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Does Nest Thermostat Require a Subscription?

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Nest thermostats are becoming extremely well-known these days, cutting homeowners’ cooling and heating bills by between 10 and 15 percent! With all that savings, there has to be some catch. Do Nest thermostats have a monthly fee for a subscription?

Does Nest thermostat require an account?

There is no need to subscribe, Nest thermostat does not require a subscription or an equipment cost. There is an only a one-time charge to purchase the Nest thermostat that grants you access to the entire capabilities of the device as well as its app. Nest actually helps people save 10-15% off their cooling and heating costs. It is a cost-effective solution in just two years!

One thing that is a bit confusing is that Google sells a subscription program called “Nest Aware”. It is intended for Nest security cameras, which is an entirely different product that is not associated with Nest thermostats in any way. Nest thermostat.

When you purchase the Nest thermostat, you are able to start setting it up the same day. You will also have access to all the advantages and features it can offer.

Cost savings for Nest thermostats

You came here to figure out how much Nest charges each month only to learn that Nest actually saves you money.

The average Nest thermostat owner reduced their heating bill down by 10-12% and their cooling bills by around 15%.

It’s about $131-$145 in savings each year. That means your Nest thermostat could get paid back in two years!

If you’re in search of some proof, here is the white paper that Google created on this subject. Three of the studies analyzed in the white paper were funded independently and conducted.

The paper is further supported in the sense that EPA granted its Nest Learning Thermostat the first-ever ENERGY STAR certificate in 2017. About two years after the release of the white paper.

Many people are attracted to smart homes and other smart products for homes because they perceive them as a convenient way to lower energy bills.

Smart lights, plugs, and appliances can all be helpful however ultimately, the savings are small in comparison with savings that you make when you cut the cost of cooling and heating.

The thermostat in your home is where the majority of your energy bills from it, so why not change it?

What exactly is it that makes Nest thermostat save you money?

So, what exactly can the Nest thermostat do precisely to reduce the cost of energy?

To begin, Nest thermostats actually program themselves based on your and your family’s routines.

It learns about the adjustments to the temperature of your home during the day, and it then replicates these changes over time it anticipates your cooling and heating needs automatically.

For instance, If you don’t like having your room to be cold prior to going to you go to bed then your Nest will be aware of that and lower the temperature in your bedroom.

Another method Nest can help you save money is to know whether you’re home or not.

A great deal of energy is wasted every year because people fail to switch off their thermostats after they leave the house.

Nest thermostats have motion sensors in them that detect whether or not your family members are at staying at home. If you’ve got the app installed on your smartphone it can also pinpoint your exact location using your phone’s GPS.

The great thing about it is that it’s not too sensitive and if you do go up the stairs for an entire hour and then go back downstairs, the Nest will not think you have left.

However, if it’s 9 AM when the Nest hasn’t noticed any movement for a while, it’ll assume you’ve been working and then automatically switch on the “away” option.

Away mode is an environmentally friendly mode that uses less energy. It can save you a lot of money by not heating or cooling your home when it is empty!

The last aspect Nest thermostats can do to help you save money is a little more advanced and algorithmic. Google is always making tiny modifications to its software in order to improve efficiency in a few places.

For instance, one option is turning off your AC while running the fan of your AC. This lets the fan better circulate the cool air in the house without needing the fan to turn “on”.

A few other examples are things like reminding you that you need to change the filter in your AC. Clean, new filters can provide a small efficiency boost!

Energy rebates

As if the savings in energy and cost weren’t enough, Google has partnered with numerous local energy companies to give you a rebate if you purchase and install a Nest thermostat.

Here’s an example of an offer that I am eligible for at the place I live:

“Eversource will award customers with a qualifying score an incentive of $25 to enroll in Rush Hour Rewards, a service provided by Nest that allows you to use much less power during the peak times. If you remain enrolled for a year, you’ll get another 20 dollars for each year you attend rush hour activities .”

To find out if Nest offers rebates in your region, enter your zip code into the tool and you will see the results.


Nest thermostats don’t require equipment rental fees or subscriptions. You immediately have full access to all the features and benefits of the thermostat once you purchase it.

Nest thermostats can save you between 10% and 15% on your heating and cooling costs. Nest thermostats save users between $131 and $145 each year, which is approximately $131 to $145 per year. This means Nest can be paid for in two years.

Nest can help you save money by:

  • Learn how to anticipate your thermostat changes throughout the day and then predict them.
  • You can turn on “away” mode when your family leaves the house so that the house is not heated or cooled.
  • Propriety software makes small adjustments to your cooling and heating system to increase efficiency.

Google has partnered with local energy companies in order to provide you an additional rebate if these cost- and energy savings are not enough.

Simply enter your zip code to the rebate tool to see which offers are available in you area.

What amount of money does Nest thermostat save you each year? Comment below to let me know.

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