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Dell Precision 7730 Review

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Certain mobile workstations exceed the concept that is “portable.” For instance, this model, the Dell Precision 7730 (models start at $1,463) It’s a massive 17-inch laptop workstation powerful enough for professionals working in areas like graphic design, engineering as well as high-end data modeling and virtual reality content creation. Dell provides the quite variety of options, however the $5,534 tester is the best in the range, with better scores than competitors all over the board. The features and build quality are easy to understand, and no model is the same speed as this top version. However, its 4K display, Core i9 processor, massive Quadro GPU 32GB of memory and blazing-fast twin SSDs offer a nearly perfect loadout for a professional machine. Its predecessor, the Dell Precision 5530 is just a bit less efficient, but it still holds our Editors’ Pick for its better portability and a nicer screen. If you’re looking to be a bit more powerful it’s a attractive option.

Big Business Basics

At a glance, you’ll be able to tell the Dell Precision 7730 is business, both in the literal and metaphorical senses. The design is suitable to the needs of professional users and its size is intimidating, making it probable that it’s packed with power as well as the necessary thermal hardware to keep it under control. The screen is 17 inches diagonally and the laptop is quite large 1.18 by 16.3 by 10.77 inches (HWD) and 7.49 pounds. It’s not as massive as some of the bigger 17-inch gaming laptops on the market however it’s a decent size to any notebook. The rival HP ZBook 17 G4 ($2,399.00 at HP)(Opens in a new tab) is even larger in size, measuring 1.3 to 16.5 11.5. At 6.9 pounds it weighs less.

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Dell Precision 7730

The Precision 7730 is ideally suited to stay on your desk as a desk replacement. However, it’s not so heavy as to prevent you from carrying it your workstation around between meetings, if you need to. However, it’s not the kind of laptop you’d want to taking to work or to carry on trips. It’s the biggest of a normal-sized bag and its weight can wear down your arm quite quickly. It’s technically a mobile desk Yes, but the focus is on it being a workspace. Its smaller brother, the Precision 5530 is a more attractive option for those who have to transport their equipment with a dimension of 0.66 in 14.1 and 9.3 inches, and only 3.93 pounds.


The best part, however the good news is that this massive chassis is of a decent quality and extremely sturdy. The chassis is made of black plastic with carbon-fiber finishing on the lid to give it the ultimate look. The design is quite straightforward, and there’s any distinctive feature to the design. The silver trim on the edges of the deck adds some fashion however the rest is basic. A Precision 5530 is overall more appealing, thanks to it’s carbon-fiber deck, as well as slim bezels (more on this later).


Dell Precision 5530

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The Precision 7730 was able to pass MIL-STD 810G tests, which means it can withstand falls as well as shocks, and is able to withstand temperatures, dust, humidity as well as vibration. As the Precision 7730 isn’t particularly lightweight and isn’t very portable, it likelywon’t be the first tool you’ll use in the field, however in the event that it is placed in an environment that is hazardous or in an industrial environment with the airborne particles or machinery that rumble it is able to withstand an (reasonable) quantity of use.

The top-end model I tried was equipped with the Dell Ultrasharp 17-inch display. The display has 4K resolution (3,840 in 2,160 pixels) as well as IGZO technology. IGZO is for zinc oxide indium is a rarely-seen alternative to screens that are IPS-style, providing the same viewing angles off-center and a high colors and contrast.

4K native resolution is the deciding factor here. It could be useful for professionals working in multiple programs, as it offers greater screen real estate that is available to various windows. It could also be vital for people who are doing photos, video editing in 3D media in 4K. Everybody else should consider the cost of it, considering that the inclusion in the 4K version of the IGZO display increases the cost by $182 over the basic model. The screen is surrounded by bezels that are quite thick, as opposed to the thin appearance that is the Precision 5530. This makes it appear less contemporary. The quality of the screen is decent, but not exceptional, but it’s Precision 5530’s high-definition display is truly a eye-catcher.

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In terms of models, you’ll have to your disposal numerousways to set up the laptop, with display included. Apart from the screen that is 4K that I tested, the model I am using has a number of components I mentioned earlier including An Intel Core i9-8950HK(Opens in the New browser) processor, 32GB of memory and an Nvidia Quadro P5200 GPU, as well as 2 128GB M.2 SSDs (SSDs) in the RAID 0 array. There are eight options for the panel with a range of options from a budget 1,600-by-900-pixel resolution TN display to an Dell Ultrasharp full HD (1080p) screen with IPS technology in the middle and our 4K model on the top of the range.

There are seven processor options, starting from one Intel Core i5 chip up to the Core Xeon (with a $611 price distinction among the two). There are a variety of RAM options that start at 8GB and escalating to 128GB (a huge jump of $2,084) in addition to numerous Nvidia or AMD choices for graphics. There are more options available on the site to purchase but, as you’ll see it’s an extremely customizable system that will meet your requirements and budget.

The Precision 7730’s ergonomic keyboard is comfortable and offers a ThinkPad-like type of experience. It’s not exactly like its counterpart’s feel, however it provides more travel and feedback than the average keyboard and will allow for long-lasting typing. It even includes a little TrackPoint-style cursor pointer nestled within the G, H, and B keys, for those who have grown accustomed to using one on a ThinkPad or other pointing-stick-equipped laptop.

