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DokeV: trailer, news and what we know so far

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DokeV was a notable game featured at Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live showcase. It left us both confused and intrigued.

DokeV was developed by Pearl Abysss, who are perhaps most well-known for creating the popular MMO Black Desert Online. DokeV features skateboarders, strange creatures, and a dose of K-Pop. It’s like a combination of Pokemon and Jet Set Radio. We don’t know of any other winning combination.

We are still unsure of what to expect from this new adventure. Details are scarce on the ground, and even though had the opportunity to interview DokeV’s lead developers, it is difficult to know exactly what to expect. We were left confused by another appearance at The Game Awards. Instead, we chose to present an in engine music video that has racked up millions.

There is a chance that we will get another show at Gamescom2022‘s Opening Night Live. But, that remains to be determined. DokeV is a great resource for information. Continue reading to find out everything we know.


DokeV: Cut to the chase

  • What’s it all about? A open-world adventure with monster hunting
  • When is it available? Not yet, but we expect 2023 to be the earliest.
  • Where can I play it? PS5 or Xbox Series X/S

DokeV: Release date and platforms

DokeV has not yet been released. We haven’t heard anything significant since the Gamescom 2021 unveil nearly a year ago. Therefore, we would speculate that it won’t arrive soon.

It’s currently coming to PC, HTML5 and Xbox Series X/S. Although it is unlikely that it will come to Nintendo Switch, we have seen many cloud versions of the hybrid machine.

Trailers for DokeV

Official music video for DokeV Rockstar

The Game Awards 2021 featured a new trailer for DokeV. It also showed the official music video to the song ‘Rockstar’. This video features in-game footage and shows how amazing DokeV’s animations and graphics are. It’s available below.

Future Games Show 2021 trailer

We were delighted by the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live trailer of DokeV, but a bit confused. Pearly Abyss, Future Games Show 2021, and their trailer featuring developer insight, were there to save the day.

Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live extended gameplay video

The trailer is a great way to get in the game if you are completely unfamiliar with it. This is the extended gameplay trailer of DokeV, which was unveiled at Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live presentation.

DokeV announcement trailer

Gamescom 2021 was not the first time DokeV had made itself known to the rest of the world. Pearl Abyss revealed the game in 2019 with a beautiful CG trailer. The following footage will give you more information while you wait for more details.

DokeV: Gameplay.

DokeV is an open-world adventure game. However, this was not always the case. Pearl Abyss, originally announced as an MMO. However, they decided to abandon this approach and allow them to do their own thing without any preconceived notions.

You can find all sorts of bizarre, beautifully designed creatures that will help you in combat. These creatures are called Dokebi. Their bizarre designs include an alarm clock with headphones and a panda/polar bear hybrid wearing boxing gloves. This is basically peak character design.

The trailer shows that Dokebi are tiny, prismatic disc-shaped Dokebi that can be released during combat encounters. Each Dokebi appears to have different abilities, which could be a key to your success.

There were surprisingly many options for traversing. You can move your character on foot as well as on hoverboards and bicycles. A deployable parasol allows you to fly through the air Fortnite-style. This is useful for reaching specific locations on the map.

It is not known if DokeV will have any multiplayer elements, given the departure from MMOs. Although the trailer suggests that we will still be able hang out with friends in limited capacities at DokeV, we don’t know for certain.

These trailers have shown many aspects one would associate with a more social experience. These include fishing, flying kites and relaxing on the beach. When DokeV is released, we hope that there will be some co-operative experiences and hangouts.

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