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How Can We Use Snapchat on PC

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Snapchat is designed to be used only on mobile devices However, a lot of people have found ways to utilize Snapchat on a PC as well. However, Snapchat seems to make it users more difficult to log in to their accounts from any device that isn’t compatible with an iOS or Android device.

How to Use Snapchat on a Computer to Work

The only way to access Snapchat via a PC was through downloading the Android emulator. The Android emulator is software that emulates the platform, so it is possible to download and install mobile applications from Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

When you install this emulator on your PC You can get the latest Snapchat application. The most well-known and extensively used Android emulator is BlueStacks.

On the 30th of May, 2019 on May 30, 2019, the BlueStacks support team shared an email with the subject line:

There are times when Snapchat crashes after logging in and are redirected to the home screen of the BlueStacks homepage screen. This is a specific app behavior that is not connected to BlueStacks. The Snapchat development team appears to have stopped using Snapchat in emulators.

A lot of Reddit posts are also discussing issues making use of Snapchat through Android emulators, such as BlueStacks. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering it’s the case that Snapchat has a history of doing everything it can in order to stop apps from third parties trying to connect to Snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat on Your PC

Snapchat is trying to ban (or already bans) access to the application using emulators, which leaves no option to use it on PCs. Try these steps to determine if they work for you, however, you might still encounter issues or not be able to login to your Snapchat account once you go onto the page to sign in.

  1. Navigate to download bluestacks.com in your preferred web browser on your PC.
  2. Click the Download BluStacks for downloading the blue stacks installer. BlueStacks installer.
  3. Click twice to open the .exe document that you downloaded to your computer.

  4. An installation window will pop up. Choose”blue” to the Install Now button and then wait to see the extraction and download process to be completed.
  5. After the process is completed, BlueStacks will open automatically. Simply double-click on to open the Google Play Store app to launch it.
  6. Choose login and sign in to the account you have created with your Google login by entering the phone or email code and your password into the provided fields.
  7. After you’ve signed in to the Google accounts, be able to go directly to Google Play Store which is similar to how it appears on the Android device.
  8. In the search box at the top, you can type ” Snapchat” and then either press the Enter button or click the first option that appears. an option that pops up within the drop-down menu.
  9. The official Snapchat app should be available. Choose the Install option to install it.
  10. After the installation is completed After the installation is complete, click “Open” to start Snapchat.


Snapchat opens in a separate tab within BlueStacks and will look like what it would on mobile devices. Choose to login to input the Snapchat username (or email address) Snapchat user name (or the email you use to sign in) along with your username and password.

What You To Do If You Can’t Log In to Snapchat on PC

If you have entered the correct login information, however, you may receive an error message that reads, “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.” The issue isn’t related to your account or account information. It’s more likely that Snapchat has blocked you from logging into your account since it has discovered that you’re trying to connect using an emulator.


It’s a shame that you can’t take any action to fix the issue other than making contact with Snapchat customer support to share your ideas on the reasons why you think Snapchat users ought to be able to use Snapchat using emulators like BlueStacks and others.


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