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Got a Favorite Microsoft Store App?

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Although the Microsoft Store is filled with gems, not all of them are given the attention they deserve. Microsoft is trying to change that. You can submit your favorite apps to the Microsoft Store right now.

Microsoft’s Search for the Best App

Microsoft recently published an Office form “App nominations: Your favorite apps in the Microsoft Store for Windows”. Survey takers are asked several questions about their favorite app from the Microsoft Store. This includes the reasons they chose that particular app.

Follow the link to learn how you can get involved. Microsoft has listed the following restrictions on apps that you can nominate for the Microsoft Store’s Best Apps:

– Public listing in the Microsoft Store for Windows must be in at least one country by March 31st

– Windows 11 must have 100% functionality, not just Windows 10.

– You must have at least 50 rating entries and a 3.5-star rating or higher

– Must have been published in the last 12 months or received significant updates during that time

Microsoft may be a potential partner in this effort

It is a bit curious why Microsoft would want to know which app is the best on its app store. It’s possible that Microsoft is looking for hidden gems to promote its app store.

We’ll see how Microsoft uses this information. It’s possible that the Microsoft Store will feature the most popular apps to appeal to those who haven’t tried it yet.

Microsoft Store: More Information

There are many apps in the Microsoft Store, some well-worth your time. Microsoft will love your favorite app and let you know.

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