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Sometimes referred to in other ways as Ctrl+E,, ^e or or C-e, Ctrl+E is an alternative keyboard shortcut that can be used depending on the application. For instance, in the majority of Internet browsers, the Ctrl+E key is used to highlight the address bar or search bar.

How do you utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E

To make use of this Keyboard shortcut Hold and press either Ctrl press the key and continue to hold it, hold the key, and press E .

Ctrl+E within an Internet browser

In Chrome , Edge , Firefox , Opera and Internet Explorer , Ctrl + E It focuses on Address bar , Search bar Or Omnibox . This shortcut is beneficial when you’re finished with the current page and need to enter a new address or find something else, without the mouse.

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CTRL+E within Microsoft PowerPoint

In Microsoft PowerPoint , Ctrl + E The alignment an object that is associated with Center of the of the slide.

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CTRL+E within Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word Pressing Ctrl + E Changes the alignment of the line or of text to ensure that it is Centered The page.

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Ctrl+E within Google Sheets

In Google Sheets Pressing Ctrl + E A formula for expanded array is collapsed.

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Utilizing Ctrl+E in Skype

In Skype Pressing Ctrl + E The current call hangs up.

Keyboard shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts

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