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Download Zoom App For Mac

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Uncertain how to start Zoom? The guide below will help you download, install and configure Zoom on your Mac.

Zoom can be used to make video calls or chat.

Zoom works on all operating systems including macOS.

How do I download Zoom for Mac?

You’ll first need to install Zoom on your Mac. It’s easyContinue the installation by following these steps:

  1. Select Download to start the download
  2. The browser settings may require you to allow the download. If a popup appears, select Allow.

After downloading is completed, you can begin Zoom installation.

Zoom will automatically start the downloading process if Zoom has not been installed on your Mac.

How to install Zoom App

After the download has finished, click on the downloads icon at top of your browser. Next, follow these steps to complete the download:

  1. Double-click Zoom on the image to open it.
  2. Select After reading the introduction, continue
  3. Next, choose a location for installation.
  4. Then, select Install.

How do you set up your Zoom account

The installation should only take a few moments.

Join a Zoom Meeting

There are many ways to join a Zoom Meeting. You can simply select Join a Meeting in the Zoom App and enter your meeting ID.

Sign in to your Zoom account

If you only join meetings, you may not require a Zoom account. To schedule meetings, change your settings or upgrade Zoom, you will need to have a Zoom account.

To create an account, click login in the Zoom app. Then, click Register in the bottom-right corner.

Logging in to Zoom is easy.

How do I start a Zoom phone on a Mac?

Log in to start your first Zoom Call. You can either start a call immediately or schedule a meeting later.

Make a call now

To immediately begin a call, select Start.

Before you meet, make sure your speaker and microphone work properly. Click on Test Microphone and Test Speaker to get started.

This is an excellent opportunity to inspect your video quality Before you call, you can improve your video quality.

Once you’re ready to go, invite your friends.

When you’re done with your call select End contact

Schedule a Zoom Call

Schedule your Zoom call by clicking on the plus (+) icon in the upper left corner of the main Zoom app.

Enter all details about your Zoom meeting in the window. You can share the passcode and personal meeting ID with guests or send invitations via Gmail, Outlook, or Gmail.

It’s there. Zoomin’! Take a look at our guide to solving common Zoom issues. This guide is applicable to all calls, no matter how many.

Soon you will have a Zoom Pro for your Mac

Zoom can be used for video conferencing. Once you’ve mastered all of the tools and features, you’ll quickly become a pro at Zoom.

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