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Here’s how to take a screenshot from your Galaxy Note 5

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Take a picture of your screen to share memorable moments with friends. Step by step instructions to capture a screenshot using your Galaxy Note 5

You might want to send a Tinder profile to a friend that is cute, or to your mom for the most ridiculous autocorrect error. You can send a photo by email, text, and social media. This is how it looks in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

  1. If you’re on a page you want to snap, click the power button to your right and then the home key beneath it.

Hold the screen for one second. Once you release the screen, it will be saved as an image in your gallery.

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  1. Use the edge of your finger to swipe the screen. If you have trouble doing this, ensure that the “Palm swipe capture” feature is turned on. This feature can be found under Settings > Motions & Gestures.

You can save your screenshot in an album or share it with others.

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