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Far Cry 6 review

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This past decade has seen the Far Cry series in a bit more of a slump. Far Cry Primal, and Far Cry New Dawn was middling spin-offs. Far Cry 5 was a disappointing sequel due to its uninspiring setting.

Far Cry 6 returns Far Cry to its exotic roots, with the fictional Caribbean island called Yara. Yara, a beautiful place to explore, is rife in charming little towns and jungles. However, Anton Castillo, the dictator, keeps it under lock and key. Far Cry 6 would not be Far Cry without a comically evil head to overthrow.

Far Cry 6’s emphasis on guerrilla warfare is emphasized, making it feel like Far Cry 6’s underdogs. This makes Far Cry 6 a satisfying game to play, as you strive towards eliminating the enemy.

Far Cry 6 doesn’t reinvent anything, however, and it can still become repetitive over long sessions. However, it presents the series’ gameplay loop more compellingly than ever.

  • What is it? It is the sixth entry in Ubisoft’s open-world shooter franchise.
  • When can I play it again? October 7, 2021
  • It can be played on what? PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S.
  • Price: $59.99 / PS59.99 / AU$99.95

Many a Yaran is true

  • A simple story with great characters
  • Secondary antagonists are disappointingly unremarkable
  • Anton Castillo is probably the most evil villain in the series

Far Cry 6 casts players as Dani Rojas, a native Yaran who dreams of fleeing Castillo’s oppressive regime to the sunny shores in Miami, Florida.

After selecting your gender for Dani they have the opportunity to escape the game’s intro section. However, after they fail to escape, they end up on a distant beach as the only survivor. They are immediately ushered into Libertad, an army of freedom fighters whose goal is to overthrow Castillo.

Here is where the game begins. Dani can embark from Libertad HQ and tackle each section in any order that they choose. Each area has its own revolutionaries, which are surprisingly well-liked.

El Tigre from The Legends is a particularly memorable character. He’s an eccentric old man who has reached his peak but still hopes for revolution. Philly, an explosives-obsessed character, is another highlight. His excellent performance perfectly captures the character’s unpredictable nature.

Castillo’s goons are less convincing. Every one of Castillo’s subordinates, including his nephew Jose or the Canadian corporatist Sean McKay, is cartoonishly evil. They are easy to hate, yes, but their unrealized nature is far less than the more complex Anton Castillo.

Anton Castillo is the most feared Far Cry villain. Anton’s cold, calculated demeanor is refreshingly different from the series’ eccentric baddies like Vaas and Pagan Min. Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad The Mandalorian), lends his voice and face to the character.

Esposito clearly loved the role. His every word was filled with contempt for all those around him, except for Diego, who becomes Far Cry 6’s most interesting character. He walks a fine line between accepting his father’s wishes and sympathizing with the revolutionaries who wish to end the dictator’s rule.

Viva Libertad

  • Large selection of fun weapons
  • Supremos have a wonderful chaotic
  • Some “Resolver” weapons are more powerful than others

Far Cry 6 is a far cry 6 that takes the series’ sandbox-style gameplay to the next level. Castillo encourages players to use whatever weapons they have at their disposal to defeat the game’s guerrilla warfare emphasis.

Although stealth is still an option, it is not the best. Far Cry 6 doesn’t want to encourage you to do this. Far Cry 6 offers a wide range of weapons that can be very difficult to refuse.

Combat in Far Cry 6 has been greatly enhanced by the addition of Supremo and Resolver weapons. The first is made-up weapons that can be thrown together with common objects. One example is the Resolver weapon, which can be used as a literal nail gun to target unarmored targets. Another is a slot machine that can be converted into a firework launcher. You can fire one or all nine at once to destroy vehicles such as tanks and helicopters.

As if we had just waved a lighter into their faces.

The devastatingly powerful Supremos are more effective in combat. These backpacks act as Dani’s ultimate ability and can be recharged over time or by killing more foes. It’s always great to have Supremos. The Supremo default fires a slew of homing missiles, which is great for taking down aerial threats. Some others generate healing fields, EMP blasts, or a literal ring of fire that’s great for crowd control. Supremos can be a great addition to Far Cry. They can also help in chaotic assaults.

