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Diablo 4: everything we know so far

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All we know about Diablo 4

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Activision Blizzard lawsuit

Activision Blizzard is the publisher of this game. He is currently involved in ongoing litigation regarding claims that his workplace culture enabled sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination. For ongoing coverage, see our Activision Blizzard lawsuit timeline.

Diablo 4 is currently in development. While we know that we won’t be playing the game for quite some time, we still want to find out all the latest news and rumors about the highly-anticipated Blizzard title.

Diablo 4 has been in development since several years, but the series has not been silent. Diablo 2 resurrected was released in 2021 as a remaster to the PC classic. This made the wait for Diablo 4 a little easier. Diablo Immortal launched in June 2022, making the wait a bit more difficult. We are still excited about Diablo 4, and we feel like we learn more every quarter thanks to Blizzard’s quarterly development updates.

The landscape surrounding Diablo 4’s development has changed slightly with Microsoft agreeing to purchase Activision Blizzard. The implications of the acquisition are not yet clear, particularly since Diablo 4’s release date is still far off. We don’t expect it to be released until at least 2023.

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We’re still waiting, but here are all the latest news, updates and rumors about Diablo 4 that we have gathered.


Diablo 4: Let’s get to the chase

  • What’s it? This is the next installment in the veteran action-role-playing dungeon-crawling series Diablo.
  • When is it available? 2023 (exact dates TBC).
  • Where can I play it? Xbox One and PS4, Xbox PCs, Xbox Series X/S.

Diablo 4: Release date & platforms

Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 would launch on PS5, Xbox Series S/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2023 during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase.

Blizzard has been elusive about a release window since its 2019 announcement. The game’s director stated that he didn’t think the game would be completed anytime soon at a Blizzcon 2019.

We were then informed of an indefinite delay at the end 2021. Activision Blizzard’s Q3 earnings conference in November 2021 made the following statement: “While it is still planned to deliver a substantial quantity of content from Blizzard next Year, we now plan for a later launch For Overwatch 2 & Diablo IV than initially envisaged.”

We don’t know when Diablo 4 will be released in 2023 but we do have a release window.

Diablo 4: Trailers

This was the latest glimpse of Diablo 4, and it was revealed during the Bethesda Showcase 2022. Blizzard revealed Diablo 4’s final class, The Necromancer, in addition to release date information. This trailer can be viewed below.

We also had Diablo 4 gameplay footage at the Bethesda and Xbox showcases. This new character casts blood and bone spells. The Necromancer can summon undead minions for help in combat. This new video lasts about five minutes. You can see it here.

The last time we saw Diablo 4 was at BlizzCon 2021. This is when Blizzard revealed the fourth character class, the Rogue. The Rogue’s speed and deadly nature are shown in a short gameplay clip, accompanied by a cinematic.

After BlizzCon 2019, GameInformer brought plenty of Diablo 4 gameplay to look at. This footage is familiar in the best way possible. It shows Diablo 4’s return into a darkly Gothic world and the addictive gameplay loop that made it so popular.

It’s possible that the footage may change due to the fact that the game is still years away. It’s still exciting to see the direction the game is heading.

Below are videos showing he three classes of the game: Sorceress, Barbarian and Druid. It’s about an hour of gameplay, which is quite impressive. You might want to ration the game as it is still quite a ways off.

The official announcement of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2019 was made. We were able to view both the trailer and the announcement story.

You can see both trailers below.

Diablo 4 will be the next in-gameevent.

After Malthael, an Angel of Death, had decimated much of Sanctuary, it is now that the gates of heaven are closed. Heaven is unaware of what’s happening in Sanctuary and Lilith, the daughter, of Mephisto, is released from prison.

Interview with AusGamers Diablo 4’s Art Director John Mueller and Game Director Luis Barriga gave an insight into the ambitious plans the team has for Diablo 4 as well as its expansions. Mueller suggested that Lilith will be the main antagonist, and not Diablo.

“Diablo IV” is the first chapter in a book. We want to tell a huge story, and we want it to be told for a long time. This is the first chapter of the book. Lilith is a key character. It’s great to know that there are many other characters who could return in the future. We might even meet new characters we don’t know about.”

They also discuss how large the world of Sanctuary will be.

“There will be five contiguous areas in the world. You can go from the North (the Northernmost point of Scosglen), which is the area shown in the demo, down through the Dry Steppes, and into the deserts in Kejhistan. You won’t see a loading screen. It is seamless. This is the level of detail that we have put into creating the world.

