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Everything You Need to Know Google Pixel Slate M3

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Google Pixel Slate is a new generation’s Chromebook, which was introduced on October 9th. Google Pixel Slate M3 is not just an ordinary Chromebook, It is the first-ever computer that highlights Chrome OS and it even runs on Chrome OS tablets. After getting launched in US and Canada markets with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Google is now planning to launch this device for the Indian market soon after a few months of the launch date.

In this article, I will share all specifications of the google pixel slate m3. This will help you decide whether you need it or not.

1 – Design and Display

Google pixel slate mM3 comes in two display variants like screen size, 8.9 inch which is similar to the iPad mini and 12.3-inch with a 3:2 aspect ratio. It has soft keys at the bottom, the power button on one side and volume rockers on another side of Pixel Slate. There are three colours available on the market that you can choose from Midnight Blue, Twilight, and Sand Colour (Not Officially Launched yet). Its back panel is made up of a textured Aluminium body with a matte mid-coat finish which makes it look premium, only downfall behind this design is its slippery body which we will be covering in our “Pros & Cons” Section later on this post.

2 – Processor & OS :

Google pixel slate M3 is powered by an Intel Celeron Processor which is derived from M3 architecture. M3 architecture is designed for Ultra Mobile PCs and has lower power consumption with increased performance.

It comes with eMMC Flash Memory instead of SSD (Solid State Drive) which reduces the price along with increased storage capacity. On paper, Google pixel slate M3 comes up to 8 or 16 GB of RAM & internal memory, but there’s a catch on that as well which we will be sharing in the “Pros & Cons” Section on this post later on.

This Device runs on Chrome OS out of the box, It is not just limited to working on a chrome browser but it can even do your daily tasks like watching movies, playing games etc. without any worries as it comes with a 32.000 IMAX pixel density display. Since it’s a Chrome OS device, you will be getting updates from Google much faster than any Android Device which is a plus point for this machine.

3- Battery & Colors

Pixel Slate has a 51-watt charger and offers 7 hours of battery life on moderate usage scenarios. Pixel Slate comes in three colour variants Midnight Blue, Sand Colour (Not Officially Launched yet), Twilight.

4 – Camera

Now coming on to the camera section of Pixel Slate, It has two front-facing lenses 12.3-inch with a 3:2 aspect ratio and the 8.9-inch variant that has a 5-megapixel front-facing lens for capturing selfies. On paper, both variants come up with an 8 MP rear camera but this is not true as Google removed Optical Image Stabilization from the rear camera because it’s optimized for videography which offers 1080P @30fps video recording. Pixel Slate also lacks flash support.

5 – Connectivity

Pixel Slate has all connectivity options available onboard like Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 & USB Type C Port. Pixel Slate also supports some advanced technology like Wireless AD (60GHz). It’s important to mention here that Pixel Slate lacks support for the 5 GHz band which means you will get slower speed while transferring data wirelessly.

6 – Price and Availability

Google pixel slate M3 comes in two display variants i) 12.3 inches with Intel Core m3 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB storage variant price starts from $599 US Dollars. ii) 8.9 inches with Intel Core m3 Processor, 4/8 GB of RAM, 32/64GB storage variant price starts from $549 US Dollars.

Pixel Slate will be available exclusively on Flipkart & Amazon in India starting from the 12th of November 2018.

Now that we are done with all the specifications, it’s time for the Pros & Cons of Pixel Slate.

Pros :

1- Stunning design with 3:2 aspect ratio display.

2- Chrome OS is Optimized to run smoothly on low Spec Hardware, offers great battery life on moderate usage scenarios.

3- Wireless AD (60GHz) technology supported which helps you transfer data at higher speeds wirelessly

4 – Multi-Gesture Support

5 – True Tone Display offers a natural viewing experience.

6 – Smarter Keyboard with Google Pixel Slate M3 Assistant built-in buttons.

7 – Light Weight 9- 8 MP Rear Camera capable of recording 1080P @30fps video.


1- No SSD (Solid State Drive) just eMMC Memory.

2 – Only Supports 2.4 GHz Band, lacks support for 5GHz band and hence wireless speed is very limited.

3 – Slippery Body.

4 – Confusing Pricing Model as 8 GB RAM Variant comes with less storage than 16 GB variant which makes no sense.

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