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For Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, the best mansion seeds

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An adventure is a good choice if you’re not interested in speedrunning with the best Minecraft villages seeds, or building base structures in the most city seeds. A raid on a wooded mansion is a great way to get adventurous in Minecraft. These mansions offer a dream location for survival Minecraft players. They are filled with dangerous mobs and hidden traps as well as amazing loots. The mansions in Minecraft are a great place to spawn, depending on your skills and resources. This list of 2021’s best Minecraft Mansion seeds is perfect for skill testing. We have covered everything, from multiple mansions at the spawn to bizarre mansions and glitched locations, in this list. We also cover the best seeds for both Minecraft and Bedrock editions. Let’s get started.

Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (2021).

We have separated the seeds into separate sections for your convenience. The table below shows Java and Bedrock players where they can find the seeds that correspond to their game versions. The Minecraft version 1.7.1 has been used to test the seeds. They should run well on HTML4.1 and higher. To help you locate them, we also provided the coordinates for key locations. This list isn’t ranked so you can load the Minecraft Mansion seed that interests you most.

Best Mansion Seeds For Minecraft Java Edition

These seeds can only be used in the Minecraft Java Edition, which is currently available only to PC gamers. They can’t be used on other platforms or produce the same results. To expand your options, you can install Minecraft J2Edition on ARM-Powered Chromebooks by following the linked guide.

1. Spawn under a Woodland Mansion

This is the first entry on our list of best Minecraft seeds. It focuses on a glitched location for spawning. You spawn within the walls of a woodland home. This means that you’re surrounded on all sides by cobblestone blocks, without the need for any tools.

Some players may find this frustrating but if you can dig through 17 blocks of cobblestone straight up, you will be rewarded with a mansion waiting to be looted. To make your own tools, you can combine the cobblestone and wood from the mansion. Before you make an opening in the mansion, be aware of mob noises. We have provided the coordinates to help you find the best escape route if you don’t feel comfortable entering the mansion. To get there, you’ll need to still break cobblestone.

  • Seed code: 10931311583393626
  • Biomes: Dark Forest, Plains
  • Safest Escape Coordinates: X: 33, Y: 68, Z: 59
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 129, Y: 70, Z: 162
  • Mansion Entry Point Coordinates: X. 26, Y. 89, Z. 57

2. Two Woodland Mansions near a Village

There’s nothing better than seeing one mansion right at spawn. You can also find two mansions next to a village in Minecraft. You can view both mansions simultaneously if your render distance allows. The one nearest to the plains village makes for a great start. The other mansion lies between a ruined portal and a witch’s hut.

This Minecraft seed makes it easier to fight the mobs because there are so many locations around the mansions. You also have many caves and ravines around the mansions that you can use to find important ores.

  • Seed Code -8993723640229201049
  • Biomes – Dark Forests, Plains and Swamp
  • Mansion Coordinates : X 143, Y 63, Z 222
  • Witch Hut Coordinates X 57, 65, Z 67
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates X : 161, Y : 64, Z : 372
  • Village Coordinates: X: -195, Y: 63, Z: 242
  • Mansion Near Village Coordinates: X: -338, Y: 67, Z: 225

3. Woodland Mansion next to Pillager Outpost

If you’re looking for an adventure, this is the best Minecraft seed to try. You will spawn in this world and find enough resources to get you started on your adventure. You can also find iron armor in its chest from the weaponsmith.

The village is located next to a dark forest that is home to a woodland house. While finding your way to the mansion, you’ll need to be aware of a ravine as well as several cave openings. Once you have reached the mansion, head back to the Pillager Outpost. The structure is similar to the one that spawned next to the mansion, making it a great fit into the landscape.

It is nearly impossible to replicate such a world generation, and we were stunned when we first saw it. Be careful, though, as both structures are infested by hostile mobs.