We know that Diablo 4 is leaving the Diablo 3 conversation panes. It’s instead using a mix of tool-generated camera angles and choreographed camera angles. This should improve simple and complex NPC interactions. Diablo 4 uses real-time cutscenes to highlight important moments in the story, and allows for a seamless transition back into player-controlled gameplay.

Diablo 4: gameplay

Diablo 4 is an open-world game where players can travel between different hubs. Five regions are available with different weather conditions and a day/night cycle. You can take on missions in any way you like. You can join other players at any moment in the same world. Even better, Blizzard confirmed that Diablo 4 supports cross-play and cross platform progression. You will need a Battle.net account.

At BlizzCon 2021, we had an interview at which we spoke with John Mueller, Diablo 4’s artistic director and Joe Shely, the lead designer. We were able to learn more about the series’ transition to an open world, and how it will work, particularly with each of the five regions “up to 10 times larger than any of the ones in Diablo 3”.

Diablo 4’s key element is its refusal to follow the linear Act progression path. Mueller explained that there is an entry point to the game. Then, you will find a point where things diverge. You have many options as to which direction you want to go. There’s an entry point for the first half of the game, and then there are many options as to where you can go. It converges at a later point for the final act.

This is illustrated by the fact that you can pursue three quest lines in three different regions of the globe after the first segment. Mueller said that Diablo 4 won’t stray too far from the original plan, but that it will remain in open territory.

The Camp system allows players to find camps in an open world with different enemies. Mueller emphasizes that “every camp that was designed has been unique” – there are always cool little scriptures and lore bits. The removal of enemies from these camps gives Sanctuary residents the ability to enjoy knock-on effects that make it a more reactive world. Mounts are also available to help players quickly move around the open-world.

You’ll be spending a lot time in dungeons, just like previous entries. They will all be randomly generated in a manner similar to Diablo 3. According to the game’s director there will be hundreds of dungeons in the game that you can explore, where you’ll find hundreds legendary items to equip.

Players have urged the developers to ensure that a character’s power does not depend on legendary items. The current plan is to “put more player power back into the character to make building choices more impactful, rather than having the majority of player power come from legendary items.”

A system has been implemented that allows you to spend points on skills and improve your abilities. This system will also replace the rune system. Every class has its own talent tree, which allows players to personalize their builds. A new Rune Word socketing system allows you to enhance your equipment and weapons.

We were also given a deep dive into the PvP elements during BlizzCon 2021. The Fields of Hatred are areas that seamlessly integrate into the main game’s open-world. They offer PvP and PvE gameplay. It’s also available. These areas are home to. You can kill each other, but players also have monsters to deal with, so it is possible to work together.

The Fields of Hatred are designed to collect shards of hate. These can be obtained by killing monsters or other players, but they are not as violent. These shards are easily lost when you die. To purify them and lock them in, you will need to take them to an altar. Shards of Hatred, once purified, can be spent at special vendors. This is why there is an incentive for you to collect them. It is high-risk and high-reward.

The Vessel of Hatred is a new mechanic that allows players who are really out for blood to use. This means that hostile players can be marked on the map so other players know. You have two options: you can stay away or make an alliance to bring down your opponents. Vessels Of Hatred will be attractive targets because they have plenty of shards and hatred.

At launch, Diablo 4 had five character classes. The Barbarian is back and can use both single- and double-handed weapons. It also has four weapon slots. The Sorceress uses AOE attacks to control the battlefield and transform into an energy ball to kill enemies. The Druid can shapeshift and has NPCs to help with animal companionship. The Rogue can perform melee or ranged builds. While the Necromancer can raise skeletal allies in order to defeat enemies,

We also know that Diablo 4 will have major changes in skills and talents. All the skills tree branches have skill upgrades and skill enhancements, while the roots can hold powerful passive effects. You’ll start to earn skill points as you progress. These can be used in the upper “Skills” section of the tree. This unlocks new skills, additional functionality, and Passive Points in the lower Passive section.

These characters will also have enhanced character customization. Announced in , a quarterly update of Diablo 4, players will be able to create a unique look with armor styles and tattoos, makeup, jewelry and facial hair.

“You can change the appearance of your character’s face, hairstyle (beards, eyebrows), jewelry (nosepiercing, earrings), makeup and body markings like tattoos or bodypaint,” said Arnaud Kotelnikoff.

The team calls it “the Lair Scene”, where players can personalize their character by creating a new wardrobe system. Luis Barriga, Diablo 4’s game director, said that this allows players to mix and match hundreds unique armor components with custom color palettes. This creates the class fantasy that best suits your character.

