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Exactly How to Count Characters in Word

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You can watch your Word paper’s personality depend on your desktop computer as well as smart phones by accessing the application’s “Review” tab as well as picking the “Word Count” alternative. In Word for Windows as well as Mac, you can additionally include the personality counter to the application’s condition bar.

Microsoft Word makes it incredibly very easy to count the variety of personalities in your papers. You can utilize the condition bar or the specialized Word Count alternative to watch that info. Right here’s just how to do that on your Windows, Mac, the internet, apple iphone, iPad, or Android tool.

By default, Word presents the personality matter for your whole paper. If you would certainly such as to discover the matter for particular message, after that prior to making use of the approaches listed below, choose as well as emphasize that message in your paper.

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Check the Character Count in Word’s Desktop App

In Word’s application for Windows as well as Mac, you can discover the character count using the status bar or the Word Count option. Here’s how to use both options.

Using the Status Bar

The status bar is the bar that appears at the bottom of a Word window. This bar already displays the total word count for your document, and you can edit it to display the character count as well.

To do that, open your document with Word. Then, right-click the status bar at the bottom and choose “Character Count (With Spaces).”

Select "Character Count (With Spaces)" in the menu.

You’ll now see your current document’s character count in the status bar.

Character count in Word's status bar.

To see how many characters are in a specific section of text, highlight that text and then look at the character count again.

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Using the Word Count Tool

Another way to check your document’s character count is by using the Word Count option in the Word’s ribbon. This option displays other information as well, such as the total word count, paragraph count, line count, and more.

To use it, while your document is open, select the “Review” tab from Word’s ribbon at the top.

On the “Review” tab, in the “Proofing” section, click “Word Count.”

Select "Word Count."

A “Word Count” window will open. Here, you’ll find your current character count as well as other counts.

Character count in Word's "Word Count" window.

View the Letter Count in Word’s Web App

Finding the character count in Word‘s web app is also easy. To do that, open your preferred desktop web browser, launch Word, as well as gain access to your paper.

On your paper display, in Word’s bow on top, choose the “Review” tab.

Choose the "Review" tab at the top.

On the “Review” tab, click the “Word Count” alternative.

Select "Word Count."

A “Document Stats” home window will certainly open up, allowing you see your paper’s overall personality matter.

Character count in Word's "Document Stats" window.

Find the Character Count in Word on apple iphone, iPad, as well as Android

Word’s application for apple iphone as well as Android does not make it very easy to discover the personality matter, yet the alternative does exist, as well as below’s just how to access it.

First, launch words application on your iPhone or Android phone. Open up the paper in which you desire to discover the personality matter.

At the top of your paper, touch the pencil symbol. In the very same toolbar, touch the symbol that has an An as well as a pencil in it.

Tap "Word Count."

In the food selection that opens up, faucet “Home” as well as select “Review.”

View the Word document's character count.

In the “Review” food selection, choose “Word Count.”

On the “Word Count” panel, you’ll see your paper’s overall personality matter.

Just like in the desktop computer variation of Word, you can highlight particular components of your paper prior to opening up the personality matter to see the variety of personalities because specific area.

Finding the personality matter in Word for iPad is less complicated. Merely open your paper with the application, choose the “Review” tab on top, as well as touch the “Word Count” alternative. And that’s just how you understand the variety of personalities your paper includes. While you’re at it, find out just how to discover the web page matter for several Word papers.

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