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Everything you need to know to successfully advertise on TikTok

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TikTok advertising is still in its infancy. The algorithm is far from being as mature as the Facebook algorithm – but nevertheless the algorithm is becoming more intelligent from month to month and already offers great potential!

Because if you look at the number of users, TikTok is the second most used app worldwide and advertisers are currently benefiting from the fact that the competition is not nearly as strong as on the popular platforms Facebook and Instagram. This in turn leads to incredibly cheap traffic!

The channel should therefore not be ridiculed, but should be used at an early stage in order to position oneself in the competition. We’ll show you what you should pay attention to when it comes to TikTok advertising!

What should you consider with TikTok advertising?

First off, as it can’t be said often enough: Don’t use sounds in ads you don’t own the rights to. TikTok also provides help for this in that a free music library is offered in the AdManager, which can be used. Furthermore, do not use a TikTok watermark in your ads, because then it is very likely that your ads will be rejected (due to copyright). 

What is your goal?

But now to the strategic considerations up to the structure of a campaign. First of all, it must be clarified which goal is to be achieved with the campaign. Is it about reach, traffic, app installs, video views or conversions? Which points are most important to me as a jewlery company? Once that question has been answered, we can take a closer look at the different options. 

TikTok also offers a number of options outside of the auction platform, such as direct bookings. Examples of direct bookings are TOP View campaigns and branded hashtag challenges. At Mawave, however, we mainly focus on the auction platform, which allows us to place ads in the user’s feed. So-called in-feed ads. As mentioned at the beginning, in-feed ads can have different optimization goals. Reach or video views to create awareness on the platform. Traffic to direct users of TikTok to a final destination. AppInstalls or conversions to generate e.g. installs of an app or purchases of a product. 

In addition to normal optimization goals, there is also the option of being whitelisted for certain goals or uses – such as post boosting to generate followers. Advantage here: Generate new followers cheaply and at the same time generate a large reach very cheaply. 

How does TikTok tracking work?

However, if we now look at the normal optimization goals in the AdManager, it must be clarified whether the events should be tracked. We always recommend very clearly: YES. This is the only way we can work properly with the data obtained. A tracking tool is therefore ideally used for AppInstall campaigns. This results in further optimization options such as optimization for in-app events after normal AppInstall campaigns. For conversion campaigns, we ideally use a pixel or the innovative Shopify integration directly. 

What is the attribution window on TikTok?

With the Pixel integration we only have one session tracking whereas with the Shopify integration we have an attribution window of 7 day click, 1 day view. Since the success of a campaign depends on several factors, no information can be given on advertising costs. 

These depend, for example, on the type of creative, type of interaction and target group. 

What TikTok tools are there?

In addition to the different factors that contribute to the success of a campaign, there are also different tools that are offered in the TikTok Ads Manager. The special thing about this: They are 100% free of charge and are practically included in the AdManager. The tools offer you the following: 

  • Conversion of images into video tracks 
  • Different templates 
  • AI beat matching to the videos -Smart soundtracks 
  • Creation of slideshow ads 
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