The sound quality is quite high-quality. The speakers can be quiteloud and deliver more bass than I usually hear from laptops particularly that is used in the professional or business field. If you require top-quality audio for work or need the option of listening to music from your system speakers as you work the 7730 is a great choice.

Like you’d want and would expect from a workstation Precision 7730 isn’t slack on ports. It comes with USB Type-C port 2, which support Thunderbolt 3, as well as three USB 3.1 Type-A ports and the SD Card reader HDMI as well as mini DisplayPort outputs and an Ethernet connector, and an audio connector. It also comes with fingerprint readers and SmartCard readers to ensure secure signing-in. With these, you can have the option of almost every display output and peripheral due to the daisy-chaining capabilities offered by Thunderbolt 3.

Unparalleled Professional Power

We’re not here to make a fuss about it In its current configuration it is among the most powerful laptops we’ve ever tested for the most part. Of course there are exceptions. Not all Precision 7730 model that is sold will come with the same extreme loadout like our top-end model However, you’re definitely getting the most value for your money in terms of performance , if you’re willing to pay for a premium.

For starters: PCMark 8. Higher resolutions of the native screen lead to lower scores in PCMark 8’s Work Conventional test, since they’re more challenging to run. But regardless of that Precision 7730, Precision 7730 posted a strong score.

This indicates a high level of proficiency for multitasking in the everyday, although this is the norm expected feature for a costly machine. Multimedia tests provide a better gauge of its power because they put a lot of stress on the processor by requiring multi-threaded work. Cinebench in particular is a reliable gauge which is why the Precision 7730 scored better in comparison to other laptops we’ve tried. It beat HP’s ZBook 17 G4, Dell’s Precision 5530 and The Lenovo ThinkPad P52s and even the premium Alienware 17R5 gaming laptop in each test.

Naturally, it’s the case that we conduct these tests on all machines however workstations need a greater examination. Since they are performance-oriented are, it’s worthwhile to dig further and testing the types of tasks that professional users employ this type of computer for.

To accomplish this I also used the workstation tests POVRay 3.7 as well as SPECviewperf 13 along with Cinebench R15 OpenGL (a different test that is part of the Cinebench utility than the one previously) The 7730 and its Core I9/Quadro combination again came out on top in the mobile workstations we’ve evaluated. The results we have gathered are smaller than the ones from these tests, particularly for the SPECviewperf 13. This test that renders and rotates wireframe and solid models has recently shut down version 12 and then released version 13, making previous results of SPECviewperf 12 incomparable. With SPECviewperf 13, however it was able to outdo the Precision 5530 and Lenovo ThinkPad P52s. (I tested the machine using Creo, Maya, and Solidworks viewsets, which simulate the kind of applications this machine is subjected to.)

Of course the gaming aspect will certainly not the primary purpose of the Precision 730, unless you’re an experienced video game designer or VR content creation specialist. Still, thanks to its brutally powerful Nvidia Quadro GPU, this machine is no slouch on our more conventional gaming and 3D tests, unlike so many non-gaming/business-focused laptops. This Quadro P5200 is Nvidia’s top-of-the-line mobile-workstation GPU that packs the equivalent of sixteen GB GDDR5 memory as well as the 256-bit memory interface. The Precision 7730 was once again at the top of the line of our past performance. This machine’s 3DMark scores are very top-notch for laptops that is leading this kind of machine and it was a good performer on games simulators Heaven and Valley as well. In terms of 3D/gaming it was the Quadro P5200 was a bit ahead of its hyper-clocked GeForce GTX 1080 on the Alienware machine which is the most powerful graphics system for consumers. things.

One area in which the Precision 7730 falls short compared to its smaller Precision 5530 is in the battery endurance. The 7730 lasted three hours and fifty minutes (3:50) in the rundown test. However, the 5530 lasted for a much longer time at 11:06. Its HP ZBook 17 G4 was more in line with the 7730 with just 4:35. But in the final analysis, the high-powered system with its 4K display will not last long after removing the power plug. This isn’t in contradiction to the fact that it’s not a portable device at all however it would be nice to bring the device to a lengthy meeting or even use it at an airport without having to bring the charger. With the 4K-resolution screen as well as the top of the line, 150-watt-TDP Quadro silicon along with Core i9 Core i9, that’s just not the way to go.

The Ultimate Pro Tool…for a Price

The Precision 7730 may not be the most lightweight or longest-lasting laptop however the Precision 7730 can be among the most efficient that you can purchase. The price may not be the standard (though in terms of professional work it’s not being an exception) However, its speed is an example to the capabilities laptop makers achieve if their components and cost of them are not an issue.

If you don’t require category-defining performance, there are several less costly options to set this laptop up while still getting fast components. The construction isn’t exceptional, but it’s solid and comes with the thermals that will keep it operating smoothly. The lighter (and still exceptionally quick) Precision 5530 retains our Editors’ Choice. However, Precision 7730 is a better choice. Precision 7730 is up there with the HP ZBook 17 G4 as one of the top 17-inch choices among the top mobile workstations.

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