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Gran Turismo 7 review

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Gran Turismo 7 is the latest racing sim from Polyphony Digital. After a few delays, the game finally made it to the pit lane. Gran Turismo 7 has been a great game. It is undoubtedly the best racing sim in the series, and sets a high standard for future racing sims, including Forza Motor.

Polyphony solves the greatest criticism of Gran Turismo Sport 6 and Gran Turismo 6 which felt small at launch. It fills GT7 with tracks and cars from the start. The racer will also enjoy the enhanced sim gameplay of Polyphony, which includes moreish progression systems and lots of incentive to test out ancillary modes such as the Licence Centre, Mission mode and the all-new Music Rally.

Gran Turismo 7 price and release date

  • What is it? Polyphony Digital’s latest racing sim
  • When can I play it again? March 4, 2022
  • What platform can I use to play it? PS5, PS4
  • Price: $69.99 / PS69.99

Set it down on the track

  • Masterful racing simulation
  • Best-in class DualSense haptic feedback
  • Simple to understand tuning system
  • PlayStation Gran Turismo 7 at Amazon for US$59


GT7 racing is simply amazing. It offers one of the most detailed and accurate racing sims to date. Polyphony Digital did an outstanding job in highlighting each car’s individual feel. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Honda Civic or a Nissan GT-R, they all look and feel exactly the same in real life.

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The DualSense wireless controller is a great choice for PS5 games. This controller’s excellent haptic feedback works beautifully. As you brake or change gears, you’ll feel resistance. The DualSense vibration registers every bump on the track, the screeching of tires, and even the sweeps of your windshield wipers, giving you a greater sense of immersion in every race.

GT7 also supports many control options. While you can use the default analog stick controls to steer, the game supports a variety of racing wheel options to enhance your racing sim experience. DualSense motion controls can also be used. While they are more difficult to master, tilting the controller to control the steering works astonishingly well.

It’s easy to put your heart and soul in a few cars in racing sims. But GT7 puts an end to this temptation by using race requirements to force you to test a wide range of cars. This means you will have many cars to choose from, and you are also encouraged to drive as many cars as you can to help meet any race’s entry requirements.

You may have to limit your choices of car, model or tire selections in a single race. The Tuning Shop is a place that you will frequent throughout your solo racing career.

It can be costly to buy new parts as you eventually need to meet higher PP thresholds. However, more Credits are always just a race away.

For motorists, a haven

  • There are many ways to use
  • Charming and slick menus
  • Moreish progression

Gran Turismo 7’s main menu is the first thing you see when you start it up. It looks like a charming resort in the countryside, with many pavilions. These pavilions are where you will find the majority of GT7’s content.

The World Circuit is where you will spend most of your solo career. It hosts events, tracks and championships on three continents: Europe, America, Asia-Oceania. Each region has many tracks, each track is unique and can be raced on multiple versions.

There are many tracks to choose from. GT classics like the Tokyo Expressway circuit and Trial Mountain circuit are back, along with real-world courses such as Monza, Laguna Seca and the notoriously long Nurburgring.

The Cafe is what ties it all together – one the best new features of GT7 for solo players. You can use the Cafe to achieve a variety of objectives. These will require you to collect a set of three cars, such as a Porsche 911 and rally car collections. To complete the set, you earn the cars by winning races.

The Cafe’s menu books are a subtle tutorial that guides you to the various styles of cars and races. It’s also a beautiful place to visit – Luca, the Cafe’s ever-cheerful owner is eager to give a brief history about your cars. This is a great way to encourage filling up your garage with all makes and models.

You’ll unlock all the other modes GT7 offers as you tick off the Menu Books early on. Of course, the notoriously challenging Licence Center makes a comeback. Both newcomers and experienced GT drivers will have to work harder than ever, with strict requirements for each Licence Center objective. It’s still a great place for learning the basics and intricacies about driving in GT7. The extra rewards for earning Gold Trophies could keep you coming back to cut milliseconds off your time.

If you want to challenge yourself with more challenging objectives than the standard Licence Center, there’s a Mission mode. You can choose to race between vehicles in order to get to the front, or you could be racing against the clock on bumpy off-road tracks in Willys Jeeps. These cars are a great distraction from the GT7 norm. They also come with their own set to help you earn Bronze and Gold trophy progression.

