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Facebook symbol meanings explained (and how you can use them correctly)

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Facebook’s symbol set can be confusing, particularly for new users.

This article will discuss the meaning of each symbol. We’ll be covering everything from the Like button, to all symbols you’ll see, including icons in Facebook menus and symbols for your status updates.

Simple Facebook Symbols

The icons below are the most used on Facebook. People will know them well if they use Facebook frequently.

The Facebook logo’s central image is the “Like” icon. Use this button to let other people know.

Facebook expanded the Like buttons so that they can include other symbols and reactions like Love Care,

To change to one of these reaction icons hover over the Like icon or hold down the Like button in Facebook. Choose the reaction that you like and click on the link.

These symbols allow you to express your feelings regarding the post.

Facebook can have many symbols beyond the icons at the top.

Three icons are included in this section.

The first page opens with a menu which allows you to search local events and find friends. You can also create stories, pages, pages or ads.


This link will take you to Facebook Messenger. You can reach your friends by DM.

All your Facebook notifications are displayed by the bell icon.

This button opens a dropdown menu that will allow you to access all settings on Facebook.

These icons are used to create new posts, update statuses or add to existing posts.

Below the text box, there are some symbols. An icon lets you add a photo, or a movie to your posts. It also allows you to tag friends in your posts.

The ellipsis will take you to all of your options for creating posts on Facebook.

The Emoji buttons are located next to the Emoji buttons. Emojis can also be added to posts.

Scroll down to Feeling/Activity and you’ll find a list of Emojis that appear to be the same. Choose what you’re doing.

Clicking any of these links will open up more information.

Managing Facebook Comments

It is also important to consider the symbols associated with posts. To do this, click the ellipsis at the upper left corner for a window that contains a posting window.

Depending upon where the post was made and from whom it was sent, there may be different options.

You can see the choices in the following example.

  • Pin This will allow you to pin this article at the top of your site so that people can see it first.
  • Save Post This will save the post in a hidden folder which only you can see.
  • Edit My Post You can modify your post, add multimedia and alter the text.
  • Edit Audience. You have the option to change who is able to see this posting.
  • Toggle Notifications
  • Switch off Translations This disables Facebook’s Language feature.
  • Edit Day By using this option, you can change the day and hour of the posting.
  • Archive This will clear the post from your timeline, but it won’t be deleted completely.
  • Scrap Facebook will remove your post immediately.

These icons also include the Audience icons. Which symbols are these?

  • Globe You can make your posts online accessible to anyone.
  • Two people (Friends) – All your friends can see your posts
  • 2 Persons, 1 Ghosted (Friends except).
  • for One (Specific Friends). Show your posts only to certain friends.
  • Lock – Only Me: You Are The Only One Who Can See The Post.
  • Gear – Add or remove friends so they can see your post

It’s easy to change the privacy settings on any Facebook post.

Additional Facebook Symbols

Facebook regulars will recognize these icons. There are four icons located in the left navigation.

This area is Facebook’s navigation. These are some alternatives:

  • Make Friends. Connect with Facebook friends.
  • Join the Facebook Intro Tour.
  • Groups: Find groups to join Facebook.
  • View all other Facebook users that have created content.
  • Memories Now you can look back at the posts from a year ago, two or three years before that.
  • Saving – See your Facebook post collection.
  • – Search pages for your favorite brands and hobbies.
  • Events. You can find events near you.
  • Latest: See what you have seen or interacted with recently.

Facebook has so much potential!

  • Ads. Manage all Facebook ads campaigns.
  • Donations: Zuckerberg would love your blood. It’s for good causes.
  • Campus – for college students using Facebook.
  • Climate Science Center Information about climate change.
  • Community Assistance – For those who want to learn more about the platform and how to behave.
  • CoVID-19 Information Center The COVID-19 Information Center has the most up-to-date information about coronavirus local and global.
  • Emotional well-being: Facebook is the digital portal for wellbeing.
  • FacebookPay You can use Facebook’s payment service to make payments.
  • Your Favorite Pages: Stay connected with your Favorite people and pages
  • Fundraisers – The GoFundMe Of Facebook.
  • GamingVideo: Play live on Facebook.
  • Black Voices Facebook, its involvement in Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • LiveVideos is the source of all your Facebook Live videos.
  • Messenger: Facebook’s Messenger app.
  • Oculus Virtual Reality Experience in the World of Social Media.
  • You can play some Facebook games.
  • Town Hall Get involved on the political scene of your community.
  • Voting Information Centre. Find out how you can vote in your locality.
  • Weather To get local weather information.
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