  • Seed Code: 887486024745579716
  • Biomes Plains & Dark Forest
  • Woodland Mansion coordinates:X, Y, 79, Z, 96
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 4, Y: 72, Z: 93
  • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates X: 50,Y: 72,Z: 385

4. Woodland Mansion Village

You might have noticed that villages and mansions often have close proximity to spawning locations. This seed is the next step in their connection. We find a village near our spawning location that has been merged into a wooded mansion. Yes, that’s right!

The mansion is still being attacked by mobs, which makes it an extremely chaotic place to spawn Minecraft seeds. Some houses share walls with the mansion while others are located inside the mansion. The rest of the village is not normal. Some parts are on a hill, while others are in a nearby forest. This makes it possible to see a seed you may never again see.

  • Seed code:-742316170606032774
  • Biomes – Taiga and Dark Forest.
  • Village Coordinates: X: 186, Y: 71, Z: -275
  • Mansion Entrance Coordinates : X 205, 64, Z -351

5. Underground Woodland Mansion

To believe this seed exists, you must first try it. We wouldn’t recommend this seed for survival game mode due to the distance from the spawn point. This is a Woodland Mansion that has the majority of its structure including the underground entrance.

Although the mobs still produce in the same way as regular mansions, you will notice cave generation. You can find a desert village near the mansion that may be able to help you with resources if you attempt to explore it in survival mode. It can take weeks, if not months, to get there if you don’t use cheats.

  • Seed code:-4967193972677765742
  • Biomes: Plains and Dark Forest
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates X : -71071,Y: 70,Z: -62091
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: -70970, Y: 71, Z: -61937

6. Jungle Temple at the Top of Woodland Mansion

is the next seed. This is one of the most valuable Minecraft mansion seeds, in terms of unique resources. We spawn in a vast jungle biome, with a woodland mansion nearby. The Ruined Portal is covered in vines and leaves on one side of this mansion. A Jungle Temple is located on the top of the mansion.

You can still explore the temple as if it were a regular temple, with its treasures and traps intact. The temple is located on the second floor above a small reading area. The temple is not accessible from the mansion so there’s no need to fight the mobs.

  • Seed Code: 1067071636714001342
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Ruined Portal CoordinatesX:151, Y; 69, Z 177
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: 85, Y: 84, Z: 196
  • Entrance to Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X, 14, Y 64, Z 209

Best Mansion Seeds For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Next up on our list of the best Minecraft mansion seeds is the Bedrock edition. These seeds can be used on all versions of Minecraft Bedrock. Although the mobs and overall biome generation may differ on different devices, details and spawn locations will remain consistent with our description.

7. Large Villages Near Woodland Mansion

There are risks involved in entering any woodland mansion. Most Minecraft players don’t explore any woodland mansion before they have the proper resources. This seed gives us all the resources we need to start our adventure. We not only get the mansion, but also two large plains communities near our spawn point.

A bridge connects the village and the woodland mansion across a river. The nearby caves can be explored to search for iron ores, while the village provides wood and food. You can easily take over the mansion if you do your research.

  • Seed Code 1390448415
  • Biomes:Dark Forests and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 65, Z: 120
  • Second Village Coordinates X : 456, Y : 64, Z : 168
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates X: 248, Y: 66 and Z : 264

8. Sea Mansion

This seed will spawn you on a small island at the bottom of the ocean. There are many cold ruins around where you can find resources. However, this Minecraft mansion seed’s main focus is not on that.

You can find a house on an island if you move a few hundred yards from the spawn. Most mansions are built on large, non-island land that has no forest for about a dozen blocks. This seed will give you an unusual seaside home, which looks amazing. You will need to travel or teleport to get there. To travel more quickly in this world, we recommend building a boat in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code-1844207646
  • Ocean: Biomes
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X -720, Y 66, Z 707

9. Village Mansion

Minecraft Java players can have a village in the mansion. Bedrock players, on the contrary, have a rare mansion that spawns inside a village. The villagers are more vulnerable to being attacked by hostile mobs than normal, as you can see. The village also has a library and a weaponsmith. It also has an armorer, a cartographer, and farmers.

