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Don’t buy Elden Ring on Xbox One

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Elden Ring is the worst version of the game for Xbox One owners.

Digital Foundry recently tested Elden Ring on all four last-gen hardware versions – Xbox One, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro – and found that the Xbox One base is the worst, with performance and visual issues.

For those Xbox One owners who were able test the game during the Closed Network Test last year, this won’t be a surprise. Performance is largely unchanged.

The differences in visual quality and overall detail are stark when compared to the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X playing the game in Quality Mode. The Xbox One behaves like a PC when it is set to the lowest settings. This reduces environmental shadows and grass density as well as ambient occlusion. This is evident in the game’s Limgrave starting area, which is supposed be covered with grass but feels barren on Xbox One.


However, it gets worse. You’ll encounter a group of skeleton enemies in the final section. This is due to the lack of shading and low-grade shadows. It makes the video look like Jason and the Argonauts.

The Xbox One renders the game at 900p. This is in contrast to the dynamic 1800p of Xbox One X. While the base PS4 can output at minimum full HD 1080p resolution, the Xbox One usually renders it at 900p. Digital Foundry’s analysis of the Xbox One version shows that it targets 30fps. However, the game often dips into the low to mid-twenties as you move from small dungeons to the open world.

The Xbox One Elden Ring version also severely compromises in-game animations. The frame rate of enemies viewed from far away is extremely low. This isn’t a common feature in other games. However, Elden Ring’s low frame rate animations on Xbox One are quite extraordinary. It’s jarring to say the least.

Only area where the Xbox One’s base console doesn’t lag behind is loading times. It narrowly beats PS4 in loading back to a site of grace. This loading time is still around 29 seconds. However, it’s not ideal for a game like Death Row. While the Xbox One is still in last place when it comes to testing fast-travel loading times for games, it is only marginally better than the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.

Elden Ring has received rave reviews (including our Elden Ring review), and it is not something you should be disappointed by. You shouldn’t expect it to be broken like Cyberpunk2077. However, Xbox One owners who want to have the best experience in the Lands Between can wait until they upgrade to Xbox Series X/S.

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