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Each year, hundreds of videogames are released. So how can you know which games are worth your time and money? Gaming news, reviews, forums, and gaming news are great resources for gamers to keep up with the latest developments in games and make informed decisions about whether they are worth investing in.

The list contains the best gaming news, reviews and websites. They are great for browsing the latest gaming headlines or checking out the quality of a new game.

A Word About Mainstream Gaming Websites

The last ten years have been difficult for video games journalism. Although we won’t go into too much detail, it is clear that many video game websites had to deal with serious ethics violations such as collusion, undisclosed finance, and cronyism.

Gaming websites no longer just focus on quality and gameplay. Another gaming website has expanded its entertainment coverage to include music, movies and television.

The topics discussed should be studied. There are many sites that review games, and there are different quality reviews.

1. Destructoid

Destructoid has something for everyone. Find news about specific games as well as previews of future ones.

This is more than just an information source about gaming. To see Destructoid ranking system, you can click

This is added to by video content, as well as community forums. A solid online video gaming website is available for everyone.

2. GamesRadar+

GamesRadar+ – Another gaming news portal. Here you can see reviews and guides for games on your favorite systems. You can also check out the latest news or reviews

GamesRadar+ doesn’t have the ability to assess how many games are reviewed by other sites. This indicates that staff takes their time and does not rush reviews.

Reviews make it easy to navigate, thanks to a clear PROS/ CONS listing and a summary.

3. Game Informer

Game Informer now has a website. It is a long-running magazine about video games. It’s all about games.

This website offers a refreshingly traditional take on today’s game sites. This is something that very few gaming sites offer these days.

Game Informer, a site for gamers, is managed by gamers. It was built by gamers for gamers.


HTMLcritic will quickly give a score so you can decide if it is worth the effort.

The game’s weighted scoring will be displayed when it is searched. It can range between 1-100.

It is hard to summarize the game’s quality into one number. However, it is a great place for gamers to begin their research.

5. Nintendo Life

This website caters to Nintendo gamers. You can find reviews, news updates, original videos, and much more.


These guides are a standout. There’s so much to it.

You’ll find a warm community through the comments and forums. This site is for Nintendo lovers.


GameSpot: A well-known gaming site that’s worth a visit. You will find the most recent and popular news as well as lists for upcoming games on the homepage.

The site reviews all big and small games across all platforms.

There will be occasional quirks. For example, when the reviewer mentions the fact that they did not play all of the game.

7. Christ-Centered Gamer

A site that is biased towards games can seem strange. Christ Centered Gamer received high praises from concerned gamers that have reviewed it.

This site is free from biases. Both evaluate the game on the basis of its gameplay and controls.

This rating is for people who are not religious. For those who don’t care, the rating will allow you to review each game independently.

This page might not be as popular, but it’s honest with its biases.

Websites that provide user-written games reviews

The websites listed above all offer professional gaming news. However, it’s worth looking at reviews from other gamers.

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