You can also visit Legendary Cars and Brand Central used car dealerships to purchase new cars with the Credits earned while racing. GT7, with over 400 cars available to collect, is the ultimate completionist’s dream.

The new Music Rally mode is located outside of the main menu. It’s a series of courses that will test your ability to drive as far and as fast as possible within the time limit. These are limited to a few at launch and can’t be connected to your music libraries. However, it’s an interesting distraction if you want to earn another set of Gold trophies.

Online – The true GT test

  • Supported Full online lobbying
  • Sports Mode remains to be an excellent
  • Penalties could benefit from some fine-tuning

You can use the internet to compete against other players if you’re unable to escape GT7 AI racers. Full racing lobbies can be created, with criteria set and raced against both friends and strangers.

Gran Turismo Sport’s ranked Sport mode is the main online attraction. You can enter races that are held at specific times every day online. Each race has different entry requirements.

Two grades govern progression in Sport mode. Your Driver Rank will increase if you do well and finish races in higher places. Your Sportsmanship rank is more important than Driver Rank. It adjusts based on how you conduct yourself during races.

It’s not perfect. We were penalized for one race after another driver drove into us.

This means that you will be punished if you deliberately hit other drivers or block cars trying to pass you. If you keep your race record clean, and don’t deliberately sabotage other players, your Sportsmanship Rank will rise.

It isn’t perfect. We were penalized for one race in which another driver drove us through a barrier. Both ranks can be used to gauge how a driver behaves. For example, aggressive drivers are more likely to have lower Sportsmanship ranks.

Take the scenic route

  • Amazingly beautiful visuals
  • Solid frame rate
  • Scapes is one of the most popular photo modes.

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Gran Turismo 7 is simply one of the most beautiful games on PS5. The tracks and vehicles look very photorealistic. Environmental features such as crowds, track markings, or background scenery are much more detailed than ever before.

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You can use the PS5’s power to enable ray-tracing. We haven’t found any downsides to this mode. Ray-tracing can only be enabled during replays or post-race segments. However, the results are stunning and add realistic reflections to cars and light sources.

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Your races will be more realistic and unpredictable if there are active day/night cycles and dynamic weather conditions. Over the course of a race, time can change from sunset to nighttime. Weather conditions can also change when you least expect them. This can have a dramatic impact on how your car handles. Rain can have a negative effect on your car’s grip, particularly if you don’t have tires that are suited for wet conditions.

Each car has a unique cockpit view that is identical to the real-world counterpart. This cockpit view is amazing, with incredible detail in every aspect. From the dashboard logos and shape of the steering wheel to the onboard computers. In certain lighting conditions, the dash can also be seen through the windshield. This is a wonderful touch.

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GT7’s performance is also an advantage. The game runs at a smooth 60fps most days. There were some dips in online play in Sport mode that we noticed, but nothing that was enough to endanger a race.

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The soundtrack for GT7 is also excellent. The eclectic mix of original songs and contemporary licensed tunes, as well as fun remixes from classical music, blends wonderfully with the car’s roars and tones.


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Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t just offer the best GT game. It’s also a masterclass in racing sims with many modes and an enormous number of cars to collect. Gran Turismo 7 is a must-have for all PS5 owners. The game’s high-quality solo content and easy accessibility make it an ideal choice.

Gran Turismo 7: Recent updates

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Gran Turismo 7 launched poorly despite our strong impressions. The latest racing sim from Polyphony Digital was heavily criticised for using microtransactions. Gran Turismo 7 received significant Metacritic review bombing. Gran Turismo 7’s campaign mode requires that you be online 24/7. It was therefore rendered unplayable for 24 hours in March.

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Although it was a difficult start, Polyphony Digital has made major improvements since then. Gran Turismo update 1.1 significantly reduced the amount of grinding required to get in-game currency with microtransactions. You can still expect to see a steady stream of updates after launch with new cars, events, and other improvements. You can make a start by checking out the Gran Turismo 7 car and track lists, as well as our Gran Turismo 7 trophy list.

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