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Dell Laptop Wont Turn On?| How We Fix It

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If your dell laptop wont turn on or won’t boot there could be an issue with the hardware or software problem. If you’re having issues problems, here’s how you can restore your Dell PC back in good working order once more.

What is the cause of the dell laptop wont turn on

Some possible causes why your dell laptop wont turn on could be:

  • Problems with power supply or batteries
  • Hardware that is damaged inside
  • The virus or another kind of malware

  • The BIOS of the system is corrupted.
  • Windows files corrupted Windows files

When your dell laptop wont turn on when connected at all it is likely that the issue lies with your power supply or the hardware inside your computer. If your PC fails to start then you may have a problem with your software.

How to Repair the problem with a dell laptop wont turn on

Here are some suggestions to help you troubleshoot the issue with a Dell which won’t power on, from the simplest and easy and straightforward to more complex solutions:


  1. Examine the power source. If the lights on your computer are lit when you press on the power switch, even if you plug it into the wall it’s likely that you require a replacement for the supply of power. Even the charging light turns up when you connect your PC however, the cable may be damaged, so make sure you check the power supply unit using the aid of a multimeter if you have one. 
  2. Disconnect the USB storage device. Your computer may be booting from a different drive. If this solves the issue, change the boot sequence to ensure that your hard drive is on the top of the list. 
  3. Turn on Your Dell notebook. After the computer has been turned off and disconnected, take out the external device (USB drives printers, USB drives, and so on. ) Then press on the power key for about 15 minutes. The battery will then drain any remaining power. After that, reconnect the charger and check whether your computer is powered on. 
  4. Get rid of your battery. If the charging light turns on but your computer isn’t turning on, it may exist a fault with your battery. The latest dell laptop wont turn on when the option to remove the battery, but you can change them yourself if yours has one. 
  5. Start to run the Dell computer diagnostic software. Dell computers come with built-in tools that find out if your computer starts but does not startup. It’s not likely to automatically resolve the issue however, it could provide you with an error message that could point you in the correct direction. 
  6. Start in Windows Safe Mode. If your PC is on, but it doesn’t start up into Windows start, try booting using Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, you can look for viruses and then delete programs that may cause startup problems. 
  7. Clean malware off the Dell notebook. The virus and other forms of malware could cause your computer to freeze when it starts. Start your computer in secure mode as much as you can and then launch anti-virus software to look for security threats. 
  8. Reset the BIOS of your system. Clear the CMOS in order to restart the motherboard’s BIOS settings. The BIOS system is the primary piece of software that your computer will run whenever it is turned on, therefore setting it back to default settings may resolve booting issues. 
  9. contact Dell Customer Support. Visit Dell’s support site and search for the laptop model to get more detailed instructions. If your laptop is under warranty, it could be eligible for repairs or replacement. 
  10. The factory reset of your system. If your computer is powered on, but it isn’t starting properly, the best alternative is to perform the factory reset. The reset will run a new version of Windows which will restore your computer back to the state it was in when you purchased it.
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