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Games Like Valheim You Can Play

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Open-world adventure RPGs are a lot of fun. Valheim is a new addition to the genre and has gained a lot of popularity. We have the right games for you, whether you are a Valheim player or just looking for open-world survival RPGs. These are 12 games that look like Valheim you can now play.

Valheim Games to be Played in 2022

Valheim’s appeal lies in its detailed mechanics and elegant aesthetics, which are infused with Norse mythology. These are things that exist in multiple games but seldom come together in one game like they do in Valheim.

We did find a number of interesting RPGs and open-world games in our search for games similar to Valheim. You will find that everyone has different tastes in games and your expectations of ‘Valheim alternatives’ may differ from mine. Make sure to read the entire list.

The table of contents below allows you to jump to any description for any game.

1. Do not be afraid to share your love

Don’t Starve Together, the co-op edition of Don’t Starve is a popular version that I have played hundreds of times. This multiplayer edition is a lot more fun than Don’t Starve. Play with your friends or online to find out how you can survive the game. You can also play the game alone, but survival will be difficult.

You can build a base in the game like Valheim. Gather food and resources and explore the area. All the while making sure you don’t get eaten by night creatures.

See Don’t Starve Together [ 14.99]

2. Niffelheim

Niffelheim sounds very similar to Valheim. It also tells the story of a Viking soldier who was killed in battle. But, you are stuck in Niffelheim. Although the game isn’t as open-world as Valheim, it provides a survival-oriented experience. You can collect resources from fallen enemies and craft weapons. Additionally, you must find pieces of the portal that leads to Asgard. This is the place where you are supposed to go after your heroic defeat in battle.

Check out Niffelheim ($19.99)

3. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles isn’t a new game, but it is very popular. It’s a multiplayer survival game that is open-world. You can play with your friends, build your base, and gather resources, much like Valheim. Online, you can play with strangers, join clans, and rule the Exiled Lands.

You can enjoy many Valheim-like experiences in the game. Once you are done with it, you can jump into Conan Exiles to feel right at home.

Check out Conan Exiles ($39.99)

4. Outward

Outward is another open-world RPG that you should check out. This game lets you explore the lands around Aurai. The game isn’t about exploration; it’s survival-oriented. You must ensure that you are able to protect yourself against predators in the wilds and also make sure you have food, water, shelter, and other necessities. You can play the game alone, just like Valheim. However, it will be much more enjoyable if you have a few people to help you and work together.

You should give Outward a chance.

See Outward ( 39.99)

5. Grounded

Although it isn’t Valheim-like in terms of setting and overall theme, this one has similar elements of survival and adventure. This game is an adaptation of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Grounded shrinks you to the size an ant in a garden. Like Valheim, you must explore, build and survive. You also have to defend yourself against insects. You can either play as one player or with friends to survive together.

See Grounded ( $29.99 )


DYSMANTLE, a survival game in post-apocalyptic times where you are the only living person in a world populated by evil and vile creatures, is a survival game. Explore the open world and defeat monsters to claim land and build your base. Craft weapons, armor and trinkets.

You can break 99 percent of the objects in the game, provided you have the right tools. Additionally, you can collect materials to improve your chances of survival. The game has a fascinating story and you must escape the island.


7. Rust

Rust is another game similar to Valheim that I recommend. Rust is a survival game. You must survive hunger, thirst, and cold. You can kill animals and build your base just like Valheim. Additionally, you can make alliances with other players to increase your chances of survival.

Rust will throw you into the game face-first. It’s up you to survive. Your survival will be dependent on your ability to fight the elements and other players that can steal your supplies.

See Rust ( 39.99)

8. The Infected

Did you say you liked zombies? The Infected is a post-apocalyptic horror game that’s a bit like Valheim. For a true survivalist experience, the game includes character hunger, thirst, and body temperature, mechanics. Explore the map and gather resources to build your base. Craft items are also available.

You’ll need to be prepared to weather a harsh winter or scorching summer sun. The Infected is a great game to play if you’re looking for Valheim with zombies or Vambies as they are called in the game.

See The Infected ( $1.399)

9. Terraria

Terraria is a survival sandbox game. It looks very much like Valheim but has many features that are similar to Valheim. You can travel to other worlds to mine resources and then return to your server. You can also buy items from Valheim’s NPC merchant-like NPC.

The raids are another commonality between Terraria, Valheim, and Valheim. Mobs can attack your base in this game. This adds an element of danger to the gameplay. Terraria is a great survival game that Valheim fans will love.

Terraria ( $99.99 )

10. The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a game in which you play as a pilot who crashes lands in Canada after a mysterious flashing of light. Anyone who wants to experience the full, thrilling story of The Long Dark can use the story mode. For survivalists, there’s also a sandbox option.

The Long Dark also uses Permadeath to make things more interesting. Your save files will be deleted if you die during the game. Every decision you make is important and could be the difference between your life and death. You can make tools and gather resources to help you withstand hunger, thirst, or the harsh cold of Northern Canada.

See The Long Dark ( $29)

11. The Forest

You are the only survivor in ‘The Forest’ after a plane crash. You are in a forest full of cannibals. You will be using survival tactics similar to Valheim. Just like Valheim, you will need to gather resources and construct shelters. To survive in the forest and defend yourself against cannibals, you will need to make tools and weapons.

You can also play aggressively, or stealthily to survive. You can live and let life happen.

See The Forest ( $99)

12. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla doesn’t have a survival mode, but it is a game that revolves around Vikings. You can explore an open world in Assassin’s Creed, just as Valheim. Additionally, you can undertake story missions or side missions.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a great game that offers a deeper dive into the Viking world.

Check out Assassin’s Creed Valhalla ($59.99)

These survival games are similar to Valheim

These were 12 games that are similar to Valheim and I recommend you check them out if your interest is in survival games with crafting, building bases, and other mechanics. Many of these games offer similar features to Valheim’s. Some even allow you to play solo, or with co-op friends, while others let you play with strangers online.

Which Valheim alternative game will you play? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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