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GHz can be used to refer to one of these:

1. The term “gigahertz” is a short form for gigahertz. GHz is an metric unit used to measure AC (alternating current) or EM (electromagnetic) frequency of waves equivalent up to 1000,000,000 (one billion) (one billion) Hz (hertz).

2. In the context of CPU or a computer processor the term GHz means clock frequency, which is also referred to as a clock rate , or clock speed, which is a measure of the duration of a time cycle. The oscillator circuit provides only a tiny amount of energy to the crystal every second. It can be measured as kHz or MHz or GHz. “Hz” can be an abbreviation used to describe Hertz which means “k” refers to the Kilo (thousand), “M” refers to Mega (million)”M” is Mega (million) “G” is Giga (thousand millions).

Computer processors of the beginning (CPU’s) were operating at the kHz range. For instance the first processor called the Intel 4004 was operating with a frequency of 740 kHz. Later processors ran at the MHz range such as that of the Intel Pentium processor was available at speeds ranging from 60 MHz to 300 MHz. Today’s processors operate in a GHz range.

The more powerful the GHz number of processors, the more powerful the processor will be able to run or process the data. The first processors with 1 GHz for personal computers were launched on the month of March 2000 by AMD and Intel. Today processors are running at 3.8 GHz or greater speeds that have several processors.

What is next following GHz?

SOLVED: Given: h-6.626*10-3 J*s, €-2.998*108 m/s Ry-1.097*107 m-1 Complete  the following table: (refer to the electromagnetic spectrum on the next  page Wavelength Frequency Energy 2.34 nm 3.250 GHz 0.024 pJ Type of

In determining the frequency (speed) of the processor (central processor) There aren’t any processors that have speeds greater than GHz. But, when measuring other frequencies, THz (terahertz)

What is the first thing that happens before GHz?

If you are measuring speed (speed) of central processing unit (central processor), kHz (kilohertz) comes before MHz.

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