Blizzard confirmed the opening of an in-game store where you can purchase cosmetics as part of Diablo 4’s character customization. The game’s in-game store will be explained in a August 2022 quarterly update. Clark stressed that players should choose to purchase something because they like it, and not because it is necessary. He also said that players should know exactly what they get before making a purchase.

Clark stated that the in-game Shop will only sell cosmetic items that allow players to personalize their characters’ visual appearance.

Clark stated that the shop is completely optional and players can still experience the core and seasonal gameplay features of the game without spending any money. He also said that there will be hundreds of transmogs available from drops in the game, as well as dozens of armor sets with the best visual quality.

Diablo will be a live-service game with a seasonal structure when it launches. Joe Piepiora (associate game director for game systems, live service) stated that every season will feature live events and a new questline. This will allow players to experience new challenges, mysteries and opportunities in the level-up process.

Season Pass is also known as a seasonal structure. Seasons will offer “all-new gameplay, quests and challenges, meta changes and quality-of life improvements”, but the Season Pass will reward dedicated players with rewards. Season Pass rewards will only include a single track, which includes Free Tiers that can simply be unlocked by playing the game. Blizzard stated that these Free Tiers “provide gameplay boosts for all players –things that make the journey to level up a new seasonal character quicker and more efficient.”

Optional Premium Tiers will be available for a fee. The Premium Tiers will offer cosmetics and premium currency. You can purchase additional cosmetics with Premium Currency in Diablo 4.

Season Journeys will also be available from Diablo 3. These difficult journeys will encourage players “explore Sanctuary again” and provide “limited-time rewards for each chapter of the Season Journey completed.” Season Journeys are free to all players. Completing their objectives will contribute towards the Season Pass.

Blizzard stated that it will always evaluate the game’s state, listen to players feedback and add “new legendary and unique items, paragon boards and glyphs” to the meta. This will keep the game fresh and provide new build opportunities.

Diablo 4: News, rumors


Leaks appear online

An August report by Jason Schreier on Tweet, which stated that a “early build” of Diablo 4 was being used to test the system with friends-and-family, has led to leaks online.

Reddit has posted quite a few leaks, including an overview of Diablo 4’s character creator as well as the variety of customization options available. A detailed description of the game’s Smart Loot system was also posted to Reddit. This system, which has caused division in the fanbase, alongside a limited trading system that is also a source for debate, has also been revealed.

This is an early build, and the features in alphas may change. They are being tested, but it seems likely that they will be maintained in some form.

You can pre-register for the Diablo 4 beta

Blizzard has opened pre-registration to Diablo 4’s beta testing, but we are not sure when. To ensure you are ready for when they give access, you can visit the preregistration for Diablo 4 beta now.

Setting a visual tone

Blizzard has revealed new screenshots of Diablo 4 in a March update. They show the game’s emphasis on “dark and low-fantasy gothic terror” as well as the game’s visual style. Joe Shely, the game director, was eager to share the progress of the team in nailing the themes. This gives the game its distinctive visual style.

Chris Ryder, art director explained (opens new tab) that immersive environments are created using the two foundational columns “old masters” and “a return of darkness”, and that these pillars have been crucial in helping us to stay consistent and in line with Diablo 4’s visual tone.

“The pillar of the ‘old masters” gives us a way to filter through our art, as it reflects the techniques Rembrandt and other classical painters used with their careful use of detail, tonal range and expert use color palettes.

“The’return-to-dark’ pillar is a line in everything, from lighting to dungeons, and it embodies the idea of Sanctuary as a dark and dangerous medieval gothic world.”

Diablo 4’s environments are described as having a “darker, more grounded interpretation” than previous entries in the series. The team emphasizes that this is done through belief over reality.

This can be seen in the game’s architecture and artifacts that are found in dungeons. These features are built on regional weather conditions and biomes, which are all deeply rooted in the “sense history” that Sanctuary’s medieval world brings.

A new director has been announced

Blizzard has made it clear that Joe Shely will be Diablo 4’s director following the departure of Luis Barriga. Shely, a long-serving employee, has worked on numerous World of Warcraft expansions as well as Diablo 3. He isn’t new to Diablo 4, either. Since its inception, he has been a lead designer on the game.

In the October quarterly update, Shely addressed fans, saying that “a lot has happened since our last blog, and the hard work of practising the values we aspire must continue.” Diablo IV is also being developed.

Shely says, “Over the last few years, we’ve assembled an incredible team with incredible passion to play Diablo IV.” Diablo’s fans are an integral part of this team. We have steadily improved and deepened our game experience thanks to your invaluable feedback. There is still much to do, but we are committed to the game.

