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First Look: The 2019 Alienware Aurora R9 Is a Sci-Fi-Styled Powerhouse

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The Alienware Aurora R9 is the latest version of the company’s top-quality gaming desktop for those who are interested. Starting at $969.99 it is possible to get an Aurora R9 for a price that isn’t expensive If you do have the money the Aurora R9 is a perpetual upgrade. It is able to be set up using the most powerful components available available, which include Nvidia, Intel, and AMD options. The Case Its features are interesting and design cues in addition. Its Aurora R9 will be available on August 20th, but we were able to take a look at an event that was a preview in New York, so check out the images, specifications and impressions below.

Meet the New Aurora

The Aurora R9’s look is unique and distinctive. It’s style is similar to that of the company’s new laptops, and has the sleekest and most sci-fi-inspired look than earlier models. It’s a matter of taste however, Alienware did an excellent job in nailing the futuristic, spaceship-like design that wouldn’t look inappropriate for Mass Effect.

It’s an extremely compact package. It might not be immediately apparent how thin and small this Aurora R9 is from a photograph, but it’s surprisingly thin. The dimensions are 18.9 in by 8.77 17.7 inches. It’s not too deep or tall However, the slimness is its most appealing feature. This not only saves space however, it also looks sleek and contemporary.

Alluring LED: Alienware’s New Favorite Flair

The most striking highlights can be the circular LED that’s on one of the panels on the side. As with the overall look these LEDs are reminiscent of Alienware’s new laptops. The lighting is adjustable also, meaning that you’re not restricted to blue if it’s not your choice. This is in contrast to that of the Dell G5, a budget gaming tower that Dell unveiled along with Aurora R9. Aurora R9 that can only be lit by its darker blue hue. This may not be a major thing, but it’s definitely one of the features that distinguish the more expensive Aurora from its cheaper rival.

‘Lunar Light’ Exclusive Lighting

The right-hand side of the case houses the brand-name etching and the Alienware logo LEDs that light up toward the rear. My opinion is that it’s a better method of putting the brand’s name on the case, at least in comparison to the other more extravagant designs I’ve seen. Be aware that the Alienware light source for text is available only in that light white “Lunar Light” color–it’s omitted on the grey “Dark Side of the Moon” color selection. The pricing listed earlier applies to Dark Side of the Moon since you can see that the Lunar Light adds a price an additional charge for this adjustable lighting zone.

Function-First Interior

The process of removing the door from it Aurora R9 is easy, however, what lies beneath is quite a surprise. For a desktop that is more expensive interior, it’s not as impressive and even a bit dirty. It’s more like the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop It puts function ahead of design, and has a boring interior. Even the more affordable Dell G5 offers an optional window with a clean and tidy interior.

This is logical given the size of the chassis. This system is supposed to purchase the components, plug them in, and then play while taking in the exterior and performance. There are some innovative elements inside the interior. The silver case houses the power supply and it opens so it’s possible to access the components below. It’s been done before, but it’s an effective method to reduce space and is very simple to use.

Component Choices: A Wide Range of Power

If you move your arm out then the remaining parts are reachable. Dell provides a wide selection of options for configurations. As I said that you can choose the basic Aurora R9, but it is also scalable to include the top of consumer electronics.

In terms of graphics you have the option of choosing between Nvidia or AMD although there are plenty of choices for AMD. The Nvidia GPUs vary from the GTX 1650 from the extremely expensive RTX 2080 Ti There are five options with five options. You could even choose two RTX 2080 graphics cards. For AMD the options are two fairly new Radeon GPUs that include they are the RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT. The CPU is Intel offering a wide choice of choices including the Core i3-9100, up to the top of the line Core 9900K, which has Core I5 and i7 options between.

You can select practically any combination of storage that you can choose from a single compact or large solid-state drive or HDD for a dual-drive system that can accommodate up to 2TB M.2 SSD and a similarly large HDD. In the same way, memory capacity ranges from 8GB to 64GB and it even comes with Intel Optane accelerated options.

Don’t Forget the Front Ports

In the glitter that is the LED ring is the important ports on the front panel. Due to the layout of the system the ports are all vertically aligned. There are the two USB 3.1 ports and a USB-C port and headphones connectors. It’s not a lot however it’s nice to have USB-C in the. On the other side, there’s an average set of ports for desktops, however there are plenty of them. They include a USB-C port and the four USB 3.1 ports and five USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet connector and an Ethernet jack, a DisplayPort connection, as well as audio lines.

A Futuristic Gaming Desktop

Overall overall, the Aurora R9 is an attractive and contemporary gaming desktop at the very least on its outside. I like the design but whether or not you’ll like to have the R9 in your home space is based on your preferences. However, it’s compact and offers an array of components which could result in wildly different quality and price. We’ll need be patient until the review models are in stock to put the components to the test, so keep an eye on.

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