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Halo Infinite co-op: how to join and what to expect

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The Halo Infinite multiplayer co-op is on the horizon. The campaign mode will be available in multiplayer in August, but lucky players can jump in at the beginning of the beta.

343 Industries has announced the Halo Infinite test in a tweet (opens in new window). You’ll be able to jump into the open world’s co-op update with a friend if you sign up for the Halo Insider Program.

Beta only applies to “network cooperative”, so don’t expect split-screen play. 343 Industries stated that Halo infinite will allow four-player online cooperative play when it launches in August. However, local two-player cooperative play is expected to begin with Season 3 in November.

It has taken a while for Halo Infinite to add a campaign co-op. The feature was missing when the game launched last year. 343 originally expected to include it with Halo infinite Season 2. The studio delayed the update in order to improve its features. This should mean that it will run smoothly once it leaves beta.

Halo Infinite co-op beta


You will need to join the Halo Insider Program if you want to get into Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op as soon as possible. This program is similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program. It allows participants to playtest upcoming Halo games and services and provides feedback that will help shape the franchise’s future.

Signing up for this scheme is easy. Simply visit the Halo Insider website (opens in new tab), and click on the big “Join Halo Insider” button. Sign in with your Xbox account to select your Halo playtest preferences. For hands-on playtests, make sure you choose either “PC Flighting” or “Console Flighting”.

You will need to identify the console, controller, display and audio system that you are using when you sign up for console playtests. If you want to be a part of the PC beta, you will need to provide your hardware specs via the sign-up page. It will walk you through the process.

Even full-fledged Halo Insiders aren’t guaranteed entry to Halo Infinite’s co-op playtest. Only those who are eligible for entry will be considered. Your chances of being selected increase if your profile is accurate and up-to-date.


The co-op beta will offer a slightly different approach to traditional Halo Infinite campaign strategy to those who are lucky enough to have it. You can have up to four players battle it out in Halo Infinite. Teams can work together to complete missions and collect Skulls.

Keep your friends close to you. Players who move more than 1,000ft from their friends are subject to instant death. The new co-op campaign mode uses friendly fire, so supporting your team is important.

Mission Replay will allow you to replay old content. This feature allows you and your Spartans to go back to old missions using all your shiny new toys and upgrades.

Although spaces may not be guaranteed, there is no reason to miss your chance at Halo Infinite coworking bliss. You might be blessed with luck, just like Chief.

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