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Sometimes referred to as Control+F C-f, and f. Control+F keyboard shortcuts are commonly used to open a Find box that allows you to find a particular word, character or phrase on an online or document.

How do you utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F

To utilize this Keyboard shortcut Hold and press either Ctrl press the key and continue to hold it, hold the key, and press F .

Ctrl+F when using an Internet browser

In all the major Internet browsers (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) Pressing Ctrl + F It opens the search box which allows you to search for text, characters or phrases that are currently on the page. This shortcut is very useful in locating the exact text within a long article or document.

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Ctrl+F is a shortcut in Excel and various spreadsheet software

In spreadsheet programs press Ctrl + F The find box opens and allows you to look up characters, texts and other phrases within the spreadsheet. It also lets you search for words, text, and characters within a spreadsheet. Excel In particular in particular, this shortcut opens Find and replace window to replace text with another.

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Ctrl+F in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook Pressing Ctrl + F forwards An email.

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The shortcut is Ctrl+F within Microsoft PowerPoint

In Microsoft PowerPoint , Ctrl + F The door opens to the Find window.

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Ctrl+F is a key combination in Word as well as other word processing programs

In Microsoft Word and various Word processors and text editors , Ctrl + F opens a search box that allows you to search for characters, words or words in the document currently in use. The Word program, Word specifically, Ctrl + F The search box opens that appears in the Task pane for navigation .

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Keyboard shortcuts, keys and keyboard shortcuts

Following are hyperlinks to similar keyboard shortcuts as well as individual pages for keys.

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