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Download CS 1.6 Russian Version

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Many players of Counter Strike 1.6, especially those who play it for a long time, know about its main drawback – the lack of normal Russification. Because of this, the game’s chat even used its own style of writing, trying to use the available characters in order to imitate the Russian letters, but in the end it still seriously hindered the gameplay, because it takes too much time, and besides this, there are a number of nuances that prevent mutual understanding among players. Want to play CS now ? Downlaod CS 1.6 now .


What is the Russian version of CS 1.6?

This product is a clean Russifier favorite by many shooter. A key feature of the Russian version of CS 1.6 is that it almost completely lacks any Latin characters, that is, it translated everything that could only be normally adapted to the Russian language:

  • Chat;
  • Voice-over of the characters;
  • Elements of menus and interface;
  • Names of commands and much more.

Thus, we tried to make a really high-quality build for the Russian-speaking audience – the way it was supposed to be released by Valve. We can say without a doubt that we really succeeded, because now everything is translated qualitatively and clearly, without interfering with the gameplay, even for experienced users, but all the standard elements have not been affected in any way and remain the same as we see them in the original.

Features of the build

Deciding to download CS 1.6 in Russian, you will get the following:

  • Full Russification. Now not only the chat and commands are translated, but the nicknames are written in Cyrillic.
  • Correct voice of the members of each faction, as well as the voice commands from the standard functionality.
  • The bots have also been given quality Russian voice-over for the replicas they use during the game.
  • As a basis for this build used the original version of Counter Strike 1.6, developed by Valve.
  • Completely absent any advertising or other unnecessary files.
  • Client is completely clean. In gameplay and other components have not been changed.
  • All bugs and bugs inherent in the classic version have been corrected and eliminated.
  • You can play on any server, so you will never be bored.
  • There is a reliable protection, so you do not have to worry about the fact that the administration of any server will be unscrupulous.

Why is it better to download from csdownload.lt website?

By downloading builds fro our website, you get a lot of advantages:

Quality. We host only the highest quality builds, made by our experienced developers. Thanks to this you will always be able to find a suitable option for yourself, no matter what you want to see in a new client. You can also be sure that all the features, including the welcome screen, will be fully functional in the theme you choose.

A wide selection. On our resource you will find a variety of options for the game design. We tried to make it so that everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves, regardless of their preferences.

Safety. Each assembly passes a thorough check for the complete absence of any virus or ad files in it before it is posted. In addition, they are all equipped with the latest security, so you can play on different servers without fear of unscrupulous administration.


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