Dani can bring up to three primary weapons with her into battle. They also have a Supremo sidearm and a few throwables such as pipe bombs and knives. Dani can fight with no ease. However, they will have access to Rides which allows them to customize their vehicles with countermeasures, turrets, and other defensive options. You can also customize your Supremos and Rides with various paint schemes, charms, and other items, so you can bring the revolution to life.

Amigos are unlockable animal friends who make a return in Far Cry 5. They round out your combat options. These are rare and hard to find.

Dani can bring a lot of defense to any battle. Dani can have gear for his head, chest, and legs. Each piece of gear has unique perks that give him an advantage in combat. You can increase your default speed or protect yourself against certain types of damage by equipping some pieces of gear.

You may find it tedious to mix and match gear perks depending on the situation. However, once you have enough clothing you will likely find a build you like across all encounters. If you wish to make your guerrilla fighter look fashionable, you can change the appearance of your gear. This is possible with Far Cry 6’s great photo mode.

Adventure Island

  • Yara is Far Cry’s best map
  • There are tons of things to do
  • Side jobs can still be repetitive

The island of Yara, in true Far Cry style, is absolutely breathtaking. The beautiful views and abundant flora of the island make it a delight to explore, regardless of where you start your revolution.

Yara is divided into sections. Each section has its own difficulty, determined by the recommended Rank. This is similar to the scaling difficulty in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. There are secondary objectives in each section that you can seek out. These are mainly military bases or checkpoints that Dani can overthrow. This will give Dani a fast travel point to the location and bonus rewards such as a new weapon, cosmetic, or other goodies.

Although it can be tedious to take out checkpoints and bases, it is a satisfying experience. This, along with smaller objectives such as intercepting supply drops or taking out anti-aircraft weapons, makes the map more secure and gives Dani the resources she needs to create even more weapons and tools.

Checkpoints are funny because once they’re captured, enemy soldiers will arrive at the spot in large numbers via trucks, cars, and tanks. You’ll almost always see a massive pile-up at any checkpoint if you stay for long enough.

Castillo and his troops are not the only things that Yara has to offer. This island paradise is undoubtedly Ubisoft’s most fully realized open world, and there is always something new around every corner.

Treasure Hunts are a great way to satisfy this hunger for exploration. They are a miniature puzzle in Far Cry 5 and can be used to guide you down some amazing rabbit holes.

Far Cry 6 also encourages you to go off the beaten path. Your minimap shows nearby collectibles, which means that you could find your next favorite weapon or piece if clothing in close proximity.

We love fishing minigames and were happy to see that Far Cry 6 has fishing as well. Although fishing and hunting are optional, they can produce resources that can be used at camp to make more useful materials. This will allow Dani to craft more powerful gear.

Yara may be the most well-designed open world that Ubisoft has ever created, but it is easy to fall prey to Ubisoft fatigue. Longer play sessions can make it tedious to tick off all the objectives on the vast map, which can often turn the game into a checkbox simulator.

Far Cry 6 can be compared to fast food. While it’s quick and satisfying, you can feel tired if you play for too long. Far Cry 6 offers players an incredible value regardless of their level of play.

Jewel of the Caribbean

  • A visually striking game
  • Great soundtrack and sound design
  • Excellent, robust accessibility options

Far Cry 6 is an amazing title. Yara, as mentioned above, is an incredibly beautiful area to explore. You can turn any area of the island paradise into stunning screenshots by using the photo mode.

Far Cry 6’s particle effects remain excellent, as always. Although explosions are powerful both visually and audibly they seem to be a bit more subtle than fire effects. The game’s smoke effects are more impressive, particularly when they are emitted by barrels of poison that emit a mesmerizing plume of crimson smoke.

Far Cry 6 ran almost flawlessly on Xbox Series X at 4K resolution. It also ran at 60fps. We did notice a slight lag in performance and one instance where the game stopped for a few seconds but these were not significant issues.

One strange performance issue on Xbox Series X did occur. It caused the game to drop to 30fps when it was fast-traveling to a camp. Even though the problem was not resolved after leaving the camp it was still present. However, Far Cry 6 was able to resolve the issue. We hope this strange problem is fixed soon after launch.

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