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How can I repair the wheel on my mouse when it’s not functioning properly?

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The wheel of a mouse or the roller at the top of the wheel mouse could malfunction, causing upward and down scrolling not to function. Here is some advice on how to fix this issue, as well as recommendations on what to do in case trying to solve the problem doesn’t work.

Microsoft Windows users

Set the mouse wheel’s settings

If you’re having problems with the mouse wheel within any of the versions that runs Microsoft Windows, adjust its settings in the Mouse Properties window. The window can be opened through the following methods:

  1. Start to the Control Panel.
  2. Within the Control Panel, click the View by drop-down menu located in the upper-right-hand corner. Select the Small icon as well as large icons..
  3. Select on the mouse or click twice on the mouse option.

Within the Mouse Properties window, click from the wheel option. You can then try changing the amount of lines that scroll with the mouse or changing the mouse to scroll a page at each time. Select apply before clicking “OK” in order to store the modification. Making sure this change is confirmed helps to fix the mouse’s problems.

If your mouse is a mouse that isn’t made from Microsoft and you are using a different mouse, you could also modify its settings with the software that comes with this mouse. For instance an example, a Logitech mouse usually includes software distinct from Windows that lets users change the settings. Most of the time, these programs can be accessed via on the mouse icon within Windows Systray.

Update mouse drivers

How to install Mouse drivers on Windows 10

If the solutions above don’t solve the issue, or if the mouse software isn’t installed on your system Try to install the latest drivers for your mouse and software. Check out our section on input manufacturer area for a list of the mouse companies’ websites.

  • Install and upgrade a driver for your computer.

Windows system files are corrupted Windows system files

The issues with the mouse wheel can be caused by corrupted system files on Windows. The activation of the Microsoft restore point can fix the issue. If that fails it is possible that it is possible that a Windows repair is required to repair the damaged files. It is recommended to backup your data prior to performing the Windows repair to ensure that you don’t lose any data.

  • How do I recover Windows back to an older version.
  • How to repair automatically issues in Windows.

Non-Windows users

If your computer runs an operating system different from Microsoft Windows, we suggest you reinstalling your software with your mouse. It is also possible to install the most recent mouse drivers to your system on the mouse manufacturer’s site.

Cleanse the mouse

There are small areas on both sides of the wheel of the mouse where dirt and dust can settle into the wheel over time, creating problems with the wheel’s functioning. Clean the mouse, particularly around the wheel using compressed air. You can take off some of the dirt and dust, which will improve the mobility and performance on the wheels.

  • Mouse cleaning help.

Hardware problems

If, after having completed the above steps, but you continue to have problems, your mouse isn’t working properly. If your mouse is in warranty We suggest you contact the manufacturer of the mouse to request the possibility of a replacement. When your model is not in warranty, since repair costs are generally higher than the price of a new mouse we recommend buying a brand new mouse.

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