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GeForce Experience: how to download, record gameplay and update your drivers

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Nvidia GeForce experience is more than a convenient piece of software. It’s also extremely powerful and can make your life easier. This guide explains how to download Nvidia GeForce Experience, record gameplay, and update your drivers. It has evolved significantly over the years.

GeForce Experience is the companion application for the best Nvidia GeForce graphic cards. It allows you to optimize your game settings and keep your drivers up-to-date. It also lets you share your gaming highlights quickly with friends.

The GeForce Experience is installed automatically when you download drivers for your Nvidia graphics card. This is great because it means you don’t have to do any additional work. Next, you need to learn how to use it.

GeForce Experience, when paired with the top gaming PC can provide a lot more value. It gives you access to a framerate counter in the top-left corner of your screen, allows you to download new drivers, and records your gameplay.


Below you will find all the information you need to get the GeForce Experience to its full potential. You can also download the drivers if they didn’t come with your GeForce Experience. Before we get started, though, it is important to know that this software will only work with Nvidia GPUs. If you don’t have one of the most powerful AMD graphics cards you are out of luck.

GeForce Experience: How do you download it?

You can manually download Nvidia’s GeForce Experience if your graphics driver doesn’t have it. You can simply go to the GeForce Experience page, , and click on ‘Download Now.

After it has finished downloading, you can run the GeForce Experience.exe file to begin its installation. After the program has been installed, you will need to either create an Nvidia account or log in with your current one. If you don’t already have an account, you can quickly create one by signing in to either Facebook or Google.

Once you are done, a dialog box will appear prompting to take a tour. We recommend that you go through the entire program if this is your first experience with GeForce Experience. It is not necessary. You can skip this section if you don’t have enough time.

GeForce Experience: How to Install Graphic Drivers

GeForce Experience’s best feature is the fact that you can always find new graphics drivers just a few clicks away. Nvidia will release new graphics drivers every few weeks in response to major game releases. It’s a good idea, therefore, to ensure that your drivers are always up-to-date.

GeForce Experience makes this easy. Open the program and click on the “Drivers” tab. Then click on the “check for new updates” button. GeForce Experience will usually check for updates automatically, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.

You’ll see a message at top of screen indicating that your graphics driver has been updated. If your graphics driver is not up-to-date, you will see a message at the top of the screen that says so and a large green “Download” button beside it. Just click the button and wait for your driver to download. After the driver download is complete, you will see two buttons: “Express Installation”, and “Custom Installation”. We recommend that you use the “Express Installation” option for most users.

It may take you a while to install your driver, depending on the hardware. You might also need to restart your computer after it’s finished. Congratulations! You have successfully updated your graphics card driver.

GeForce Experience: How to optimize your gaming experience

GeForce Experience allows us to download drivers, which is enough to ensure that we have the program running. If you require more reasons, game optimization is another feature you will love. GeForce Experience allows you to optimize your games in a matter of seconds. You can achieve the best combination of performance and visual quality, without having to spend hours figuring out graphics options.

GeForce Experience will automatically scan your computer for any installed PC games. New games will be added to the library as a result. You can also choose to scan your computer manually by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right-hand side and choosing “Scan for Games”.

Simply hover over the game you wish to optimize in your GeForce Experience library and click “Details”. You’ll find all your in-game settings, their current values, and the recommended value for each. Click the “Optimize” button to quickly optimize your game. The software will automatically adjust all settings to the recommended values.

Further refinement of these settings can be done by clicking on the wrench icon. You can choose your resolution, display mode and position on the slider between performance and quality.

To speed up the process if you don’t have the time, click the three vertical dots at the top of the library screen. Then select “Optimize All Games” to make it happen automatically. It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

GeForce Experience: How to record your gameplay

GeForce Experience is the best choice if you’re looking to capture a complete gameplay walkthrough or just a killstreak.

After you are in-game, hit the GeForce Experience hotkey (Alt+Z by default) and the GeForce Experience overlay should appear on your screen. You’ll then see several options.

Nvidia ShadowPlay records the last few minutes of your gameplay whenever you hit a hotkey. Instant Replay allows you to record these last few minutes. To personalize Instant Replay you can access the settings. You can change the length of the recording, quality, frame rate, bitrate, and resolution. We recommend that you leave most settings as they are and change only the recording time. To save a clip of your gameplay to the gallery, just hit Alt+F10.

GeForce Experience can also be used to record your gameplay. You can start recording by clicking the record button in GeForce Experience. You can also use the hotkeys without having to go into the overlay by pressing Alt+F9.

GeForce Experience allows you to stream. You can broadcast your gameplay to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. By clicking on the ‘Broadcast Live’ button and then hitting Settings, you can customize your broadcast settings. Although the settings aren’t as extensive as OBS or XSplit they are still very easy to use. After you have set your stream settings, click ‘Start’ to broadcast.

GeForce Experience allows you to take screenshots. While you can take a screen shot with Alt+F1, if you want to go further, you will need to use photo mode.

By pressing Alt+F1, or by selecting the “Photo mode” option from the GeForce Experience overlay, you can go into photo mode. You can use AI to enhance your screenshots and add filters. Nvidia Ansel technology can be used in some games to allow you to move the camera and capture the best possible image.

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