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Emma Mattress review

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The Emma Mattress is a well-known UK bed-in-a box that offers reliable and affordable comfort. Because it is a great value and provides all-round comfort, the Emma Mattress ranks high in our best mattresses list. It won’t be for everyone. As we will explain in our review, the Emma may not be right for you. Lighter sleepers might find it too firm, while heavier people might feel too comfortable and not receive the support they require.

This memory foam mattress, also known as the Emma Original is affordable and offers pressure relief for all sleep positions. It’s especially comfortable for side sleeping. Although the Emma has a softer feel than comparable models, it’s not as squishy. You’ll still feel like you’re sinking in, but you won’t feel like you’re being swallowed whole.

The Emma Mattress is a great choice for couples who share a bed. It reduces motion transfer, so you won’t wake up each other while changing your sleeping positions or getting into and out of bed at the same time. If one of you are prone to flipping between sleeping positions, this mattress is the best choice.

The Emma Original isn’t a cooling mattress, and some testers even reported that it slept warm. However, it has a sweat-wicking UltraDry covering and a Point Elastic airgocell layer to regulate temperature. This is a crucial feature for memory foam beds as older foams were known to retain heat. You may prefer a cooler mattress if you sleep hot.

Emma mattress: A glance

Ideal for: Side sleepers, all sleep positions

Type: Memory foam mattress

Trial: 200 Nights

Guaranteed for 10 Years

Firmness: 5-6 (out 10).

Materials: Polyester elastane, memory foam

Depth: 25cm

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king

The best thing about the Emma Mattress? Its price. This is a great deal for the excellent comfort and pressure relief. One single mattress costs PS499 but monthly prices can be discounted up to 50%. The Emma Original comes with a 10-year warranty, a 200-night risk free trial and a 200 day guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to try it out. The Emma Original comes with free shipping. If you aren’t satisfied, you can return it and receive a full refund.

The Emma Original offers great support from the foundation layer to the edge. However, we found one weakness in our review: the weak edge support. This is normal with the Emma Original’s slightly softer all-foam mattresses. However, the Emma’s edge supports can be quite noticeable. This is more noticeable when you are sleeping than when you are sitting. Lighter sleepers should feel supported even if they lie close to the Emma’s edge. The edge support proved to be the most fragile feature of a double-sized mattress for two people.

For lighter sleepers, this mattress may feel slightly firmer than the average (5 out of 10). However, you may still feel pressure in your hips and shoulders as with our 50kg test. Emma Original might not be suitable for heavier sleepers. You have 200 nights to try the mattress and make your decision.

Emma claims that the Original is suitable to all sleeping positions. We agree with her, except for the exceptions about body weight, as we have already noted. The Emma Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a bed-in-a box that’s affordable, comfortable, and supportive. You can often get up to half off, which makes it even more affordable.

The Emma Original is often on sale with discounts up to 50% depending upon the offer. This means that you can usually find a double-sized Emma Original for only PS349.50 (was PS699). This is a great price for such a luxurious memory foam mattress. Emma will deliver the mattress to your home for 200 nights. If you aren’t satisfied with it after that time, Emma will refund your money.

Emma Mattress: Materials

The Emma Original is made up of four layers that combine to provide head-to-toe comfort. The UltraDry fabric covers are breathable and moisture-wicking. It is also easy to wash in the washing machine.

The cover has a layer of Halo memory foam. This memory foam adapts to your body and provides pressure relief. It also helps to align your posture while you sleep. This is placed over Emma’s Point Elastic airgocell layer that promises “groundbreaking technology” in regulating temperature and absorbing sweat.

The mattress’s solid base is made of HRX Supreme Foam (High Resiliency Extender) supreme foam. This foam has been designed to offer better support for all types of sleepers. This layer is designed to resist sag and has five zones that distribute your body weight evenly across the mattress, helping to reduce pressure points.

Emma Mattress: Deals and Prices

  • Excellent value for money
  • Double-size often reduced to only PS349.50
  • Less expensive than top-rated competitors

The Emma Mattress is a great value for money. Its RRP starts at PS499 per one. The mattress is often discounted throughout the year so expect to pay significantly less in any month.

For example, the Emma mattress sale usually offers discounts of up to 40% on the list price. The price for a double-sized mattress is now PS349.50, down from PS699. This is a great deal and puts the Emma Original at a lower price in the affordable mattress market.

The Emma is one of the most highly rated beds-in a-boxes. It is priced at approximately PS426.93 (was previously PS749) for a double-sized Nectar Mattress sale and the Simba Hybrid at around PS497, for a twice-sized Simba Mattress sale.

