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Google factors for SEO

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Google search engine always cares for the user who wants to find results there. Google set up an algorithm that always shares updated results and exists when users or visitors search there for any information about anything. It ranks websites of those people who follow its factors for SEO. SEO is very important for every website that exists in the world because without it can’t be successful and get more traffic to the website. Google mostly developed two hundred factors for SEO in algorithms but some factors are mostly followed by SEO experts and SEO agencies when they give SEO services to people. You know most of the people doing online business and it doesn’t run properly without SEO. So if you want to increase the traffic of websites and users on online business stores. In this article, you will know the most useful and important factors of the Google search engine for SEO. 

Google factors for SEO.

There are almost two hundred factors that Google uses in its algorithm. But here we talk about off-page factors, On-page factors, and Technical factors for SEO that are used while doing SEO On the website.

Off-page factors

It means that you do SEO for websites on other websites which means creating backlinks. 

On-page factors 

It refers to doing SEO on your website such as publishing content regularly and updated. And to use keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions on your website. 

Technical factors

It is related to all technical issues of whole websites. It does not only depend on the individual pages but it examines websites that need improvement in the development of websites. 

It is not right to just focus on specific factors of Google for SEO but you have to consider all factors and work on these factors. Google indexes and crawls your websites or content when you use these all factors of SEO in the website. 

Page speed

Google mostly likes that website or rank which page speeds fast because when your website opens in one or two seconds that means good and visitors do not leave it. If your website page speed is not good and takes time then Google also does not rank and also visitors leave it easily because of the loading and taking time. So you need to keep maintaining that your website page speed easily opens and does not take time. 

Mobile-friendly user

You have to develop a website which easily opens on mobile because we know that most people use mobile phones in the world and they search through it. So Google designed that factor for SEO.

Internal links

Internal links mean to connect your previously published content on your website and invite visitors through new content to read also it. It also helps to index and crawl Google your website. 

Relevant content

When you publish content on your website then you need to publish content relevant according to the query of visitors which easily Google provides results to users. It is a factor of Google for SEO.


Backlinks mean to use your website links on other websites. This helps you to build trustworthiness in your website and Google shows results of websites that trust and have high authority. 

Final words 

These are the most popular Google factors which are used in SEO websites. When you use these factors, your website ranks and gets more organic traffic.

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