Items that sparkle in dark dungeons should be considered sanctuary. Stories of heroic heroes fighting against the evil forces of hell. Lands full of trials, treasure and terrible monsters are all around you, equally familiar and endless in their possibilities. This world is our solemn responsibility.

Blizzard departures

Luis Barriga (Diablo 4 director) and Jesse McCree (lead designer), have been confirmed that they will no longer be employed by Activision Blizzard. Activision Blizzard made these announcements to Kotaku:

“We are able to confirm that Jonathan LeCraft, Jesse McCree and Luis Barriga have left the company. We already have a talented team of developers and have appointed new leaders where necessary. We believe we can continue to make progress, provide amazing experiences for our players, and work together to create a safe and productive environment for everyone.

It is not clear why these departures occurred. Furthermore, it remains to be seen if the departures from two of Diablo 4’s most senior staff members in conjunction with ongoing litigation against Activision Blizzard could have an impact on Diablo 4’s development.

Grotesque new monsters

Blizzard is showing more confidence in its Diablo 4 development updates. This was evident with the unveiling of some in-engine monster design. You can rest assured that the Diablo 4 monsters, demons, and otherworldly creatures will be terrifying and truly horrifying.

John Mueller, Diablo 4’s art director, stated that the work “[at] the moment is a very good representation what you will see once the game is in our hands.”

We can now imagine, or maybe we don’t know, depending on how many creatures’ looks we are able to comprehend, what kind of creatures we will face in Diablo 4. The best thing is that the art direction appears to have taken inspiration from previous games in the series and deviated from Diablo 3’s brighter, cleaner appearance.

Multiplayer won’t feel the same as an MMO.

The development team wants multiplayer to feel more like an MMO. Barriga stated that the game doesn’t feel like Diablo, and the world becomes less dangerous when there are too many players. To keep things in control, dungeons will only be for players and their party. Players are more likely to meet strangers when towns become social hubs and they are constantly moving. There’s a greater chance that you will meet other players in areas that host world events.

So players will not be required to join a group, so people who want to travel alone will still be able go to events and participate. However, those who want to work together will have “new tools” to locate a group by activity or location in the game.

Barriga says that Diablo IV is “very fun to play” even at its early stages. Future updates will include more information about the game’s classes, as well as how it is developing talent trees, items, and music.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

UI modifications

To avoid interfering with inventory management and gameplay, inventory won’t have items of different sizes. The “natural texture” and “realism” of the item icons is being re-evaluated. This is in contrast to the “painterly” style that was initially proposed. To achieve greater realism, icons backgrounds have been reduced in brightness and saturation. Rareity indicators have also been made more subtle.

The inventory was also reorganized based on non-specific feedback. It now has a more balanced composition.

This will allow players to ask “to rebind the primary skill to any other than the left mouse button” so they can separate attacking and moving. All skill slots can be rearranged with the intention of supporting skill rebinding on controllers.

The game’s action bars’ location was up for discussion. Based on feedback and field of view, it has been determined that the consoles will place them in the left-corner position. PC users will have the option to select from either a corner or a central position. PC users can also use the controller.

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Cannibal Tribes are a new enemy

Along with other monster families such as the Fallen or the Drowned, the Cannibals will be featured in Diablo 4. For Diablo 4, the team aims to “build Sanctuary as a living, breathing character–especially through its creatures” and so its monsters have been re-imagined in a more gritty style.

Thomas says they love to handcraft every creature you encounter, including NPCs and Act Bosses. They also include demons, demons, and skittering creatures you can crush underfoot. We have completely reimagined the game in other locations, while still paying homage to Fallen Shamans, who resurrect other Fallen.

According to legend, the Cannibals are exiled from barbarians in the Dry Steppes. They prey on villages and caravans. Each member of the Cannibal family is unique with their weapon, silhouette, or stance, so it’s easy to tell which one you are.

Two of them are melee fighters, one equipped with a two-handed greatsword knife cleaver and the other with a lightweight sword halberd. To deliver heavy blows, the bruiser member holds a spiked club in one hand and a lightweight halberd in the other. Dual-axe-wielding swarmers can unleash quicker, more flurried frontal attacks. The ranged units are not used, but instead depend on speed. This can create a unique and stressful combat experience

Rod Fergusson oversees the Diablo franchise

Rod Fergusson, the Coalition studio director, has announced that he is leaving Gear of War to lead the Diablo franchise at Blizzard entertainment.

Fergusson announced the news on Twitter. He said that he would be joining Blizzard March, where he will no doubt join the team to develop the Diablo 4 and Diablo 4 Immortal.

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