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Factory Reset Google WiFi

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Are you having problems with your Google WiFi network? Or are you looking to sell your Google wifi router/access points?

Google may also ask you to delete any data stored on your device in order to make use of its cloud services.

The Google WiFi should be factory reset in any case.

Hold down the reset button for 10 seconds. Or, you can open the Google Home app and navigate to Settings > Nest WiFi > Factory Reset. This will make Google WiFi factory reset and wipe all data.

It can take up to 10 minutes for the factory reset process. After 10 minutes, your Google WiFi will be re-set.

Google WiFi network reset factory

You can factory reset your Google WiFi Network using two methods

  • To reset your Google WiFi device, first press the reset button.
  • You can complete this second step entirely in Google Home.

Follow the Google Home app process to factory reset your Google WiFi. You can also delete any data stored for Google cloud services.

Factory reset using the button located at the bottom of the router

First, flip your router upside down and locate a reset button.

NOTE: This button can be difficult to locate.

The reset button should be held down for at least ten seconds. After the router’s indicator lights flash, they will turn yellow.

Once the router indicator light has turned solid yellow, you can press the reset button and begin the reset process.

The router’s reset button flashes yellow for at most 15 seconds before it stops working.

The yellow indicator lights that appear on your Google WiFi router’s connected devices will indicate that a factory reboot is taking place.

DO NOT unplug any Google Wi-Fi devices during the rest!

The first reset is done by the Google Nest WiFi points. The reset tone will be played to let them know that the process is completed.

When your First Gen WiFi router has been integrated into your Google WiFi mesh network, will see a change in its status from solid blue to pulsed green after approximately 10 minutes.

Your WiFi setup will be ready after the factory reset.

There’s no factory reset button at bottom of the router

Do not panic if your Google WiFi router does not have a factory reset button.

Unplug your power cord from the Google WiFi router.

If the router isn’t plugged in, hold down the button on the SIDE. Hold this button until you plug in your router power supply.

After plugging the router in, the indicator light should go white. Continue pressing the button for at least 10-15 seconds.

The router indicator light should eventually blink blue. Now you can stop pressing the button.

Your router will start flashing blue again after a while. After a while, your router will flash blue again.

After 10 minutes, your router will be factory reset. Now you can add your router back to Google Home.

Factory reset using the Google Home app

This is the best method to reset Google WiFi factory settings.

This will not only restore your Google WiFi network to factory defaults but also erase all data collected to enable you to use Google cloud services.

Open the Google Home app and select Settings.

Scroll down and select Factory Configuration. The following message will be displayed:

Select Yes when you’re ready

Now, your Google WiFi network will factory reset. It can take several minutes.

Refresh Google Home’s home screen. You should not see the devices that make up your Google WiFi mesh networks.

Your devices’ indicator lights should change to show that they have been reset.

In about 10 minutes, you should be able to set up your Google WiFi once again.

Factory reset one Google Wi-Fi point

These factory-reset options will reset all Google WiFi devices to their factory settings.

How do you factory reset a WiFi point but not the router?

There may be issues with your WiFi point.

It’s easy.

Turn the WiFi point upside down and locate the reset button underneath. Press the reset button to cancel. “

Press the reset button until you hear a sound. Your device will be reset to its factory settings.

This should take about 2 minutes. Don’t unplug your device during resetting.

Your WiFi point indicator light will begin pulsing and eventually, you’ll hear a message asking to “Get started setting your WiFi points”.

Reasons to Factory Setup Your Google WiFi

Now you know how to reset Google WiFi factory settings. But how do you know?

There are many reasons to reset Google WiFi.

  • Do you have WiFi issues that cannot be solved by other methods?
  • You’re considering giving away or selling the device.
  • Return to the device
  • All data on your device must be deleted
  • Start the setup process again to create a new device

If you experience WiFi connectivity problems, it is most likely.

A factory restart can reset everything and fix many problems.

A factory reset and a reboot are two different things.

There is a big difference between a factory reset and a reboot/restart.

Rebooting is simply a way to reboot your system, without changing any configuration.

A factory reset is a way to restore a system to its original configuration.

All settings you’ve modified or altered during a factory restart will be lost. This resets all data and lets you start over.

Sometimes, a reboot/restart is a better way than a factory reset. Reboots can solve many problems and don’t delete any settings.

A reboot will save you from having to start over.

To reboot/restart Google WiFi, unplug your router for at minimum of 60 seconds

Plug it in again after waiting at least 60 seconds.

After the time has expired, connect your Google WiFi router too.


Factory resetting Google WiFi is possible in two ways:

  1. Press and hold the reset button on the side or bottom of your Google WiFi router/access point.
  2. Open Google Home, and then go to Settings > Nest WiFi > Factory Reset. This will reset Google WiFi factory settings and delete all data.

A factory restart is different from a reboot/restart.

Reboot/restart can be used to reset your Google WiFi. This doesn’t require any configuration changes and will reset your device to its original settings on the date it was purchased.

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