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How can you fix an inactive script error

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Unresponsive script warnings are a message from a browser that is displayed in the event that JavaScript script used on the web website or add-on is taking too long to execute. The message might look like the image below.

There is a choice of “Stop the script” as well as “Continue” button. Select on the “Stop Script” button to stop the script from running. Stopping the script will stop that the web browser from running into memory or even crashing.

If the issue occurs only on one specific page and every other page works normal, a script on this particular page could be causing the issue. If you’re not the webmaster of that particular page There’s no way to avoid this error. If the error is occurring on multiple websites, it could be a problem with your computer or browser add-on.

To determine the add-on or script that’s causing the problem Try one of the following methods.

Open the Browser Console

Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq

To find a script within your web site, launch Mozilla Browser Console which can help you determine what’s that is causing the error. For the console to open, simply press the Alt The key to see the file menu Then, select Tools , Web Developer , and Browser Console Press Ctrl + Shift + J .

In the browser console Look for references to the specific program or add-on that caused an error. If you spot the mention of an add-on that caused the error, you may disable the add-on and see whether it resolves the issue.

  • How to remove or disable extensions for your browser.

Remove add-ons, or run the browser in Safe Mode.

To determine which add-on might cause the issue You can turn off the add-on in question and then check whether the error continues to occur. If yes, you should enable the add-on and then disable another.

A different option would be to launch Firefox using Safe Mode that disables any add-ons. If you don’t experience any issues when you’re in Safe Mode, you can be confident that it’s one of your extensions that are causing the issue.

  • How to remove or disable extension extensions for your browser.
  • How do you open a browser using safe mode.

Debug error in script

How to debug a bash script?

If you’re the Webmaster or the developer of the script that is causing an error for the web browser then you should try to solve this error. Examine the possible causes of the error below for guidance in diagnosing the issue.

  • A script error that stops the script or the related script from successfully running.
  • All loops in the script that aren’t present.
  • Any script or script data loaded from a source not accessible.
  • There is a conflict between the script you use and your browser’s add-ons.
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