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HDMI ARC not working on Samsung Smart TVs has been fixed

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There are many connections to the tv. These connections allow you to use many of the features available on your smart tv. The Samsung Smart Tv HDMIARC not working issue may stop you from connecting your tv to other devices.

You can connect your TV with soundbars, or a smart hub. You might not be able to pair these devices with your smart tv if the ARC stops working.

The HDMI connections on the Samsung smart TV connect audio devices to the TV. The HDMI arc on Samsung smart TV also transmits sound to your home theater.

The Samsung Smart Tv AR won’t work if the sound isn’t transmitted. The device will however mut the audio. Samsung Tv ARC stopped functioning is a common problem that can easily be fixed.

We’ll also show you how to fix ARC not working on Samsung Tv. There are many ways to fix the problem, but you should only choose that one.

Samsung TV HDMI ARC not Working

HDMI is a sound connector and HDMI ARC a certified high-speed cable for sound transmission. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. This is different from using multiple HDMI cables.

The ARC uses only one cable to perform all connections. HDMI arc has the great advantage of reducing the number of HDMI cables. It transmits sound much faster than regular HDMI cables.

Samsung Smart TV HDMI ARC Not Working is usually caused by the HDMI not being properly connected to the device. However, ARC does not work with the settings. This caused ARC to stop working on Samsung tvs and the sound becomes muted.

How to fix Samsung TV ARC that stopped working

You can fix Samsung Smart Tv ARC issue. These troubleshooting steps should be performed one at a time on your Samsung Smart Tv ARC.

Before you proceed, make sure that all cables are connected properly to the smart TV and sound device. If cables are not properly connected, unplug them first and then put them back in place. Then, you can try troubleshooting techniques.

Method 1: Check HDMI CEC (Anynet+).

Sometimes, the Samsung tv ARC does not work if the HDMI-CEC setting is disabled. To get the arc working again, you will need to enable the HDMI-CEC setting in your Samsung Smart TV.

Some Samsung TVs have Anynet + as the HDMI-CEC. Don’t be confused if your smart TV has Anynet + rather than HDMI-CEC. To reactivate your HDMI-CEC/Anynet +, follow these instructions:

  • To open the menu, use the remote control to press the “Home” button.
  • Navigate to Settings, then General.
  • Select External Device Manager, then Anynet+ (HDMI–CEC).
  • To turn the remote on, press the “Enter” button.
  • If the error persists, check it again.

Method 2: Verify the sound output

If you’re using a third-party soundbar, or home theater system on your Samsung Tv. Make sure HDMI ARC is turned on. You must then switch HDMI ARC to your input source on your speaker.

Your TV can produce the sound when ARC enabled is turned on. Go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output. Next, choose Receiver (HDMI), from the drop-down menu.

Method 3: Run HDMI Diagnosis

Your smart TV may not be producing sound completely or at all. This indicates that the HDMI cable is not of high quality. The issue can be fixed by replacing the cable. It’s not practical to replace the cable if there is no output.

These issues can be fixed in another way. Samsung Tv comes with an integrated feature that stabilizes the HDMI signal and makes it compatible with cables. These instructions cover how to diagnose HDMI cables.

  1. You can navigate to the menu by simply pressing the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select Support, then Device Care.
  3. Choose Self Diagnosis, then Signal Information.
  4. Click Signal History, then HDMI Delay Level.
  5. Now, choose:

Slow 1 is recommended if the signal strength of your HDMI connection is poor. Slow 2 will be used in place. This will increase the signal strength of a poor HDMI cable. However. There will be some delay in the sound.

Method 4: Verify the Audio Format

It could be that “Anynet+” does not support the audio format. The Samsung Smart TV HDMI ARC is not working. Samsung TV does not support MPEG, MPEG4, FLAC, and OGG.

This format is recommended. Anynet+ and smart TVs may not support the audio format. For more information about the format, contact customer service.

Method 5: Check the HDMI Cable

You can use the ARC function on your Samsung Tv. A high-quality HDMI cable is essential. The audio cable must be in good working order. The ARC will only function if there is no damage to the cable. You must ensure that the cable is free from any physical damage. You should not find any damage to the exterior of the cable. Internal damage could occur.

A multimeter can be used to easily check for internal damage. We recommend that you replace the damaged cable immediately if it is found. Use certified cables instead of third-party cables for better results.

Method 6: Reset Soundbar Settings

The HDMI cable and setting are fine. The ARC still does not work properly. You will need to reset the Soundbar back to its default settings. These are the steps to reset your soundbar.

  1. Turn off your smart TV and Soundbar.
  2. For 5 seconds, press and hold Volume Up (+) or Down (-) simultaneously.
  3. It will show INIT.
  4. Turn on the TV or Soundbar.
  5. Navigate to Settings from the menu.
  6. Change the Sound Output to Soundbar.
  7. After the sound has started playing, a pop up notification appears on your smart TV.

Method 7: Upgrading your Smart TV

Update your Samsung smart TV if the HDMI ARC does not work. The function may be re-activated by updating the firmware on your smart TV.

After installing the update, compatibility with ARC functions will be improved. Navigate to Support > Software Update from your smart TV settings and click Update Now. The problem will be fixed by rebooting the TV after the update.

Last Thoughts

Samsung smart TV HDMI ARC not working is a common problem. This happens when the cable isn’t working properly or is not compatible. You can fix this issue by activating the Anynet+ setting.

If this fails, you can check the sound output, diagnose HDMI, and then reset the soundbar. Check that the cable isn’t damaged or not plugged properly.

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