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Do Not Reset Your Hue Bridge to Fix Problems, Use One of These Apps

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A Philips Hue Hub mounted on the wall in a modern home.

Third-party applications for the Hue wise light system allow you accessibility setups as well as access on your Hue Bridge that you can not discover with the Hue application.

Every currently as well as after that, you may encounter an issue with your Hue wise illumination system that appears unresolvable, a genuine ghost in the device. Prior to you reset your specific light bulbs and even your whole system, attempt among these applications.

The Hue App Is Great, But Simple

As a veteran Hue individual (my initial first-generation light bulbs are still going solid after 10 years!) I can state with self-confidence that the Hue application is truly wonderful. It’s simple to make use of, the UI is brightened, as well as 99.99% of the moment, anything you require to do with your Hue system can be made with the application.

But the simpleness as well as extremely sleek UI are in fact a little bit of a restriction when points go a little rickety with your Hue system. You’ll rapidly discover on your own lacking fixing alternatives as well as confronted with kludgy solutions like by hand resetting light bulbs as well as components and even resetting your Hue Bridge simply to address apparently phantom issues.

For instance, right here’s one of those phantom issues right from the wise illumination examination bench that is my house. A couple of months back, I purchased some new Hue bulbs.

As component of that procedure, I relocated some old light bulbs around, placing the brand-new brightest-and-best light bulbs in a much more popular place as well as moving the older light bulbs to exterior components– since vivid wise light bulbs are extremely simple vacation illumination.

Shortly after, I encountered the weirdest trouble. The old light bulbs would certainly switch on randomly. I would certainly return from running a duty as well as notification that a veranda light would certainly typically be switched on (as well as to a weird shade like crimson or intense pink).

Yet when I searched in the Hue application, absolutely nothing appeared wrong. Every light bulb remained in the best space as well as area. No arbitrary light bulbs or light bulbs were coupled with Hue switches over in methods I would not anticipate.

If I were just utilizing the Hue application to repair this trouble, presumably like my only remedy would certainly be to reset several light bulbs and even, preventing that resolution, reset my Bridge.

Anyone analysis this that is currently greatly purchased the Hue environment recognizes specifically what a discomfort that would certainly be. No one with wise light bulbs as well as components around their house as well as yard intends to squander an entire Saturday mid-day handling a system reset.

Third-Party Apps Unlock Advanced Troubleshooting

If resetting my Hue Bridge had not been a tasty choice for me, what was? The most effective remedy for fixing Hue lights isn’t obliterating your system as well as beginning fresh, it’s resorting to the myriad of exceptional third-party Hue applications on the marketplace to dig in deep.

The Hue system was the very first truly sleek off-the-shelf customer wise illumination system to market. It brought in all the very early adopters– which consists of individuals that such as to fine-tune as well as dabble whatever regarding their wise residences. Third-party applications emerged to load that space as well as provide even more granular control over the Hue system.

While the capability to include awesome scenes like substitute electrical storms or various other cool wise illumination shop methods is truly awesome, what’s also cooler is seeing the raw information as well as access on the Hue Bridge. The capability to do so is specifically what aided me address my illumination problem without resets.

By packing up my Hue Bridge in the prominent hueDynamic app (offered for iOS, Android, as well as Windows) I had the ability to find the phantom trouble right away. The trouble was additionally noticeable when I saw my Bridge utilizing iConnectHue— an additional wonderful, however however iOS only, application.

My details trouble? The Hue Bridge software program had the misbehaving light bulbs organized with each other right into an area organizing I really did not identify. This collection showed up just in the third-party applications (or, if you’re inclined to roll up your sleeves as well as review documents, utilizing the Hue developer debugging API).

The team had a weird name A. bedroom1 which isn’t a legitimate user-created name, so there is no chance that I produced it at any kind of factor. This secret space was some type of residue of an old space that had actually been eliminated from the Hue application however with a damaged name as well as no visibility in the main Hue application.

Some of the old light bulbs that were altering to apparently arbitrary shades outside my house weren’t altering arbitrarily. They were altering whenever someone set off scenes in a present space where the light bulbs had actually previously been. The scene modification would certainly transform the scene for the phantom A. bedroom1 as well as shade the light bulbs blue, red, pink, or whatever the scene required.

By erasing the phantom space from my Hue Bridge, I had the ability to instantaneously fix the trouble without needing to reset a solitary light bulb or, luckily, reset my Bridge.

I define the trouble right here thoroughly not simply to highlight just how beneficial third-party Hue applications remain in the fixing procedure however additionally in the hope that by the magic of web search, a person with the precise unusual however hard-to-pin-down trouble I experienced will certainly discover this short article.

This isn’t the very first time applications like hueConnect have actually involved my rescue throughout the years I’ve been utilizing Hue lights, either. Numerous times throughout the years, I’ve faced a circumstance where in spite of my best shots, I could not obtain first-party Hue light bulbs or suitable third-party light bulbs to combine correctly with my Bridge. In every situation, I had the ability to do so utilizing the compelled fostering techniques offered by means of the Hue Lights iOS app (if you do not have accessibility to an iphone gadget, you can additionally require fostering utilizing the Java-based device Hue Lamp Finder).

So if you’re a Hue follower that has actually never ever messed around with any kind of third-party applications prior to, I ‘d highly urge you to download and install a couple of as well as experiment with them currently. Later on, must a phantom trouble show up in your or else smoothly-running Hue system, you can dig in as well as repair without turning to drawing your hair out as well as executing a complete reset.


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