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Five sites where you can download old PC games for free

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The number of free games available to modern gamers is unrivaled. Many popular online games offer free play to their users. You can find free games in Steam and on your mobile device.

You don’t necessarily need the most recent AAA title or the best battle royale. You just want to satisfy your nostalgia cravings. There are many websites that focus on this very thing: preservation and love for old games. These are the top sites to download old PC games free of charge.

1. Abandonia

Abandonia is an abandonware index “dedicated classic DOS games.” Abandonware titles are software or titles with expired copyrights. What’s abandonware?

Abandonia was established in 1999, when abandonware was just two years old. Abandonia grew over the years to become one of the most popular sites for downloading your old favorite games. Abandonia boasts nearly 1,400 games and more than 800,000 members at the time of writing.

Abandonia reviews each abandonware game and provides screenshots as well as an editor and rating. You can search and download older PC games by year, rating, category, and name. The site is primarily DOS-oriented, so you won’t be able to find any “newer” abandonware, but the large DOS archive should provide enough for most of your old gaming needs.

2. Abandonware Dos

Abandonware Dos, another abandonware website, focuses on–you guessed right–old DOS gaming. You will also find a decent selection of Windows titles here, although nothing that is particularly recent. It taper off around 2002. You can still grab Sid Meier’s SimGolf or Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. However, there are also some new titles starting to appear.

Abandonware Dos also has a lot of activity. Each title includes a title rating, title specification (e.g. abandonware, protected status freeware), release date and screenshots. There is also a video play-through of the game and some other information.

There are also helpful articles and lists that will help you find the best games to download.

Abandonware Does is open about its status as an abandonware site. This is what I love about it. Site owners clearly state their compliance with take down notices. The site also features direct links to Google.com. These links can be found on the website’s direct game page as well as the featured titles.

It can be difficult to keep track how many titles you have once you’ve started building your abandonware library. If this sounds familiar, you can check these video game launchers which allow you to add the titles that you wish to play.

3. RGB Classic Games

RGB Classic Games offers a variety of classic DOS games as well as previously unreleased DOS titles. This site “is dedicated to preserving classic games on defunct operating systems”, such as DOS and CP/M-86. It also makes them easy to use on modern systems. If you are looking for old DOS games, RGB Classic Games may be the right choice.

Searches can be made using operating system and genre. You can also search by company name, legal status and year released. And, of course, you can search for games in video mode. You can also play many titles via a site-hosted emulator thanks to RGB Classic Games.

Some of the most beloved old games are still worth playing. For another nostalgic trip, check out the best older games still worth playing.

4. My Abandonware

My Abandonware allows you to download both old PC games and some of the latest additions to the abandonware collection.

Listings for more than 15,000 titles are available, including some “very rare titles found deep web” and “some sent in by our amazing visitors”. My Abandonware is maintained by a small group of volunteers. They make updates and improvements to the site and add new titles, abandoned games, DOS games and other items.

The range of search options is one of the most important features of My Abandonware. Searches can be made using the year of publication, game platform, genre and theme, as well as a developer’s name. You can explore other titles by the same developer team if you find a title you like. There are also some DOS games available for download.

5. Games Nostalgia

Games Nostalgia concludes our journey through your childhood. Games Nostalgia has hundreds of great games that were released between 1985 and 1995. Games Nostalgia is simple to use. You can browse games by tags, genres, new arrivals and popularity.

Games Nostalgia goes an extra mile and packages each game in its own emulator. This emulator is available for Windows, as well as in many cases macOS. Games Nostalgia takes out all the hassles of playing your old favorites. You can download and unzip the files, then start playing. Each abandonware game is neatly packed in a container, which makes it easier to play.

Honorable Mention: Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to protecting one of the most fundamental tenets behind the internet: universal accessibility to all knowledge. The Internet Archive recognizes the importance of protecting old video games.

The Internet Archive introduced 900 classic arcade games directly to our browsers in 2014. It preserves and promotes some of the finest. The Internet Archive declared that it would preserve more than 2,300 classic DOS DOS games a year later.

The classic titles cannot be downloaded. The Internet Archive does have an integrated version DOSBox so you can play all the games from your browser. Did you find a title that you like? Save it! You can also add the page as a bookmark to your desktop. It will be there in a click.

What are the best PC games?

There are many great old PC games. It’s difficult to find the time to play all of them. Retro gaming and abandonware keep these old gems alive. The ease of downloading and playing old PC games is a key part of their resurgence. It’s now easier than ever for you to download your favorite games and use emulators from sites like Games Nostalgia.

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