortcut can be used to open it in Chrome from any location.

You can choose to use the Basic and Advanced tabs for Browsing History as well as other types of history such as cookies or cached data. Chrome allows you to choose a time period from which you want to delete your history. Click Clear data once you are done.

See for instructions on how to manually or automatically clear browser history if you are using another browser.

To avoid storing old searches, use private browsing

Clearing Google search history is easy, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating. To make your search more efficient, you can use the private (or incognito)mode in your browser to delete this history.

To open a private window in Chrome, click the Menu on the top-right. To see how private browsing works in other browsers, please follow this guide.

Incognito windows are not recorded by your browser. Google won’t record what you search for because you aren’t signed in to any accounts. The browser will not save history for this session.

You aren’t invisible when you browse privately. Websites can still track your activities and get access to your location. It’s useful if you don’t want Google search results tied to your account or browser history.

DuckDuckGo Private Searches: Consider switching to DuckDuckGo

You should look into alternative search engines if you don’t wish to use a public browser or don’t like Google recording what you look up.

DuckDuckGo has a strong privacy stance. It does not track what you search for, but still delivers quality results. If you want to know more about what DuckDuckGo offers, we have compared it to Google.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be used for every search. There are certain types of information that you might search for, like personal advice or medical issues. These you would prefer not to share with Google. DuckDuckGo is a great alternative.

DuckDuckGo searches can still record entries in your browser history. To ensure privacy, you will need to clear this (or use Incognito).

Move on and delete previous Google searches

You now know how to delete recent Google searches so that they don’t appear in any other Google search results. They are effectively gone once you have cleared them from your Google history and Google activity. These procedures can be used as necessary. You can also use the options described to prevent future activity from being saved.

You should know how to prevent Google from listening to your phone if you want to lessen Google’s control over your life.

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