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Do Adhere to These App Security Practices

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As a developer, you need to take care of specific points for application security, as cybersecurity threats are increasing daily. You will take care of customizations, marketing your apps, and more. However, the app security element is also a crucial element. Therefore, the first question arises about application security and its need.

Application security is nothing but building an application that does not involve any security threats and is free from cybercrimes. As technology is developing speedily, similar is the case with cyber security threats. As per research, from the applications, which are downloaded at least 5 million times, half of them have security issues.

Most apps nowadays have security flaws, which lead to cybercrimes and other problems. Elimination of those threats is necessary because if there are any security flaws, then several consequences need to be faced, such as -:

  • Dis-functioning of application program code
  • Stealing of app program code
  • Data theft from applications, if hacked due to insufficient security
  • Having access to intellectual property and stealing business data

In addition, there might be many more consequences of not considering an application’s security needs. Once a new app is made, there are several steps and actions to be done for final usage, and one of them is to check its security because, without proper protection, you cannot apply to the play store or app store.

So let us look at the best app security practices to be kept in mind while developing an app by the developer.

Best App Security Practices – one must follow.

Encryption of code

Code encryption converts your program code into a gibberish form that is not understandable to any other party. You can only decode the code with a key. Hence, if our code goes into the hands of thieves, they cannot do anything. Your app will remain safe without any alterations.

Also, ensure that your app has no code error or mistake because it would lead to bugs, making it more accessible for a hacker to create a problem with the application.

Here are some tips for your better coding of any application -:

  • For the safety of your code, get your Code Signing certificate to gain the trust of application downloaders. Once you receive it, you make a digital signature on your software development, which justifies that the code is not tempered or altered.
  • Do regularly see that there are no bugs in your software.
  • Design a code in such a way that it is easy to update.

Regular checking of security

Even before and after the launch of your application, the programmers must see that your app does not have any security threats by visiting its bug fixation and other things. Therefore, here are some tips for security checks -:

  • Regular code auditing must be practiced for your application’s proper functioning and security.
  • Emulators help to see how an app performs in simulated conditions.
  • Also, see to the access controlling as well.

Safeguard your backend servers

This is required because it will help you protect your application from malicious attacks and prevent any data leaks from the server or database. For this, your stored data must also be encrypted, and the data transferred between the user and the server must be encrypted.

Data stored must be secured.

A developer must store data in encrypted containers. Your system can also use the auto-delete feature. So that data is deleted automatically after some time. Do not share your data with these

  • Third-party
  • Application log
  • Keyboard cache
  • IPC mechanism
  • To user’s device at times of interacting

Here are some of the key points to be followed for data security –

  • Data analysis is key to knowing the data movement in your application. Which shows where, how, and when your data is moving.
  • Standard encryption of data with new keys ensures your best security for the application and ensures that crucial your store should not be kept with the data it is protecting.
  • Data transmitted via browsers should be secured using Secure Socket Layer, Transport Layer Security (TLS), or Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Standard Authentication

There are different strategies for the best authentication of the process of your customers in your application. Like allowing only alphanumeric passwords that need to change frequently, including one-time passwords with regular passwords for multi-factor authentication, and adding another authentication means using biometric features such as fingerprints and retina scans. This will tighten the security, making it very difficult for hackers to break those passwords for malicious activities.

How to Provide Security in Android Apps

How to provide security in android apps is also an important question to be noticed, as it is the primary concern nowadays as most of them use android applications. So let us see some of the practices for the same.

  • Do encrypt your data stored externally. Because of storage problems, we use external devices like hard disks or flash drives to keep our other crucial and confidential data. This data stored in external devices must be encrypted well so that the other apps on your device do not easily access it. Most of the developers providing android apps are using Advanced Encryption Standard.
  • Previously, people used SMS if they wanted to push the data from the server, but now it is replaced by the GCM, that is, Google Cloud Messaging. It is suggested to use GCM only because they have encrypted data transfer that is safe and secured. In addition, SMS can be accessed by any of your other applications on the device.
  • Your app and the server should communicate over an HTTPS connection. Because sometimes, using publicly available Wi-Fi networks with HTTP can lead to unexpected behavior of your device application.

To conclude, using these security practices is very significant because people do most of the work on digital devices and applications, whether social media apps, managerial apps, or informational apps, all require the utmost security. Hence, do secure your apps.

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