This area is a great place to find resources because of the variety of villager types. To defeat hostile mobs, you can even take an iron golem inside the mansion. This Minecraft mansion seed has one drawback. You won’t be able to get to this location at spawn. Instead, you will need to travel to the coordinates below. The location is also close to a pillager outpost, which makes it even more attractive.

  • Seed Code -1482616611
  • Biomes Swamp, Taiga, and Plains
  • Village Woodland Mansion Coordinates : (X: 1829; Y: 72; Z: -1960)
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 1656, Y: 72, Z: -2024

10. Ruined Portal in Woodland Mansion

There are two reasons why the next seed on our list for best Minecraft woodland seeds is so good. It contains a Woodland Mansion, which is located near our spawn point. This rare type of mansion is also included. The Ruined Portal is located on the second floor. It contains a chest and spawns in a small library.

These portals usually spawn at lower world heights, either at ocean or ground level. In survival mode, it is not wise to enter the mansion directly to view this location. Before you make your move, you can gather resources from the nearby witch-hunt or plains village. This seed also has a bonus feature. You can also find a village very close to a pillager post if you look on the other side of your spawn.

  • Seed Code 206378771
  • BiomesDark Forests, Plains, and Swamp
  • Ruined Portal Within Mansion Coordinates X: 247,Y: 77,Z: 376
  • Nearby Village Coordinates:X, 504, Y 72, Z 568
  • Witch Hut Coordinates X : 680,Y : 77,Z : -168
  • Pillager Outpost Village Coordinates: X: 456, Y: 68, Z: -744

11. Tall Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansions are famous for their huge size. But this seed aims at making them iconic. We spawn close to a swamp biome with a witch house. Once you cross the swamp, is the highest Woodland Mansion ever built in Minecraft.

At 122 blocks high, the highest block in this woodland mansion can be found. It creates amazing scenery and is located right next to our spawn point. Although there are many other seeds that have tall mansions, most are for Java or older versions of the game. You can also find many caves and ravines in the area, other than the mansion. This seed has a large ravine right next to the witch’s hut.

  • Seed Code 2033394339393939393939393939393939
  • Biomes Dark Forests, Plains and Forests, Forests, and Swamps
  • Witch Hut Coordinates X 280, Y 78, and Z: 40
  • Woodland Mansion Entrance Coordinates X, Y, 91, Z, 81
  • Woodland Mansion Rooftop Coordinates X, Y, 122, Z 83

12. Mushroom Mansion

The mushroom fields are the safest Minecraft biomes. Because of the game’s design, no hostile mobs can spawn there, even at night. Although these fields are very rare, they can be found and used to build bases. You can also stay there overnight without worrying. This seed is included in the list because it has a purpose. This seed might have a slightly different look.

The Woodland Mansion is the final entry on this list of top Minecraft mansion seeds. It’s located next to a mushroom farm. Although it is not near our spawn, the location is worth exploring. To help you find resources for your journey, there is a witch hunt, a taiga village, and a plains village close to spawn.

  • Seed Code-1258993757
  • Biomes Forests, Plains and Mountains, Mountains, Swamp
  • Witch Hut Coordinates X : 776,Y : 78,Z : 280
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: 536, Y: 68, Z: -328
  • Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 1336, Y: 69, Z: 88
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates X -1688,Y:77,Z: 392

The Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds That You Must Try

These best mansion seeds for Minecraft will allow you to explore the boundaries of Minecraft’s adventure. We have also put together a list of the best Minecraft modpacks to help you unlock new worlds. To use mods in Minecraft, you must install Forge. These 5 best Discord Servers for Minecraft are great for discovering new players and exploring worlds together. You should also remember that some of the most powerful Minecraft seeds can be quite heavy on your system. Optimizing Minecraft with Optifine is a smart investment. This is for later. Now, get out your games and get exploring the best mansion seed ideas. You can share more fun seeds with us in the comments section if you have any.

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