The Emma Original is available in a wider range of sizes than the competitors. Emma Sleep offers standard and EU size mattresses. There are three sizes available: an EU single, an EU two and an EU queen.

Here is the official price for the Emma Original mattress in Great Britain:

  • Single: Usually priced at PS249.50
  • EU single PS549 (usually priced at PS274.50).
  • Small double:PS639, usually priced at PS319.50
  • Double: Usually priced at PS349.50
  • EU double PS759 (usually priced at PS379.50).
  • King: PS799, (usually priced at PS799)
  • EU queen PS869 (usually priced at PS434.50).
  • Super King:PS899 (usually priced at PS449.50).

The best Emma Original Mattress Deals Today

Every day, we check more than 250 million products to ensure the best price

Emma Mattress: Firmness and Comfort

  • Medium firmness, rated 5-6 of 10
  • Full-body support for all positions of sleep
  • The Top Layer provides significant pressure relief

For three weeks, we slept on a small double Emma Original and found it comfortable and cozy from the very first night. The panel of testers included people with different body sizes and sleep needs, including two hot sleepers. The Emma Mattress was tested by side, stomach, and combination sleepers.

The main reviewer, who is 5ft 2in tall and 50kg, found it particularly supportive for side sleeping. Although there was sometimes a slight pressure on the hips, which is common among those of lighter weight, it wasn’t painful. Our testing panel’s heavier side sleepers had mixed results. The heaviest of them found that the memory foam was too hugging and made it difficult to move to the opposite side. The Emma Mattress was comfortable and supportive, and the average weight side sleeper slept well.

Our testing panel found the Emma Original comfortable for stomach and back sleepers. However, heavier people complained that they felt too sunk in. We recommend that you ask Emma Mattress to send you a Comfort Layer, which is basically a mattress top to firmen the bed if it isn’t supportive enough for your preferred sleeping position.

The Emma Original might not be able to support you if your weight is very high. We recommend the Nectar Memory Foam mattress ( starting at PS324.33 at Nectar Sleep) because it offers more firmness and still provides a body hug feel, though it is not as affordable as the Emma.

Emma Mattress: Performance

  • Easy to set up and ready to go in just a few hours
  • Great motion isolation even for couples
  • Weaker edge support

We slept on the Emma Original for three weeks to review it. We evaluated performance in all areas, including motion isolation, pressure relief, edge support, cooling, cooling, and set-up ease.

The Emma Original’s durability is hard to judge as we only slept on it for 3 weeks. However, you can get a 200-night trial for free to see if it suits your needs. To protect against staining, bacteria and accidental spills, you should invest in the best mattress protection and learn how to properly clean a mattress from the beginning.

Here’s what happened in our Emma Mattress review.


Although our review sample didn’t come with the plastic cutter that is often included in the Emma Original, it was easy to set up. This was a mistake on the Emma Sleep team’s part, but it wasn’t too difficult. The packing box also contains basic instructions and a QR code which leads to more detailed information.

Our small, double-tested mattress weighed in at 20.8kg. It was easy to transport and take out of the cardboard box. It was simple to place it on the slatted frame of the bed and remove the plastic vacuum-sealed packaging. It took only a few seconds to tear the plastic with the scissors. No cutting tools were required.

The Emma Original was delivered folded and rolled in a box. It began inflating as soon as it was opened. This was actually so fast that you should make sure the mattress is placed in the correct spot on the bed frame. You won’t have to drag it around as it fills up. This is especially important if you’re unpacking it yourself, especially if you’re dealing with a larger size.

Emma Sleep suggests that you leave the Original to inflate for between two and six hours before sleeping on it. It will then be 90-95% full within 48 hours. And it will take another few days to reach its maximum height. It took 12 hours for it to inflate, and it was comfortable when we slept on it.


Offgassing occurs when chemicals and gases from a mattress are released after it has been unpacked. The smell can also linger afterwards. The resulting chemical-like odour can last for hours or even days, depending on whether the bed is in a box. You can reduce off-gassing by opening a window in your bedroom and unpacking the mattress immediately.

The Emma Mattress was very easy to assemble and we were amazed by the absence of off-gassing/odour. The mattress was still expanding as we checked in, and there was no off-gassing.

On its website Emma states that the foam used in the Original is CertiPUR-US-certified, which means it isn’t harmful to human health, with a low amount of toxins used in the foam that will not cause allergic reactions.

Pressure relief

Our lighter and heavier testers both agreed that the Emma provided plenty of pressure relief. The Emma provided plenty of pressure relief for both our lighter and heavier testers. However, they felt very little pressure in their hips while sleeping on their sides. The Emma Original held each tester well without any sinkage. This was except for our stomach and heavier sleepers.

