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Element Materials Technology is among the fastest-growing testing inspection, inspection, and calibration companies around the globe. In total, we employ more than 6,700 talented minds working from 200 locations spread in more than 30 countries. We all share a common mission to ensure that tomorrow is safer as today’.

When failure of use can’t be avoided, we can help customers ensure that their materials, products processes, as well as services, are secure, legal, and appropriate for the purpose. From the beginning of R&D through the complicated regulatory approvals and eventually into production Our global network of laboratories of engineers, scientists and technologists assist customers to be assured of the quality of their product sustainability, long-term results, and access to markets.

We are inspired by our drive to create more beautiful and provide a more secure future for the communities and people we serve. This is what makes us (and you, should you decide to join us) …) above other organizations.

Many businesses are unable to achieve something as important however for us, this is our everyday life. We have customers who care for their goods and services coming on the market and ensuring that they’re safe, appropriate to purpose, and legal as if they are not in the course of use, there could be serious consequences.

This means that every day in some way or other we all support our customers in these critical sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and testing for fire as well as automotive to aviation and medical devices to mobile phones that are trying to bring about positive differences in the world.

News and Updates

Element Materials Technology has purchased Nanosyn all-service manufacturing and contract development for pharmaceuticals firm, significantly increasing Element’s offerings to biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical customers throughout North America.

As one of the top suppliers of testing and inspection services to a variety of top organizations in the world, Element Materials Technology has a clear idea of what it is that it does. Check out the latest video from Element Materials Technology to learn more about the reason we do what we do each and every day.

Contech constructed a bridge that was planned to be built in Michigan and contracted Element Engineering Construction, an engineering firm to examine and test the structural welding. Element Materials Technology confirmed that the welds weren’t effectual, but after transportation to Michigan, there were issues that required Contech to correct the defective welding. The two-year ofThe two-year Statute of Limitations under Minn. Stat. Statute of Limitations under Minn. SS 541.051 is applicable to any company that provides engineering services. If Element looked over the bridge and concluded that the welds weren’t defective, it fell within the legal definition of “supervision” and “observation of the construction.

Description About Element Materials Technology

Element Materials Technology is the perfect partner for wireless (Radio) Testing Approvals, Certifications, as well as Certifications.

We work with radio companies right from the beginning of the design process through our early Stage Qualification (ESQ(r)) services that assist them in their testing, approval, and certification process for radio components and products. Our ESQ expertise gives radio manufacturers advice on the applicable regulatory requirements that their clients face prior to the approvals and testing stage. We assist radio companies in achieving first-time success and reduce the chance of failing to meet the deadlines for regulatory compliance. The Element Materials Technology is UKAS certified as per BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, a European Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and the Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive, an FCC Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) An ISED Canada Foreign Certification Body (FCB) and an ISED-Canada Foreign Certification Body (FCB), and a Japanese Microchip conformity Assessment Body (CAB). We can also help with EMC and safety tests as well as help manufacturers who want to introduce their radios and wireless products to the global market. Our approvals team is assisting clients to gain market access across more than 167 countries.

In our European as well as North American facilities we provide testing that is accredited for:

* Europe

* The United States

* Canada

* Japan

* Korea

It covers a broad range of technologies, including (but not only):

* Short Range Devices that are not specific to HTML0 (SRD)



* Satellite


* Mobile phone radios for land

* Point-to-point microwave hyperlinks.

Are you looking for approval, accreditation, or another type of documents?

Find all Element’s accreditation, certification, and approval documents conveniently available by location

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Materials and Tests for Product Qualification to test products for Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Medical Device Manufacturing & Fabrication, Consumer & Industrial Products, Power Generation Food.

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