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Elden Ring mods: the best community mods and how to install them

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Elden Ring mods are just like other game mods. They can be used for a variety of purposes. Some provide in-game benefits, while others make it easier to enjoy the hack n’ slash of killing bosses. Others are more subtle and can be used for other purposes, such as improving your quality of life.

Whatever your mod preference, the community has been creating fan-made content Eldenring ever since it was released in February 2022. If you are looking for a change in pace in the Lands Between, there are many mods available.

We’ve collected the top mods to save you the time of searching the internet for them. You’ll find the best mods for you, whether you are looking for a new mechanic, a boost, or simply a way to pause the games without having to use a site grace.

You will need Elden Ring on a computer if you wish to experiment with mods. You should be careful when looking through the game’s files. It would be shame to accidentally delete your 50-hour saved file by misclicking!

Make sure you backup your Elden Ring save before getting too involved in modding. Also, remember to stay offline as the Elden Ring anti cheat algorithm doesn’t like player modifications.

Let’s move on to the mods.

Mods for Elden Ring in the best community

Elden Ring mods: installing mods

It is very easy to install Elden Ring mods. It’s actually much more difficult to take down the bosses of an action RPG than it is to modify it. Once you have a few up and running, it will be second nature.

Take it offline

Before you do anything else, force Elden Ring to go into offline mode. You can ban your account from multiplayer content if the game detects that you are using mods even if you are not actively playing. It is best to avoid this, as it cannot be reversed.

You can disable the EasyAntiCheat service to force the game offline. The game will detect that the anti-cheat program is disabled and stop you from connecting to multiplayer server. However, it won’t ban your disabling of the software.

It is easy to disable anti-cheat software. Go to the place where Elden Ring was installed. If you’re playing on Steam, that’ll be steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\game on the drive where you installed the game. Find the start_protected_game.exe file and rename it to something (anything) else and add “.not” at the end. After doing this, the file type of the file should be marked as NOT. You will not be able to run it.

Next, locate the elden_ring.exe folder and copy it. Rename that to start_protected_game.exe and load the game through Steam. This will prevent you from connecting to the multiplayer servers.

A popup should appear on the main menu to inform you that the game cannot be started in online mode. You’re good to go.

Get a mod loader

Now we can get going. Download the Elden Ring MOD Loader , which is a handy tool to start many mods that are available on the internet. To download the tool, visit Nexus Mods. Once downloaded, extract the folder to steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\game.


You’ll now need to search for and download the mod that you like. Nexus MODs has a huge collection you can browse. Click on the one you like and click to download it.

Start the game by adding mods to your folder

After they are downloaded, go back to the place you have installed Mod Loader. Now you should see a folder called “mods”. There are no prizes for guessing which mod to use next. Drag the mod you downloaded into that folder. You might need to extract it first from a zip file.

Next, go back to Steam and open the game as usual. All mods installed should now load. You can remove any mods from your “mods” folder by simply deleting the file or folder.

Elden Ring mods: Best community mods

Parameter and item randomiser

The Parameter Randomiser mod  allows you to embrace numerical chaos. It muddles up almost every item’s stats and functionality. Mod shuffles over 4,000 map items around and scrambles weapons stats. This mod is designed to give Elden Ring a completely different experience and make it more open to chance.

This can be both good and bad. You may find more powerful items than usual, but you might also stumble upon several duplicates of nearly useless objects. You can’t know what enemies will drop so the loot tables can be changed. Even the weather can be altered as an option. You can reset the mod to get a new seed if you’re not happy with the random world being thrown at you.

Ultimate Start

The Ultimate Start mod was created to help new Soulsborne players get into the game. It is a great way to test Elden Ring’s different playstyles. You will be able to choose from a variety of weapons and powerful items, as well as incantations that you can use. 100k runes are given to you for fast leveling up and all the items needed to unlock the shops.