We placed a 20kg weight on top of the Emma Original to further test the pressure relief. It did not damage the surface and supported it well, mimicking the comfort our testers experienced. The premium foam was very responsive to our pressure and the mattress surface felt soft and supple.

The Simba Hybrid Pro ( RRP at Simba) is worth a look if you need more pressure relief or firmness.

Motion transfer

Motion transfer is important for anyone who sleeps with a restless partner. This will ensure that the mattress stays stable and doesn’t move around. Motion transfer can be irritating and can also prevent you from getting the restful sleep you deserve.

The Emma Original’s motion transfer was tested in two ways. First, we positioned ourselves side-by-side with another person and measured their movement as they moved. Second, we performed a simple drop test using a weight and an empty glass of wine.

A 6kg weight was dropped from approximately 5 inches above the mattress to about 25 inches from the wine glasses. We then moved closer in increments until it was roughly 5 inches away. We were amazed at how quickly the wine glass moved during drop tests.

We feel confident in giving Emma Original mattress high marks for motion transfer, thanks to the focus drop test and another person shifting around on the Emma Mattress (this can be quite cramped on a small double).

Temperature regulation

Davina, our reviewer, tests the Emma Mattress’s coolness after she has slept on it. (Image credit to Future)

Overall, the Emma Original was breathable. However, some of our very hot sleepers found that it retained warmth, but not enough to cause excessive heat, which we thought would be dangerous.

The main reviewer said that the product felt cool to touch, even though we used blankets twice on cold nights. This was necessary only for extremely cold nights, according to one of our sleepers. However, it is a good idea for summer months.

The Emma Mattress felt slightly warmer under and around the body by the morning but was noticeably cooler in the unused areas. The Emma Original was also available with a mattress protector. The surface felt cool and fresh despite the slightly more cushioned layer.

Edge support

We expected the same greatness from the Emma Original’s edge support, given its excellent motion transfer and pressure relief. It failed in this area.

The main tester, who is 50kg in weight, felt the bed’s edge sloping. This was more noticeable for heavier testers. Also, we placed 20kg close to the Emma Mattress’ edge and noticed sloping.

What did the Emma do when it was actually used by testers? The Emma felt stable and supported our lighter tester who sleeps on the edge of it and is a solo sleeper. Our heavier tester did not experience any problems rolling while sleeping alone. However, they did feel some sloping if they slept too close to the edge of the mattress.

If you sleep in co-sleeping, the weak edges support becomes more noticeable. We recommend purchasing a larger Emma if you have a shared bed.


Although this is a difficult decision after just a few weeks of testing, the consensus among our panel is that the Emma Mattress should last at least several years. The mattress is of high quality, and the cover is well-made and fitted. Emma is confident in the Original’s durability. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and you can test it for 200 nights.

Rotating the Emma Original regularly is key to ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Emma recommends rotating it once per month for the first six-months, then every three months thereafter. This will ensure that your skin is in a better condition and has a smoother surface from head to toe.

Emma Original mattress user reviews

Trustpilot is used by Emma Sleep to collect customer reviews. Here you’ll find almost 25,000 reviews with a cumulative rating of 4.4% out of 5. Positive user reviews praise the Emma Original’s comfort, with many customers reporting relief from various aches and pains and that they were able to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Other reviews focussed on the ease of setting up and unpacking the Emma. One customer stated that the Emma was easy to set up and unpack. It was very comfortable. It was even better than I had expected. One person explained that the Emma Mattress did well for them in the first week. We were so happy that we continued. Been five days now, Excellent sleep every night. We wake up with no pains.

Negative comments were focused on a few instances of poor customer service and delivery. Emma Sleep responded directly to many comments, including those where customers complained about the firmness. Emma offered them a Comfort Layer for free. This addressed some issues but did not address others. However, they allowed customers to return the Original within the 200-night trial period.

Do you want to buy the Emma Original mattress

The Emma Original is a fantastic memory foam bed-in a-box and a great value for money. We feel confident recommending it to all sleepers. The Emma Original provides excellent support and comfort. It also has low motion transfer which is a great feature. It might be too soft or too firm for some people, but most people should not have any issues.

You may need to choose a breathable hybrid if you sleep very warm. Otherwise, the Emma is comfortable for all night sleeping. In our guide to the top mattresses, we have several breathable hybrids. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is available from DreamCloud (opens new tab). The body-cradling is also a popular feature among memory foam mattresses such as the Emma.

Emma Original is generous with discounts. Take advantage of the risk-free 200-night Emma Original trial to see it in action. To further enhance your sleep comfort, the brand offers a variety of bedding including duvets and pillows.

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