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Frameworks used by a Hybrid App Development Company

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Mobile applications have become a part of everyone’s daily life. No matter where you are or what you do, if you have a mobile, you must use different mobile applications to interact with the world. Some may help your productivity, while others may be purely for leisure or entertainment.

Now, even businesses and startups are hoping on the application wagon. While a website is an effective platform to inform people about your business, it is not the most interactive platform.

This is why small businesses and startups alike are venturing into the application. A hybrid app development company will take advantage of the proper tools to overcome the challenges posed by the platforms.

However it might sound easy to build a mobile application, but this is often not the case because applications are challenging to manage, and platforms such as IOS and Android do not make it easy to manage an application.

The first challenge is to meet the compliance of these platforms, and by building a hybrid app, you overcome it as you do not have to release the application for downloading on these platforms.

What is a hybrid app?

For those who do not know, a hybrid application is a standard mobile app that can run on all platforms and screen sizes, irrespective of any factors. These applications are not native apps, but they are rather viewed on a web browser. So, in a way, you open these applications on a web browser without having to download them.

These applications have a mix of web and native application components for a seamless experience.

Frameworks used for building hybrid applications

Some of the common frameworks used by ahybrid app development company include:

React Native

It is an open-source platform developed by the Meta group, formerly known as Facebook.

Application developers use the platform to develop for various platforms such as Android, Google TV OS, IOS, Mac Os, Windows, and much more.

The developers can tweak the app on the react framework or use it to create a native application.

This framework uses JavaScript, Java, Python, and C++ coding to build applications. Developers use React Native because it provides smooth transitions in the application and has a responsive UI. Moreover, it is much cheaper and more efficient to create an application on React.

Google Flutter

It is an open-source development kit by Google used for cross-platform app building for Android, Linux, macOS, IOS, and other operating systems through a single codebase.

Since there is no need to write different code for platforms such as web, android, or IOS, developing an application becomes quite easy and faster.


Microsoft owns this platform, and it is another open-source platform only used for building applications for IOS, Android, and Windows with the use of. NET.Xamarin as the base layer.

The base layer of code provided by the platform enables the developer to manage the communication of shared code between various platforms.

A hybrid app development company will use these platforms to provide the best application for your business if you need application development.

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