Ultimate Start puts you in a strong position to determine which combat style is right for you. It doesn’t make sense to spend 20 hours playing the game and then wish you had pumped up Faith or Arcane for some serious spell-slinging damage. Or prioritized Dexterity for quick and flashy sword attacks. It will automatically make you a Wretch but that’s not a problem. After you have settled on your preferred style and saved a new save, choose one of the Elden Ring that is more appropriate.

Enhanced Moveset Utility

The Elden Ring mod allows you to unlock the full potential of your FromSoftware hardware companion. The Enhanced Moveset Utility adjusts the game’s controls to fit keyboards. Its primary feature is the ability assign incantations or items to hotkeys. This allows you to deal with them much more quickly during fights.

There are a few other improvements too. For example, you can remove the input delay for rolling in vanilla games and assign the sprint and roll actions different buttons. It is easy to edit the control scheme of Elden Ring. This will be especially useful if you spend most your time under the sabatons or immobilized on their weapons.

Stop the game

Elden Ring was not something you bought because you wanted to take a stroll in the park. This is not a game you want to play, but it’s a hard one to beat. It can be made easier by the ability to pause and rewind the game. The vanilla version allows you to navigate through the menus and sort your inventory. Your attackers are just as likely to strike, resulting in some unfortunate deaths.

The Pause the game mod can make all this possible. You’d expect it to do exactly what you would. It adds a pause button so that you can take a break. You can rest assured that no wandering monstrosity is going to insta-kill your game while you are distracted by the options menu.

Moderation Hard

Do you think of yourself as a Tarnished master? T

You think you have beaten all the Lands Between can throw at your?

The Prepare To Die Mod overhauls the difficulty of the game for those who want to challenge themselves. Your enemies can do more damage, are able to hear you from a greater distance, and can be a bit smarter. You can’t rely upon your old tactics to defeat them. Their AI and stats have been changed. This mod is for Soulsborne experts and masochists.

It may be a challenge but it could also encourage you to try new playstyles. According to the mod’s description, you can use the telescope to spot enemies at a distance and then engage them. You can also distract enemies by throwing weapons at nearby walls and breaking up large mobs into smaller ones. This is a new way to play the game. You’ll face more threats and have to change your gameplay.

Ultrawide support

Elden Ring doesn’t natively support ultrawide monitors. You’ll see thick, black bars along the sides of your screen if you play on one. The game will display in 16:9 if you attempt to play it at a 21-:9 aspect ratio or greater. This is a little annoying and will limit your ability to make the most of your setup.

There is a way around it. The popular freeware Flawless widescreen allows ultrawide monitor support for hundreds games. This lets you play them at the native ultra-widescreen resolution of your monitor. You can download the Flawless Widescreen installer and enable the Elden Ring plug-in. Although some users reported framerate dips or stuttering at first, the mod has since been updated to fix those issues.

FPS unlocker

Elden Ring’s vanilla state is limited to 60 frames per second. This is a lot faster than the 30 frames per second caps found on many PC games. However, it is not fast enough for many gamers’ frame needs. The Elden Ring mod removes this cap and allows the game to reach the highest refresh rates that your hardware supports.

The Elden Ring FPSUnlocker tool comes with several other useful features. These include the ability to change your field-of-vision, alter the game speed and stopping you losing Runes if you die. You can modify all options from the overlay screen. Although setting up FPS unlocker is a little difficult, the detailed description of the mod will help you navigate through the process.

Tree Sentinel Thomas

Modding communities all over the world have adopted the anthropomorphized children’s train as a standard. There’s a good chance that a game supports fan-made content. Elden Ring is no exception. The Tree Sentinel Tom Mod replaces the horses of optional Tree Sentinel bosses that you’ll encounter along the game’s course with the titular train.

It is a smart mod that can revolutionize how you play the game. No. It is a funny mod that will make you laugh. Absolutely not. It does however continue a long tradition in modifying Thomas the Tank Engine to places he shouldn’t be, and that should not be overlooked.


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