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Forza Motorsport: everything we know so far

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Forza Motorsport is the eighth entry to this Xbox racing series. Turn 10 Studios is currently developing the Forza Motorsport series. We are getting a better understanding of what to expect.

Forza Motorsport 8 was renamed Forza Motorsport 8. Turn 10 confirmed that this is because the studio wants to revitalize and reinvigorate it. Its title reflects this. Although there is still much to be learned about the game, it will likely serve as a demonstration of the Xbox Series X‘s capabilities and compete with Gran Turismo 7 on .

Turn 10 decided to end the series’ two-year cycle of development in order to achieve this refresh and reinvigoration. Forza Motorsport 7 was the last Forza Motorsport release in 2017. This is the longest time we have gone without a new entry. Turn 10 has spent extra time developing the ForzaTech engine in order to create a truly new-gen racing experience. We hope it’s worth the wait.

Forza Motorsport will not be displayed at Gamescom 2022. It is not on the convention’s floor, and it didn’t make an appearance during Gamescom Open Night Live. There have been many teases and announcements made, but there are more to come.

We are hopeful that Microsoft will soon reveal more about its racing sim rival. Keep reading to learn everything we know about Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport: Cut to the chase

  • What is it? It is the eighth entry in Forza Motorsport’s racing series
  • When can I play it again? Spring 2023
  • What platform can I use to play it? Xbox Series X/S or PC

Forza Motorsport: Release date and platforms

Forza Motorsport will be available in Spring 2023 on Xbox SeriesX, Xbox SeriesS, and PC.

We can expect the game to benefit from new features such as ray-tracing and 120fps, since it is being made for the latest consoles. Although Forza Motorsport is rumored to launch on Xbox One, that has yet to be confirmed.

It will be available on Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as soon as it’s released.

Forza Motorsport: gameplay

Forza Motorsport is a pure racing sim, offering a major update to Forza Motorsport 7. It will be a “huge leap in generation” over previous games. Chris Esaki, Forza Motorsport’s creative director shared details about how Forza Motorsport’s mechanics have changed from Forza Motorsport 7.

“To put things in perspective, the physics changes made since Forza Motorsport 7 to now is greater than those made from [Forza Motor] 4 through [Forza Motor] 7. It’s a massive generational leap towards the game.

Esaki claims that the tire collision model was also updated. Forza Motorsport 7 has had tires that have been in contact with the track surface since the beginning. They were refreshed at 60 cycles per minute (60Hz).

Forza Motorsport now has eight points of contact with track surface. The engine will also refresh at 360 cycles per minute (360Hz). This is a 48x increase in fidelity for a single tire collide. A series of firsts, multiple tire compounds were also confirmed. Esaki stated that tire compounds like hard, medium, and soft will enhance the gameplay and racing strategy and will allow for “exciting new gameplay decisions during races.”

Esaki also stated that Forza Motorsport will need to consider environmental factors. They can make each lap feel unique.

“We are currently working on track temperature and how it affects grip, tire pressure, and tire wear. You can also imagine how weather changes and the new tire wear modeling, as well as the new compounds, will affect your driving and racing experience.

Forza Motorsport trailers

Forza Motorsport got a new trailer during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcases in June 2022. We were able to see how hard Turn10 is pushing the new Xbox hardware for just over one minute.

A breathtaking gameplay demo was shown immediately after the trailer. This demo showed Maple Valley, a fictional circuit. You can see the complete demonstration below, which fully utilizes ray-tracing as well as new dynamic time features.

Forza Motorsport’s world premiere trailer was unveiled at Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase 2020. Although the trailer isn’t very clear, the in-engine footage looks impressive. You can see it below.

Forza Motorsport: playtests

Turn 10 revealed that the Forza feedback panel (opens new tab) is where players will get the next Forza Motorsport. This allows the community to shape the game. You must be at least 18 years old and sign a confidentiality agreement. If you wish to withdraw from the program, you can always opt out of it.

The community received a lot of feedback on the first playtest, which took place May 8, 2021. Chris Esaki, creative director. Esaki stated that the team was “super hyped up and energized” after the playtest. Esaki explained that only a small portion of the game is being tested because Turn 10 receives “critical feedback on specific areas”.

Don’t worry if you missed the first playtest. We expect more playtests to be held in the future. However, we are still waiting on an exact date.

Forza Motorsport: car list

Which vehicle will be featured on the cover of Forza Motorsport? What type of cars are we likely to see? We can only guess how many cars there will be, but we can get an idea based on Forza Motorsport 7, which has a total of 76.

Forza Motorsport 7 had 700 cars and 32 tracks. That’s a remarkable amount. We hope Forza Motorsport can beat this number, even though it’s not certain.

This section will be updated when we have more information about Forza Motorsport’s cars.

Forza Motorsport news and rumors

Forza introduces a corner mastery program

While we wait for Forza Motorsport to announce their next big announcement, Turn 10 gave fans a brief update via a Twitter posting. Turn 10 introduced a “corner mastery” system that allows you to focus your practice sessions on the more difficult corners of a track. You can even compare your corner scores live with other players, so you can compete against them.

Learn more

New trailer and gameplay reveal

A brand new trailer was unveiled at the Bethesda and Xbox showcases, as well as a gameplay demonstration for Forza Motorsport. These trailers give us a detailed look at the latest entry’s use of advanced graphics technologies. You can see them above. Although it’s not clear if there will be more at the Extended Showcase, which takes place on June 14, we don’t rule out seeing them showcase other games.

Xbox One is on the cards

Initially believed to be exclusive to Xbox Series X and S, but leaked images suggest that Forza Motorsport could also be available for Xbox One.

Recently, on r/gamingleaksandrumors (opens in new tab), two pre-release images of Forza Motorsport appeared, said to have been taken in July 2021. The photos aren’t very interesting. They only show a garage and a team trying to start the race. But the most intriguing part is that the images were reportedly taken from an Xbox One.

Although it has been confirmed by a mod on the subreddit, Turn 10 and Microsoft have not officially confirmed it. Separate Forza Motorsport rumors were also circulating around the time. Jez Corden from Windows Central stated in the latest Xbox Two Podcast that the Forza Motorsport was in beta and some influential players had already tried it.

There has never been a mention of an Xbox One version. It’d be surprising if the game takes advantage of newer features like 4k resolution or ray tracing.

DNA of Forza Street will continue to live

Turn 10, a Forza Motorsport developer has announced that the mobile game Forza Street will be shut down starting in spring 2022. Andy Beaudoin (Principal Design Director at Turn 10 Studios) stated that the decision to close Forza Street was made “as the team shifts focus to new and more exciting Forza experiences.” He also said that while it may be hard to say goodbye to Forza Street, “know that its DNA will continue to live on in the next generation of products that we create.”

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